What is An Applicant Tracking System?

“Hiring your best is the most important task” — Steve Jobs 

An Applicant Tracking System basically handles the recruitment process electronically by filtering, organising and streamlining the job applications according to the job postings. An Application Tracking System simply reduces the complexity of the recruitment process by providing a simple centralised platform to view applicants, track their progress through the hiring process and filter the applications and resumes based on different requirements specified in the job postings.

Features of an Applicant Tracking System:

Here are few of the amazing features of an Applicant Tracking System that can help to ease out recruitment process efficiently-

1. Job Posting

An applicant tracking software provides the facility to post job openings to a wide range of free and paid job boards with a single click. Posting jobs through an ATS helps the recruiters to get an expansive reach for getting the perfect candidate.

2. Branded Careers Page

2/3rd of all the job seekers come to your website when they are interested in working with you. Building and maintaining a careers page can be a tedious task for all companies. One of the biggest advantage of an applicant tracking system is that it helps in creating a branded careers page, it is as simple as changing your background image and bio on Instagram.

3. Candidate Tracking and Management

The number one headache is the irrelevant resumes that your choke mail boxes when you are hiring. Here ATS plays a vital role, it simply tracks the applications which are most relevant to the various criterias mentioned by the recruiter in the job opening, collects them together at a single platform and manages them all together to bring out the best of the talents suited for the post.

4. Interview scheduling

An Applicant Tracking System also helps the recruiters master their interview schedule as well as skills. An ATS helps you to set specified interview dates and time for candidates to choose from their own online portal which indeed replaces the need for frequent emails and calls for communicating purpose.

5. Management of Workflow

The recruiting life cycle is nuanced and complex. Without the proper structure, it’s easy to accidentally skip a necessary step in the process. An ATS enables a recruitment unit to manage the entire recruiting process easily, from job submission to building great teams.

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System:

As the name suggests itself, an Applicant Tracking System tracks different candidates throughout the recruitment process. It helps in issuing notification alerts, scheduling and organizing the applications and send automated emails to the selected candidates regarding the further steps of hiring. But Applicant Tracking System software are a lot more than just organizers.

The Various Benefits of An Applicant Tracking Software are:

1. Finds The Best Fit For a Job

Applicant Tracking Systems efficiently reduces the gap between the job seekers and their desired jobs. Hiring a candidate through an ATS who fulfills all the criterias mentioned in the job posting can help increase candidate experience and helps maintain candidate retention.

2. Speeds Up The Hiring Process

ATS are basically designed to speed up the HR’s task of reviewing of job applications and resumes. Before coming to a real person, the different applications and resumes get filtered according to the keywords and criterias of the job posting by an ATS. This speeds up the hiring process efficiently.

3. Is Cost-Efficient

In a recent survey the companies which don’t use a recruitment tool spend about $1,872 on average to hire someone new. Most ATS are quite cheaper and more efficient than the various other methods of recruiting and reaching out to candidates like advertisements in various mass media platforms, posting in job portals etc. This makes ATS quite cost efficient.

4. Increases Relevance Of Job Application

One of the main goal of an ATS is to cull the candidates. The streamlining of job applications that an ATS does on the basis of the requirements mentioned in the job openings, reduces the number of irrelevant applications and help the recruiters to choose from the best of the candidates available.

5. Helps You in Building A Great Team For Your Organization

This is the most important advantage of using an ATS, an applicant tracking system is remarkably effective while building your dream organization. The fact is 90% of FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES use Applicant Tracking Software to build a great teams.

Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking system

Here is what Tim Sackett, one of the most respected recruitment experts in the world had to say when he was asked who should be using an applicant tracking system:

“We moved into this space in our history where recruiting technology has never been so affordable, meaning organizations no longer have an excuse not to have it. Great tech is so cheap now that if you don’t have it, you’re making a personal choice to stay in the dark ages of recruiting! For SMBs this has never been more real. SMBs can now have even better recruiting technology than their enterprise peers. While enterprise folks get big, vanilla based recruiting technology, SMB shops can move faster to integrate the latest and greatest tech on the market. It’s such an exciting time to be in talent acquisition, the availability of world class technology is transforming how we all recruit on a daily basis.”

