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About Mary Ann:

Mary Ann Markowitz, founder of Mary Ann Markowitz & Associates, which specialize in finding and placing top talent in accounting, finance, and HR positions. With over 20 years of exp, Mary’s mission is to unveil each candidate’s potential and open the door to new possibilities for them and their employers. Excietingly, Mary Ann has been a valued client of ours for quite some time now.

In the the interview we discussed:

As the recruitment landscape evolves, getting the basics right becomes paramount. Join us for our latest episode of The Recruiting Revolution where we discuss ‘all things recruitment’ and importance of nailing down the basics with Mary Ann.

⭐ Marketing, building connections, and networking as important in 2001

⭐ Elevating recruitment with personalized technology

⭐ How simply adding “flexible schedule” in job descriptions can boost hiring.

⭐ Personalized outreach trumps generic emails.

⭐ Target the right candidates by understanding your audience.

⭐ Gen Z values honesty: Transparency is key in recruiting Gen Z.

⭐ 2024 roadmap for recruitment= Leveraging quality tools

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