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Post your jobs to the world’s largest job boards network that includes Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Google, Monster, and hundreds more.

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Get access to 250+ free job posting sites

Post a job ad for free to the best job boards and reach 5x more job seekers worldwide. We help you let the world know that you are hiring.

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700+ job descriptions templates

Use our SEO-optimized JD templates or draft a job description on your own. Just pick, personalize and post from our free job descriptions.

Creating a job posting using job description templates on Recooty

Get 3x more qualified applicants

Find your perfect hires faster than ever with Recooty. Get qualified candidates with the skills and experience you need for every job.

Demo of how to review, shortlist, and schedule interviews for candidates on Recooty

Supercharge your hiring with Recooty

Create an easy recruiting experience at every stage with Recooty.

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How to post a job for free using Recooty?


Create a job posting

Use our free job description templates or draft your own to create a job post within minutes.


Post jobs to the top job boards

Find the right candidates by posting jobs to 250+ free & premium job posting sites instantly.


Rate and review the best candidates

Review unlimited candidates, shortlist potential ones, share your feedback with the team, and schedule interviews with the best matches.


Make the best hires

Get great hires faster than ever with Recooty and welcome them to your team.

How to Post a Job for free using Recooty

Reach millions of the
world's top talents with a single click.

Why must you choose Recooty
for online job postings?

Expand the job advertisement reach by 3x

Post a job with Recooty and get in front of the right people. We publish your jobs to the world’s largest job posting network.

Build a
strong employer

Make the right talent find you. We help you promote your company’s culture, vision, and open roles with our customizable career pages.

Get great
candidates faster
than ever

From posting a job to hiring great talent, everything becomes seamless on Recooty.

Recooty is much more than
a simple job posting site

  • 250+ free and premium job boards.
  • Free job posting to Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, etc.
  • Customizable careers pages.
  • SEO-optimized job description templates.
  • Collaborative hiring with your team.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Resume parsing with talent pool.
  • Email & calendar integration.
  • Custom domain mapping.
  • Data export and much more.


Hear what our customers are saying

I found Recooty’s simplistic recruitment approach pretty smooth. With its efficient hiring workflow, this tool helped us reduce our company’s cost per hire by 60%.”
Cyle Cox
Hired a Data Scientist
We hired 3 new team members for Amazon through Recooty. It’s pretty fast, reliable, and efficient recruiting software.”

Traneice Mills
Hired for her Sales Team
Hiring talents is such a breeze with Recooty. We could cut down the time per hire without spending too much of our hiring budget.”

Stephen Johnston
Senior Corporate Recruiter
My talent acquisition team loves this tool because it lets us post jobs to multiple job boards in a go. Also, the quality of resumes are much better.”
Ritika Garg
Hired for her Tech Team

Frequently asked questions

Where can I post jobs online for free with Recooty?

Recooty helps you post jobs for free to over 250+ job boards including Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and more.

What happens when my job posting gets published?

Job boards have their acceptance criteria and team Recooty knows them well. Once you publish your job advertisement, we will quickly review it and approve the job posting. However, if we find any issues with your job posting, we will inform you to fix them.

If everything’s perfect, your job ad will get published on multiple free job boards like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and 250+ others.

How would I know if my job is approved?

Generally, job boards take up to 12-24 hours to approve a posting. When your job advertisement is approved, your job’s status gets changed from “In Review” to “Published”. After that, you will start seeing the candidates flowing in.

If your job posting doesn’t get approved, we’ll immediately inform you to tweak it.

Can I post a job for free?

Yes, you can post a job for free using our free plan. However, if you want to take advantage of advanced recruiting features, you can go for paid plans, starting at just $49/month.

Also, when you register for the first time, we provide you with a free trial for 15 days. You can explore Recooty’s top-notch premium features & services within this period.

How is Recooty better than any other ATS for free job postings?

Finding talented people is a big challenge for talent acquisition professionals but it can be solved easily with our hiring software, Recooty.

With our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) recruiters can:
  • Reach a large number of top talent with premium and free job posting sites.
  • No need to prepare job descriptions as you get 700+ custom job descriptions.
  • Create a positive candidate experience with an easy application process.
  • Let candidates know more about your company via the company careers page.

How to post a free job on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Google?

You can use our recruiting software to quickly post free jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, and hundreds of top job boards within a click.

These job boards also include:
  • The best job boards in the US
  • The top job posting sites in UK & Germany
  • The world’s best job boards
On which job posting sites in the U.S. & U.K. does Recooty post jobs?
Recooty makes your job ads live on Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Monster, Adzuna, Career Jet, and hundreds more job boards in the U.S. & U.K.
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