Though applicant tracking software are too complex, you can start with the easier tools like Recooty to streamline the hiring process. It is also known as the world’s easiest applicant tracking system.

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How blockchain will change the future of HRs and recruitment?


Financial transactions and the contracts and proper records of them are the most important and defining structures in our economy. They govern almost everything, from interactions between nations and various other massive sectors to the establishment and verification of identities and chronicle events. We have come a long way from the conventional and tacky methods of financial transactions as the technology has evolved. Still, all these crucial tools haven’t been able to keep up with the digitization of our economy. Since humans have always been able to eventually find solutions to all their problems, Blockchain Technology was developed to solve this particular financial transaction problem.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is probably the best technology for any kind of financial transaction in the world. A Blockchain is simply a decentralized, and digitized public ledger of all the cryptocurrency transactions. Bitcoins and other virtual currencies are at the heart of the Blockchain Technology that can record transactions between two parties in an efficient, permanent and verifiable way. Imagine a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of time across a network of computers that are designed in such a way that this spreadsheet can be updated regularly, that’s exactly the basic understanding of the working of Blockchain. The blockchain is often considered as one of the most secure payment options and is often used interchangeably with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Blockchain Technology is an incredibly.

How Can Blockchain Technology Transform Recruitment And HR World?

Every company that craves success and works with full determination towards achieving it always looks out for the best approach and opportunities. One of the best ways to do that is to keep yourself updated with the latest technology. Blockchain Technology is the new hero in the world of financial transactions. With its decentralized system, Blockchain Technology promises to change the lives of people in many different ways, one of the most potential application being the domain of HR and recruitment. Blockchain Technology can effectively be applied to the various processes that are time-consuming and need a lot of human efforts. Here are few of the Recruitment and HR elements that can be completely transformed using Blockchain Technology-

Selection and Recruitment

A bunch of efficient and valuable employees is the true treasure for any organizations and it is important nowadays than it ever was before. Being the crucial bearers of technology, knowledge, and service, employees of an organization represent the core management and values of any organization. Hence it is very important that the selection and Recruitment process is accurate and efficient. Blockchain Technology can effectively enhance the recruitment process by identifying who is visiting the recruitment portal of an organization in real-time, engage with them and effectively offer them the right set of jobs and competencies to take up. With Blockchain, the job profiles can be efficiently personalized for the potential candidates and attract people for the job published on an organization’s website. Also, the interview process can also be transformed with Blockchain Technology. It can effectively assess the technical and behavioral competencies of a potential candidate. The competency records of an employee can be stored just in case the employee reapplies again in future. This can help the organization to assess the previous pitfalls and lead to a better-structured interview.

Resume Verification and Validation

Talent identification, selection, and processing in the Human Resource industry involve a lengthy process of verification which needs the engagement of employees and employers. From the accurate verification of the candidate’s educational qualification to work experience, this all can be very time-consuming during hiring. Sometimes candidates aren’t exactly what they portray themselves in their resumes. The sad part is, it can be extremely difficult to verify the resumes of the candidates. All this can effectively change with the involvement of Blockchain Technology. Since Blockchain provides an encrypted network of blocks where companies and individual candidates can share information under various categories, hence this enables and eases out the process of verification and validation of employee data including educational qualifications and performances and career achievements.

Efficient and paperless employee onboarding

A background check policy is a must-have for any organization while getting an employee on-boarded. This background check is still majorly done by conventional methods like checks by emails, physical location checks, references to check the authenticity of the CV of the potential employee. Blockchains can help to a great extent when it comes to run a background check effectively and efficiently. An organization can have a series of immutable records which can effectively act as a background check against the CV of a potential candidate by having schools, colleges, and various other organizations on larger Blockchain networks that speak to each other. Blockchains would effectively increase the transparency between the employees and employers.

