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Logistics Coordinator Job Description Template

Now, let’s put it all together in a sample Logistics Coordinator Job Description:

Job Brief :

We are Looking for a skilled Logistic Coordinator for our company. The Candidate is required to effectively manage the logistic department.

You are supposed to take care of the supply chain operations of the organization. You will have to collaborate with the staff members to ensure proper and timely pick-up and delivery of final products.

Making proper arrangements for transportation and storage of goods.

To be an ideal candidate you must have strong communication skills, negotiation skills, and record maintaining abilities.

Responsibilities :

  • Oversee all the supply chain operations.
  • Take care of transportation and storage of inventories.
  • Create logistic procedures, analyze and improvise them as per the needs.
  • Contribute to the recruitment of candidates for the logistics department.
  • Coordinate and manage the whole logistic department members.
  • Oversee the purchase orders and their costs.
  • Track the shipment of products, ensure their proper pick-up and delivery.
  • Handle and resolve inventory and shipment related issues.
  • Maintain records of stock, orders, etc.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration, logistics, and other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a Logistic Coordinator or in other relevant roles.
  • Complete knowledge of legal rules and regulations.
  • A good idea of ISO requirements.
  • Working knowledge of a complete Microsoft Office suite.
  • Good hand on logistic software(ERP).
  • Excellent verbal, written communication skills, and negotiation skills.
  • Good organization skills and management skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities and coordination abilities.

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Logistics Coordinator Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Logistics Coordinator on an entry-level earn about ₹422K per year.

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Some Skills that a Logistic Coordinator must have been :

– Excellent communication skills

– Analytical skills

– Good thinking skills

– Pressure handling ability

– Deep Knowledge of industry

– Decision-making ability

– Accountability and honesty for work

– Adaptability

– Teamwork spirit

– Ability to solve problems

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