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About Bre Bergman:

Bre, a seasoned recruitment expert with a knack for sports, brings extensive experience from Microsoft and Facebook. Currently serving as the Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at S&C Electric Company, Bre is recognized as a leading voice in recruiting on LinkedIn.

In the the interview we discussed:

⭐ Transitioning from Microsoft layoff to leadership.

⭐ Transparency in candidate recruitment.

⭐ Ideal candidate hiring timeframe.

⭐ Preparing hiring managers and recruiters.

⭐ Candidate tolerance in hiring.

⭐ Moving from email to phone interviews and rapport building.

⭐ Recruiters’ approach: spamming vs. non-transactional.

⭐ Key hiring considerations for 2024.

Learn the secrets of organizational culture in this first episode of the Recruiting Revolution Podcast! 👂🎧

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