Improved overseas payroll payment

When the employees of a particular organization live in the same locality, same city or even the same country, the payment process is quite straightforward and simply bank issues and handles the payments. The actual intense complexity comes when transactions and payments are to be made across international borders. Not only is the security of the payment is a bit compromised but the additional wait time that the financial transfer takes place actually sucks. The problem doesn’t end just here. When the employees go to the bank to receive the check, he needs to pay the bank to convert it into money. Using Blockchain helps this money to move faster as when the initiates the payment, there exists a direct connection via the Distributed Ledger Technology to the account balance of the respective employees. So they receive their payrolls quickly, efficiently and without the involvement of any middleman.

Why Recooty’s Recruitment System Is So Innovative For HR Industry.

In any organization, the most important elements are the people working there, people who create the environment and have focussed visions for themselves as well as the company. In such a scenario, choosing the right person for a particular job becomes most essential. A person who can complete the work on time and also add as a valuable asset to the company, every business, every company needs such people. Hence the role of the people who hire such passionate individuals becomes extremely crucial in any organization, that is the HR professionals.

The HR department looks into each and every aspect of hiring closely and carefully and hence play a super major role in the hiring of a company. Recruitment is one the most important function for the HR department of any organization.

However in today’s world of business, with the increasing quality and expectations of the talent pool, there are a plenty of issues the HR department of an organization and the HR industry as a whole face. Unlike earlier days, in today’s recruitment, the recruiters also need to sell themselves in the same way the candidates do to the recruiters in order to attract the top talents to an organization. The continuously evolving technology only further adds to the problems if the HR department of a company doesn’t keep itself updated. Although, the rise of various recruitment software and online tools have indeed changed the HR Landscape and how hiring is done but hiring can still be a headache for many HRs. Since every recruiting software has different systems, different capacities hence they are suited for the HR departments of various companies individually.

Knowing all of the troubles that the HR industry has to go through, the major question that arises is that does an ideal recruiting software exists which is suited for every segment of the HR industry and makes their lives a little easier? Well, the answer is absolutely yes. Recooty is the best recruitment software that has a system so innovative and efficient that every HR professional would be extremely happy and become more efficiently productive.
Here are few of the major reasons why hiring with Recooty can be so easy and innovative for the HR industry-

Simplicity yet smart hiring

Recooty claims to be World’s easiest Applicant Tracking System and indeed this is true. Recooty’s ATS is the most simple and efficient ATS, any HR professional can ever come across. Doesn’t matter if hiring is to be done for a small company or a large enterprise, every HR department would instantly fall in love with the simplicity of Recooty. Recooty’s integration with your website will make the applications appear in a dashboard, in Avery user-friendly manner. HR recruiter can easily go through all the applications and also schedule meetings with the candidates. Recooty’s Integration with Google job board makes it more special and can increase the number of applications and exposure to the talent pool up to ten times. Hiring smartly by saving time and efforts is the best thing a company can do.

Get rid of the paperwork

Human Resource professionals know that when hiring needs increase, paperwork can be a big headache. So, why not get rid of the paperwork? Why not make this process quick and effective? Why not drop the idea of opting candidates manually by going through messy filing cabinets? Getting Recooty can effectively make all this cumbersome work just a matter of few minutes. Recooty effectively does all the hectic tasks of managing, handling and streamlining the online resumes and job applications automatically according to the criteria mentioned of the job opening. Sure there’re a plenty of other tools which does the same but what makes Recooty unique is its accuracy. Recooty was designed to be an inseparable and awesome companion for the HR industry which can make their life a lot easier and help them focus on other aspects of a business.

Schedule and manage interviews

Scheduling and managing the interviews is the most hectic task that the HR staff has to do. For example, just imagine there are 5 job openings and for each job, approximately 50 applications and resumes come in. Firstly filtering and streamlining all of these is itself a cumbersome task. And finally, when that is done, the final stage of hiring arrives, the interview. A proper blueprint of the interview needs to be chalked out, interviews for different departments need to be scheduled and most importantly all the shortlisted candidates need to be mailed the relevant information about the interview. Way too much for the HR staff isn’t it? Recooty does all of that automatically, again becoming the savior for the HRs. It not only automatically streamlines the applications and resumes but it also schedules interviews and sends notifications to the shortlisted candidates automatically for the HR professionals so that they can focus on other important aspects of an interview.

