General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Last Updated : July 27, 2019

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It expands the protection of personal data of EU citizens. The goal of GDPR is to create uniform data privacy rules to enforce across the continent. Personal data may be any information relating to an identifiable individual.

The enforcement of GDPR comes into full effect across all European member states on May 25, 2018. You can read details of the regulation here. Any organization which collects or processes personal data of persons in the EU need to be GDPR compliant. The failure of which could potentially lead to hefty fines. GDPR applies to any organization, whether situated in EU or any other part of the world, that processes personal data of persons in the EU.

Your Role in GDPR

As an employer or a recruiting agency, you act as Controller of Your Data. The role of Controller is to decide how the data is used, how it should be processed, who should process it, when and how it needs to be updated, when it needs to be deleted, etc.

Role of Recooty

Recooty on the other hand, stores and processes data on behalf of the Controller (i.e. You) and hence is considered as a Processor of Your data. Recooty carries out operations on data only as per your instructions/ directions, thereby giving you the desired results.

In order to give you a stellar service, we may also share some personal information we receive about you with certain vendors and service providers, also known as subprocessors. However, we assure you we have taken adequate measures for the protection of your data during or after the transfer to any such third parties. You may read about the manner in which we treat the transfer of such information in our Privacy Policy.

Though Recooty was already compliant with most data protection laws across the countries, we have taken extra care to make your experience with Recooty more secure than ever. We have ensured that all our data processing activities are now fully in compliance with the GDPR.

Your Compliance with GDPR

In order to be increasingly compliant with GDPR, you must ensure that you have processes in place to follow up on requests from your users (candidates or also customers in case of recruiting agencies) regarding the handling of their personal data.

Regarding the data stored in Recooty, kindly review our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which are now in accordance with the GDPR regulation. Our privacy policy states our approach to handling personal data in a clear, concise format and a language that any average user will understand.

Recooty will also help you maintain compliance with GDPR with our current set of features. We have also taken on our roadmap more features which will further simplify your compliance with GDPR. These features will be released in the coming weeks and be made available on certain subscription plans.

This was just an outline of the steps taken at Recooty to meet the compliance of GDPR. However, this is an ongoing process and we are zealously committed to the practice of protecting your data and providing for the secure handling of your critical business information.

The information provided above is only to help you understand Recooty’s role as a processor of your data and the rights and responsibilities of your users as a controller of their data. This is not a comprehensive document and should not be considered as legal advice.