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Are you looking to hire candidates in the UK but don’t know the top job boards in the UK to attract the right people for your team? If yes, this blog is for you!

We’ve curated a list of top UK job posting sites, both free and paid where you can take your job postings in front of your ideal candidates in large numbers. So, let’s get started with the list:


1. Indeed UK

2. LinkedIn

3. Monster UK

4. Adzuna

5. Jora

6. Glassdoor

7. Reed

8. CV-Library

9. TotalJobs

10. Jobrapido

11. RemoteJobs

Top Job Boards in the UK:

1. Indeed UK

Indeed UK

With over 500 million monthly visitors worldwide, Indeed is among the largest job boards in the world visited by recruiters and candidates as it serves its purpose very effectively. This is a free job board that lets you post jobs for free.

Apart from allowing native job postings on the platform, Indeed also works as a job aggregator – meaning it collects jobs from a wide spectrum of sources including other job boards, careers pages of companies, and so forth.

Why post your jobs on Indeed?

Indeed lets you post your jobs for free but if you want to increase your job visibility, Indeed lets you opt for Sponsor your job postings as well.

What’s the cost of sponsored jobs on Indeed?

Indeed charges employers on a pay-per-click basis starting from $5 to $499 of daily budget.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform which features a job board that candidates prefer because of its convenience. It has over a billion users worldwide and more than 39.7 million users in the UK which makes it an ideal place to broadcast your jobs.

As job seekers spend time on LinkedIn for networking, sharing useful content, learning, and sometimes looking for a new job, it’s a great idea to post your job on linkedIn.

Apart from using LinkedIn’s job board, recruiters or HRs can reach out to both active and passive candidates either by connecting with them or sending a direct message via its paid InMail feature.

Why post your jobs on LinkedIn?

Indeed offers lots of useful features that will help you find great talent including:

  • Promoted jobs: It helps you leverage Advanced Targeting to reach candidates with key skills in your preferred locations which LinkedIn lets you choose.
  • Recommended matches: LinkedIn provides you with candidate recommendations based on your hiring activities (for instance, save, hide, or message candidates) which improves over time.
  • Candidate dashboard: You can manage candidates on LinkedIn directly till the end of your hiring process.

How much does LinkedIn’s promoted job cost in the UK?

The cost of promoting your jobs on LinkedIn will depend upon your daily budget and the views you get from the candidates.

3. Monster UK

Monster is another top job board that is used worldwide. Using Monster, you can pull top candidates from its platform along with its extensive job board network. As Monster has its local branch in the UK, it pulls close to half a million from the UK region, which may be a considerable amount of traffic for finding your next best hire. 

Why post your job on Monster?

Apart from its standard job posting on its job board and partner networks, it also broadcasts your jobs to social media sites (including Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to further expand your reach. Additionally, you can search for your potential candidate from Monster’s vast candidate database.

How much does it cost to post a job on Monster?

Monster offers two plans:

  • Monster+ Standard: It works on the pay-as-you-go method with a daily budget starting from £15. You only pay when a candidate sees or applies to your job. 
  • Monster+ Pro: This is a monthly plan costing £99 a month, allowing you to promote unlimited job postings and do resume searches in its database.

For more details visit Monster’s Pricing Page.

4. Adzuna

Adzuna is a top UK job board that was founded in the United Kingdom itself in April 2011. It attracts over a million visitors each month. If you want to hire great talent in the UK, you can definitely trust this top job board which you can try for free

Why post your job on Adzuna?

One attractive feature Adzuna offers is a smart matching technology that makes sure you get the right fit as per your needs.

How much does it cost to post a job on Adzuna?

Adzuna comes with flexible pricing. It charges you according to the performance of your job posting. For more information, you can visit Adzuna UK.

5. Jora


Jora is an Australian job board that functions in the United Kingdom to connect employers with potential talent. Similar to other job boards in this list, it collects jobs from different sources including partner sites, career sites of companies, and more.

Why post your job on Jora?

The major USP of this popular job board is you can post multiple job listings free of cost to find your next best hire. 

How much does it cost to post a job on Adzuna?

It’s free to post multiple jobs on Jora. But if you want to boost the visibility of your jobs, Jora gives you an option to upgrade your job listing.

For more questions regarding the job posting visit their FAQs page.

6. Glassdoor

Started back in June 2007, Glassdoor is primarily a community for workplace conversation. This website hosts information about companies which allows companies to build their employer brand through workplace updates, images, and other content. 

Apart from that, employees can leave reviews and ratings for the companies they worked with, helping other candidates make decisions regarding where they should work.

Glassdoor also hosts a job board that gives you access to over 67 million job seekers along with millions of candidates on the UK’s 100 best job sites. Glassdoor has now joined hands with Indeed to combine its services to deliver a better brand-building and talent-attraction experience for employers.