Customer service is always a priority

The team at Recooty completely understands the value of the understanding of their clients. The feedback, as well as any problems faced by the clients, has always been a priority. Unlike some of the other recruiting software, Recooty responds immediately and impulsively to all the doubts and dilemmas of its clients, untangling the confusions and helping recruiters get through them easily. As an HR professional its very important to have complete knowledge of the technique used in all tasks and Recooty makes sure to provide them with all of the essential knowledge within just a matter of clicks.

Extremely amazing yet affordable

Undoubtedly there are many other recruiting software that provides the similar services mentioned above. But unfortunately, their prices are too high for startups and small companies who have a limited financial supply. A proper and accurate recruitment is more important for a startup and small company than it is for a well-established company hence they deserve services that are as good as the big companies have and Recooty has made sure they get it. Recooty’s pricing scheme is what makes it so desirable and apt for the HR industry. It provides almost every service that an ideal recruiting software can at a very pocket-friendly pricing, starting at the basic free version to $99 per month ultra package.

Recooty is everything that the HR industry can think of when it comes to purchasing a Recruiting Software for making their recruitment process easier, better and efficient. With Recooty, getting the best fit for an organization is a lot easier and pocket-friendly than it ever was before.

Types Of ”Toxic Workers” Every Organization Needs To Avoid.

Building an organization brick by brick is indeed the most important yet difficult task and the most important factor that holds everything together is a great set of employees. Hiring people who add value significantly to their job and all together to the organization is extremely crucial for the growth and success of any organization. No company or businesses can survive without a set of valued employees.

Hiring is one of the few processes in every organization which needs to be closely supervised. Just hiring a person to do a job is not enough, there are many facts and characteristics which need to be considered and determined if that person is the best fit for that job or not.

However, finding the best fit isn’t easy at all as it involves finding a person with not only skills, knowledge and expertise relevant to the job, but also appropriate ethics to fit his role in team culture. A wrong hire eventually leads to a lot of unnecessary financial as well as time expenditure which is completely undesirable for any organization. Summing up, a wrong hire may turn out to be extremely toxic for the functioning of an organization. Toxic employees suck at all the productive tasks of any organization. Not only do they turn out to be an expensive investment, but also they have zero contribution to the expansion and growth of the business. It would be an absolute nightmare for any recruiter to expose his organization to employees who hold back their growth, hence it is very important to identify them. Here are 5 types of toxic employees whom every organization need to avoid for its own good-

The Pessimistic ones

Pessimism refers to see the worst aspect of things or firmly believe that the worst will happen always. An organization always craves for employees who are positively motivated and confident about their capabilities and skills. Pessimistic employees can be very dangerous for the growth of an organization. These type of employees always look at the negative aspects of everything, from the tasks given to them, to the behavioral aspects of their work atmosphere. To them, everyone around them seems stupid and the tasks in his or her job are boring. These employees need to be tackled carefully and cleverly, maybe by an intervention or by talking some sense into them.

The Procrastinators

Procrastination is a quality which is absolutely undesirable in any person. And when employees who possess procrastination as one of their main characteristics, they become a great hurdle in the organization’s journey to success. The procrastinators effectively have an ‘I-will-do-it-tomorrow’ approach for everything that their job includes and the most dangerous fact is that their tomorrow never seems to arrive. Their procrastination effectively spreads dullness in their whole team and slow down the productivity rate of the organization. Recruiters need to look out carefully and identify such people by paying the employees undeclared visits and giving unexpected reviews.

The Gossipers

Gossips are just unnecessary, completely irrelevant trash talks and conversations. Gossiping is quite common in any workplace but the people who start this chain of gossiping is the main culprit here. The gossiping employees often create mistrust between his colleagues and the management. They seem to adopt severe hypocritic policies just to feel like a part of a group. So when one employee’s back is turned, the gossipers try to bond with other people by speaking negatively about them. These people are the source of any rumor that goes around in the workplaces of an organization. Personal conversations with these kinds of people are one of the best ways to get them on the right path.

