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About J.Y Delmotte

J.Y Delmotte, the co-founder of BuddiesHR, with a mission to provide best working experience for their employees with multiple cool features on slack. J.Y is an innovative entrepreneur with 5X startup founder and 9+ years in the startup space and is LinkedIn Top workplace culture voice.

In the the interview we discussed:

Culture and Wellbeing are important now more than ever with having influence on hiring and retention. Our guest this week is J.Y Delmotte, Co-founder of Buddies HR and LinkedIn Top HR voice, who has some brilliant sights on culture, wellness and retention.

From zero customers to five booming startups

How interviewing HR leaders helped Buddies HR with real pain points

How employee engagement remains a challenge to companies

How using lots of HR tools lowers adaptation rates compared to having everything in one place.

Retention drives attraction

How can companies use AI to coach managers with internal policies and company values in mind

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