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About Trent Cotton:

Trent Cotton is the vice president of talent and culture at Hatchworks. Trent has been in the HR industry since 2004, is an author, consultant, a top voice on LinkedIn and also shares his insights through his blog at, attracting thousands of readers and offering unique perspectives on various recruiting subjects.

In the the interview we discussed:

Join us as we explore the fundamental components of Sprint Recruiting, enabling Talent Leaders to make informed decisions, prioritize crucial roles in their pipeline, and gain insights into how AI revolutionizes recruiting.

đź’ˇRecruitment’s essence: building and maintaining relationships, irrespective of tech changes.

đź’ˇIntentionality in recruitment and tool-aided relationship development.

đź’ˇAI/ML speeds up recruitment, yet the human touch is crucial.

đź’ˇHarnessing AI/ML in recruitment.

đź’ˇRecruiters using AI, mirroring Iron Man’s tech approach.

đź’ˇInvestigating Recruitment Dysfunction.

  • In recruitment, everything can be urgent.

  • The consequences of a rhythm less recruitment.

  • Fixing the flawed feedback in recruitment.

đź’ˇSprint recruitment: A secret weapon for companies and recruiters

đź’ˇNew book- Secrets to a high performance recruiting teams

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