The Short-Tempered Ones

Patience is one of the most important qualities that every person must possess, especially when it comes to being a member of a team. Every person may have a huge difference of opinion on a particular topic, that’s what distinguishes them, its a universal fact. People who don’t understand this simply get offended when someone violates their opinions and opposes them. When these short-tempered people step in a working atmosphere as employees, their impatient behavior creates a lot of nuisance. Recruiters need to understand their psyche thoroughly in order to tackle these kinds of employees.

The ones with the Know-It-All approach

A person should always have a learning spirit and should be eager to grasp knowledge from every other person he meets. People who consider themselves to have a lot of knowledge or even say, complete knowledge often seem to have the least of the knowledge as they simply limit their learning reaches. Speaking of a toxic employee, at first the Know-it-all employees seem to be very hard working and totally focused in the growth of their organization. However eventually, this kind of employees become very arrogant in their approaches. They often demotivate their colleagues by forcing them to believe that their way is the only right way. They underestimate and their co-worker’s opinions and ideas. Giving such kind of employees a paid break is a great way to help them get their thoughts and methodologies straight so that they can work more efficiently.

How AI Is Going To Change Modern World’s Hiring..

The growth and advancement of technology is a never-ending process. Hiring is one of the toughest issues most businesses face today. Finding the right talent can really be chaotic and not having the right employee can be expensive. Technology has always stepped up in solving various problems of humans and so the recruitment was never an exception too. Speaking specifically of the world of hiring, there was once a time when recruiting was manual. Then as technology improved, came in recruiting software like Applicant Tracking Systems which automated the whole recruiting process. And now in 2018 and the probability for the next decade, Artificial Intelligence will most likely take over the world of Recruitment and Human Resources by a storm.

Artificial Intelligence is the next big change that is supposed to happen in the hiring world, a change that can make recruiting more efficient and accurate and above all, easier. Where 2017 was just about blog posts and articles covering AI, as the year passed more and more recruiting software seemed to make use of AI in some form or other. AI has the complete expected potential to make hiring valuable and right candidates an easier and quicker process. With AI assisting recruiters in the hiring process, it gives them more time to focus more on hiring the right person than the tasks necessary to make it happen. In the next few years, Artificial Intelligence is most likely to dominate the space of HR and recruitment.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways in which AI is about to transform the world of hiring-



1. Machines Doing The Matchmaking For The Best Fit:

The greatest challenge in the hiring process, from the very old times, is the task to build the bridge between the best possible candidate and the required position. It’s a misconception that with greater access to relevant data of the candidates, recruiters are in a better position to hire better. The main problem is that too much information is indigestible for humans. That’s where the Paradox of Choice sets in.
Artificial Intelligence can effectively improve the odds of creating a perfect match between candidates and job positions by the implementation of algorithms and predicting the most relevant jobs before showing them to job seekers. AI will be able to fill the gaps between the job opening and the relevant best fits by not only the resume and application but by the accurate judgment of the candidates by their social presence too. In a nutshell, with AI the journey from a job opening to the best fit is going to get minimized.

2. A More Thoughtful And Humanly Hiring:

Doesn’t matter how far technology goes with hiring, the human element is never going to leave recruiting. The whole recruiting process has somehow lost its touch of humanity mainly because of the stress and competition that both the recruiters as well as the job seekers go through. But with more advanced technology and more and more businesses channeling the recruitment responsibilities to AI, the stress and sense of competition may reduce among recruiters and they can have a more human time. Recruiters who would truly master the AI recruitment tools will definitely have a huge advantage over the competition. AI will help recruiters bring humanity back to the recruiting practices. AI will improve a lot of things but above all, it will improve the efficiency, scalability, and consistency of the recruiting practices which will open the doors for recruiters to return to their deepest core of humanity and have a thoughtful hiring.

3. AI For Screening And Assessment:

Screening and assessing resumes are the most crucial and stressful task in the whole recruitment process. Screening most likely relies on resumes and resumes are considered as both, a blurred picture of the candidate’s achievements and capabilities and an indirect report of a candidate’s skills. Many companies are coming up with new techniques of screening by generating situations and engaging tests to assess candidates on various tasks they’re going to have to do on the job.
The new technology effectively inclusive AI would give recruiting and HR professionals an insight into how a potential employee would perform under a given circumstance and certain jobs and tasks. This would completely eliminate the difficulties that recruiters face in screening and streamlining job applications and resumes even with an ATS.

