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Build A Company Career Page And Boost Your Brand With Recooty

Your company's career page is the first thing potential employees look at while applying for a job. We get why having a great careers page is your top priority. Recooty helps you build a fully branded careers page and showcase all your jobs, no coding required!

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"2.5x candidates are more likely to apply for a job
if they’re familiar with the company."
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Benefits of a Branded Career Page

Career page is simply a gateway to the world of potential candidates. Build your desired company career page design with our no-code platform and, highlight your company culture, reasons to work there, and open positions.

Career Page Highlights Your Brand

Make an unforgettable first impression and show off your company culture while improving candidate experience with organized job listings.

  • Pick your brand colors, font, logo, and style
  • Upload photos & videos to showcase your workplace culture.
  • Auto-updating open roles & customizable application forms
  • SEO-friendly career pages easily rank on Google
  • Hosted free by Recooty or a custom domain
Sample of a branded career page made with Recooty

Career Page acts as a Talent Magnet

Careers pages are powerful recruiting tools. With Recooty, attract talent like a magnet and hire them faster than ever.

  • Pull the right candidates
  • Drive applications & engage with them
  • Identify & hire the best fits with our ATS capabilities
  • Reduce cost & time per hire by 70%
Attract quality candidates from a rich talent pool with the help of Recooty

Use our Careers Page builder or Recooty’s Widget to build your Career Page

Need to update job listings on your existing career page? Recooty’s job widget can be quickly integrated with your website to display the open roles at your company. It automatically updates the job listings every time you create, edit or remove a position in Recooty.

  • Embed jobs on your existing career page
  • Customize look & feel to sync it with your website
  • Drive applications from your careers page
  • Quick implementation in under 2 minutes
  • No coding skills required
Snapshot of how Recooty_s job widget work on a branded career page

Features that make your
company career page great

Shine on top of the results with your careers site

Modern job seekers simply Google the open positions. We offer an SEO-optimized company career page, your website will pop up in the search results and great candidates can apply.

Affordable hiring with a great career page

Posting jobs on multiple job boards can be costly. Especially, when you have a lot of open job roles. With our great career page template, you can post all your open job roles and let candidates flow in. Reduce your cost-per-hire significantly.

Build an impeccable Employer Brand

Your company career page truly defines who you are. It tells the story of your brand as an employer, firsthand. Show off your company culture and showcase your open roles uniquely with our branded career page builder.

Examples of the best Career Pages
built on Recooty?

Example of best career pages for a smooth recruitment experience

Create your branded company
career page with Recooty


Hear what our customers are saying

I found Recooty’s simplistic recruitment approach pretty smooth. With its efficient hiring workflow, this tool helped us reduce our company’s cost per hire by 60%.”
Cyle Cox
Hired a Data Scientist
We hired 3 new team members for Amazon through Recooty. It’s pretty fast, reliable, and efficient recruiting software.”

Traneice Mills
Hired for her Sales Team
Hiring talents is such a breeze with Recooty. We could cut down the time per hire without spending too much of our hiring budget.”

Stephen Johnston
Senior Corporate Recruiter
My talent acquisition team loves this tool because it lets us post jobs to multiple job boards in a go. Also, the quality of resumes are much better.”
Ritika Garg
Hired for her Tech Team

Frequently asked questions

What is a Company Career Page?

A company career page is a part of your company’s website that specifically deals with employment or career. It allows employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled, they are also known as job boards. A job seeker willing to work for you can directly go to your company's website and check out the career page to apply for a job without the hassle of involvement of various job sites.

Why is a Branded Career Page important?

A great career page makes the hiring process extremely cost and time efficient as the capital and time that is invested in online job postings can be significantly cut down.

Why should you have a branded career page on your website?

Your company career page is the most effective and important recruitment channel for you. A great career page can look after your hiring news, boost your employer brand and attract quality candidates. It also helps in engaging the visitors of your website and spreading awareness about the open roles in your company. Make sure your company career page is powerful enough to convert visitors into applicants.

What should a great career site include?

An ideal company career site should include an introduction to your brand via logos, fonts, images, and videos of the team, a list of all the open roles and all the details about the jobs, the reason why your prospective employees should work for you, employee testimonials, and much more.

How can I use Recooty to create a company career page?

Recooty provides you a straightforward branded career page builder for creating best career pages for your company. Create an account on Recooty and make a profile for your company. Once you're done with this, fill in the basic details and you are good to go! Create a customized company career page according to your liking!

What percent of candidates visit a company career page for their job hunt? In a survey, 64% of the surveyed candidates listed a career page among the five most valuable resources while looking into a company. So, company career pages are pretty essential when it comes to your sourcing channels.

So, career sites are essential when it comes to your sourcing channels.
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