4. No Room Left For Unconscious Hiring Bias:

Companies while recruiting have a huge amount of data that they use for trying to recruit the best fit for each position and as the world of business is growing, this database is getting more and more huge and diverse. Amidst of all this, the recruiting process, however, is still stuck in the past where recruiters judge the candidates on the basis of their CVs and resumes and form their opinions which are most likely and potentially biased and companies suffer a lot due to this biased culture. The machines and AI technology taking over and not only sourcing but also screening the job applications is a great way to overcome the unconscious biasing that takes place during recruitment. AI has the full potential to become a tool and not a threat.

5. Automated Interviews With AI:

The interview is the most hectic and tricky step of the recruiting process. Not only it is a big deal and a lot to handle for the candidates, but for the recruiters too, if not strategized properly, interviews can turn into a really bad nightmare. A bad interview can generate a negative candidate experience which is disastrous for any company. Modern recruiting tools and software like Applicant Tracking Systems were able to effectively schedule interviews and send notifications and messages to the shortlisted candidates automatically. But as AI would step in the arena of hiring, with various advanced technologies like facial recognition software that is able to record and identify facial expressions will not only schedule an interview but actually conduct it. With AI, interviews are expected to be automated totally, making the lives of HRs and recruiting managers way too easy.

The Best Alternative To Breezy HR

Breezy hr is an end-to-end recruiting software that modernizes the recruiting process by helping recruiters attract and hire great employees with less effort. It is an amazing, all-in-one software which enables recruiters to get a bird’s-eye view of their candidate profile, efficiently streamline candidate communication and schedule interviews and source candidates wherever they are in no time. With Breezy HR, recruiters can make smarter hiring decisions effectively with just a click.

Why do not have breezy as your recruiting software?

Breezy HR is indeed a good recruiting software. It’s easy to use, very intuitive and its features have enabled many recruiters to build great teams for their respective organizations. In a nutshell, Breezy HR is supposed to be the perfect online recruiting companion any company could have.
According to the reviews of their clients, turns out that Breezy hr have few major cons which are really important for recruiting software to overcome.
Firstly, the customer service of Breezy hr is really slow. Getting to someone in a timely fashion is been lagging by the customer service of Breezy hr. The customer service of any business is a really important factor as its the most significant way through which interaction with clients is possible.
The mobile app of Breezy hr is not so efficient and complete as it does not have full functionality yet.

Why Recooty is better?

The team behind Recooty has always been completely dedicated to trying to make the recruiting experience the best for their clients. We understand that not every client of ours is experienced to the same level and hence feel it’s our responsibility to be completely attentive to our customer’s needs and doubts. Hence we have ensured that our customer service is super responsive and effectively helps our clients to have the best hires.
We’ve been really working hard on developing a mobile app for Recooty and considering the success of the website and the satisfaction of our clients with that, we’re really looking forward to it. We hope we will satisfy our clients with our service through the mobile app in the same way we did through our website.

The Best Alternative To Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is both, a powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System that streamlines and automated the hiring process for recruiters. With Zoho Recruit, recruiters can effectively source candidates with best talents faster, track resumes and interviews efficiently and ensure to never miss on a great hire. It offers awesome features like customized career websites, posting jobs on popular job boards and social sites, resume parsing and many more. Recruiters can find better candidates, bring their entire team on board and make data-driven decisions effectively with Zoho Recruit.

Why Zoho Recruit is not worth investing?

Zoho Recruit is an apt recruiting tool for startups and small businesses. Its pricing plans are quite affordable and that is why most newbie entrepreneurs may think its the best for their business. However, there are abundant chances that what seems to be an inexpensive recruitment solution for small businesses, may turn out to be a huge hassle and full of inconvenience. Zoho Recruit, inspire of its cheap pricing, maybe the hurdle in a small business’ hiring process instead of being a savior. For starters, the User Interface of Zoho Recruit is very poor. It is a minimalist design and has not at all kept up with current elements. A more interactive interface with the involvement of questionnaires or custom assessments to compare the candidates against the posting would have been a lot helpful. Training is minimal too, instead of creating and offering a thorough training manual for reference purposes, Zoho Recruit simply gives a copy of the demo which is definitely not much helpful. The customer service of Zoho Recruit is not at all supportive and responsive as according to the reviews of many customers.
Considering the importance of the above-mentioned factors for any ATS, Zoho Recruit is definitely not the best option for any small business or startup, and definitely not for an enterprise.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team at Recooty truly understands how challenging recruiting valuable employees can be for a startup, even a well-established startup. Keeping this very important fact in mind, we’ve ensured that recruiters from every segment of the entrepreneurial world benefit from our services. The pricing scheme of Recooty is completely affordable for any company, whether a startup or a big company as it ranges from $0 to $99 per month.
Zoho Recruit surely has a much affordable pricing too, but Recooty totally has an edge over Zoho Recruit as, within almost the same prices, Recooty covers all the loopholes and flaws that Zoho Recruit possess.
The User Interface of Recooty is absolutely simple and interactive. The users would have no inconvenience at all in understanding Recooty while they visit the website for the very first time. There’s a super amazing and simple video that explains everything one needs to need to get Recooty on board with them for the journey to hiring perfect candidates. And lastly, the customer service of Recooty is absolutely amazing. Recruiters get the solutions to their problems within a couple of minutes.
Every company has some basic needs and expectations from any recruiting tool that they’re installing, irrespective of whatever price they’re paying. Zoho Recruit is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ATS but it surely doesn’t seem to fulfill the expectations. Whereas Recooty on the other hand was built to do exactly the same and have the priority to fulfill its client’s expectations and needs.

Rack Bank Case-Study

1. An Overview-
RackBank® DataCenters Pvt Ltd is Central India’s first Datacenter located in Indore, India. Since inception in 2013 by Mr. Narendra Sen, the company supports businesses with the best-in-class data center services which include dedicated server hosting, unmanaged & managed services, Disaster Recovery as a Service, Backup Services and colocation services, especially favorable for the start-ups due to its cost-effectiveness. They offer Round-the-clock Support Services to their clients. Their Tier-III data center has a capacity of 3200+ servers spread across 35,000 sq ft area with a high network uptime of 99.98% causing unmatched connectivity along with strong SLA. The strategic location in Central India enables lowest-possible latency across all regions. They help various industries such as real estate, media/video streaming firms, IT companies, bulk messaging industry and the likes globally in meeting their IT/Internet infrastructural demands like data storage, data security and data distribution thus managing their digital content with scalable, reliable and comprehensive data center solutions.

2. Challenges Faced-
The hiring team of RackBank, was looking for a cost-efficient method of recruitment, given the guidelines of the company. This would favor the protocol established and followed by the company since the start.

3.Client’s Story-
Being a company with a prime concern and strategy of spending and investing capital wisely and yet make maximum profit, Rackbank was looking for a recruitment software that would make their hiring process effective, but in a cost-friendly way. And hence they needed a recruiting software that makes their investment in hiring process worth every penny. Recooty did it for them. This would favor the protocol established and followed by the company since the start.

4. How Recooty Helped?
One of the basic features of Recooty is that it provides clients with a cost-effective, Google integrated platform, i.e., the client has access to a large number of applicants, at a bare level of expense.
After integrating Recooty to their website, now RackBank could initiate the hiring process efficiently, both time as well as cost-wise and make their HR team less occupied with the whole screening and filtering process of applicants.


5.  Review
‘After availing to the services of Recooty, here’s the review by RankBank, “Recooty provides a highly supportive platform to all the companies moving ahead on the path of regulating expenses, in the era of exquisite ventures.
It has been very helpful and also proved a success in providing us with the kind of employees, the hunt was meant for.
Highly recommendable’



The Best Alternative To Freshteam


Freshteam is an Applicant Tracking System which builds the perfect bridge between good recruiters and great candidates. It effectively automates and takes care of all the recruitment tasks and chores of a company and helps recruiters focus more on the most important thing, that is, finding great talent. With Freshteam, a company can easily do all the important parts of recruiting avail amazing features like Managing Job Postings, Sourcing Candidates, Resume Screening, Engaging With Candidates, Asses and make offers and finally, integrations. Freshteam is a multi-tasking recruitment tool that has helps a number of companies to achieve their hiring goals.

Why Freshteam may not be the best deal for you?

Freshteam is indeed an amazing hiring software but when speaking of its usability for companies of every level and scale, is benefits may be a little questionable. To begin with, let’s consider the UI and UX. According to the reviews of some of the clients, the UI/UX of Freshteam is not so intuitive and it’s a little challenging to make custom stages to the pipeline. The second drawback would be the complexity of the integration of e-mail with the Freshteam which seems a little confusing. Also, the payment options for Freshteam excludes one of the important options, that is PayPal. And lastly, the pricing plan which is good if the company is medium or large scale but very unaffordable for a small business.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

The team behind Recooty is completely dedicated to making the life of every recruiter easier in every way possible, from creating the best User Interface to ensuring the best pricing plan for the recruiters. The developers at Recooty have put in immense efforts to ensure that the UI of Recooty is simultaneously attractive, as well as simple so that recruiters know exactly what they’re doing and what they want. The Website Integration of Recooty is super simple and very precisely explained in a video, right on the homepage of Recooty’s website. And finally, the pricing plan of Recooty is affordable for everyone, from a small company to large enterprises starting with the basic version being free and the Ultimate plan being $99 per month, which is surely very less than Freshteam.
Considering the downsides of Freshteam Recooty is undoubtedly the best option for every recruiter in every other company, whether small or big.
And that’s not it, for the sake of satisfaction and assurance to its clients, Recooty provides a 31 days free trial which involves no credit, debit cards or any other payment. Isn’t it amazing!

The Best Alternative To Greenhouse

The greenhouse is an effective recruiting tool which is much more than just an Applicant Tracking System and enables help companies to build a winning hiring culture. It enables companies to stay a step ahead in the competition for talent. The greenhouse provides you everything that you need from an ATS and even more. Greenhouse recruiting always ensures that you know the best and right step to take to hire the best candidate. It designs a structured and winning hiring process. Greenhouse’s hiring process begins with looking for perfect candidates from a number of diverse sources like in-person events, job boards, in-house referrals etc. Greenhouse makes sure that your efforts in ensuring an amazing candidate experience don’t go away all in vain.

Why Greenhouse is not the best option available?

Since nothing is perfect and every other advantage can be a disadvantage for the other side of perspective, Greenhouse as well could not always be the best recruitment option for every company. For starters, let us consider the high, completely unaffordable pricing scheme of Greenhouse. Greenhouse Software pricing ranges from around $6000, for a couple of dozen of employees, to $25000 per year for the clients they surveyed, depending upon the size and needs of the companies. The high price is the reason why Greenhouse recruiting would be completely beneficial only to enterprises with high and constant financial supply. Startups and emerging enterprises are the neediest for an automated and efficient hiring tool and considering the prices of Greenhouse, clearly, it is not suitable for their finances.

Why Recooty is the best alternative?

Recooty is a perfect recruiting tool for companies and enterprises of all sizes and resources in the business world. Recooty was build to give an efficient yet affordable solution to every other hiring issues and complexities. The mission is to help startups and SMEs to automate their recruitment process in the most affordable and efficient way possible.
Greenhouse’s high pricing is the reason why many of the startups cannot possibly be exposed and avail of the recruiting services that they provide. We have to build Recooty by keeping in mind the recruiting needs and financial capabilities of every section of the business world. Recooty’s pricing plans are very much affordable. Starting from the basic free version which includes the basic support and few of the essential features required for digital hiring, to the Ultra plan which costs only $99 per month and includes a set of amazing and advanced features like Resume Parsing, Unlimited Active Jobs and many more.

Well, that’s not it! If you still have doubts about how amazingly perfect Recooty is for your business, here’s how you can clear all of them.
Recooty provides a 31 days free trial for your satisfaction without the involvement of any way of payment like credit or debit cards.
Isn’t it amazing!