Why post your job on Glassdoor?

There are various reasons to post your jobs on Glassdoor including partnership with Indeed to get a great candidate reach and the world-class brand-building platform it offers. 

How much does it cost to post a job on Glassdoor?

As it is now partnered with Indeed, sponsoring a job there will automatically share your job with Glassdoor’s network. Check Indeed’s pricing here

7. Reed

Reed is one of the very first job boards that commenced in the UK which got massive popularity due to their engaging TV advertising campaigns. According to Reed, it receives 4000+ job applications every hour and 25000+ candidate registrations every week, making it the UK’s busiest job site.

Why post your job on Reed?

There are multiple reasons to take advantage of this UK’s best job site such as features to share jobs directly to candidates, paid job advertising on its job search results, and access to a large database.

How much does it cost to post a job on Reed?

Paid job posting comes in a subscription package on Reed starting from £100 a month that includes unlimited job postings and access to its CV database. 

8. CV-Library

CV Library

With over 20 million candidates on the platform, CV-library is among the UK’s top job boards that are opted by businesses of all sizes to find and hire the right fits. It has received recognition as the Most Popular Job Board at the Global Recruiter Awards in 2019.

Why post your job on CV-Library?

CV-Library offers various benefits like exposure to a network of 800+ job sites, free company profile, dedicated account management, and more which makes it a job posting site you can consider.

Note: To access its CV database, you need to purchase a dedicated plan which you can check here.

How much does it cost to post a job on CV-Library?

You can either post a single job for £75+VAT or post 2 jobs for £129+VAT. In both plans, your jobs will be live on the platform for 28 days. 

CV-Library also gives you the option to post 5+ jobs but for the pricing details, you need to get in touch with their sales representatives.

9. TotalJobs


The purpose of TotalJobs is to help job seekers in Britain to find their dream job and to connect employers with the talent they need for their passionate teams. Owned by StepStone, TotalJobs was founded in the year 1999. This job board now has a presence in more than 30 countries.

According to TotalJobs, their website has recorded a 37% increase in applications per vacancy YOY & 32% increase in visits per vacancy YOY. 500k+ candidates have either submitted or updated their CVs in the past month on TotalJobs.

These stats give a clear indication that you can try posting your job to attract your ideal candidates.

Why post your job on TotalJobs?

For the following reasons you can consider TotalJobs to find candidates:

  • TotalJobs can help you reach an adequate number of candidates through their 6-week job posting.
  • It offers a matching technology that connects you with ideal candidates quickly.
  • You can get access to its CV database which contains approximately half of the UK’s working population.

Note: Similar to CV-library, you need to purchase a separate plan to access its database which costs £140 per month for new users and £270 per month for existing customers.

How much does it cost to post a job on TotalJobs?

A single job posting costs £219 for existing users on TotalJobs. However, for new users, it allows their first job posting for £89 in the UK.

10. Jobrapido

Jobrapido is a top job board that delivers relevant candidates to companies in the shortest time frame and for less funds. Established in 2006, Jobrapido is one of the world’s biggest job boards that is headquartered in Milan with a presence in 58 countries.

The company has received various awards for its job search technology and is transforming the recruitment world with its programmatic campaigns that leverage AI, Big Data, and Taxonomy, all combined.

Why post your job on Jobrapido?

Making an investment in this job board is considerable as it has technology that classifies, ranks, and matches jobs with candidates to deliver the candidates you need. Additionally, no matter if you’re hiring for a single role or multiple, it offers scalable solutions as required.

How much does it cost to post a job on Jobrapido?

  • Starter Pack:  £99.99 excluding VAT for a single job posting for 30 days.
  • Double Pack: £179.99 excluding VAT for 2 job postings for 30 days. You can use these jobs within a 3-month time frame.
  • Custom Campaign: Paid job postings based on PPC basis which offers active campaigning and constant optimizations. For pricing, you need to contact their representatives.

For more info, visit this page: Jobrapido pricing.

11. RemoteJobs


Dedicated to the UK region, RemoteJobs is a job portal that hosts remote and hybrid job vacancies. Companies use this remote job site to hire the best talent to grow their business exponentially.

This website attracts thousands of visitors in a month and offers job postings completely free of cost.

Why post your job on Remote Jobs?

The website allows you to post any kind of remote job depending upon your need. Check the following options it offers:

  • 100% Remote: Vacancies that need full-time employees remotely.
  • Ad-hoc Remote: Jobs that require employees for only 1-2 days a month.
  • Mostly Remote: Jobs requiring employees for only 3-4 remote days per week.
  • Part Remote: Jobs requiring employees for only 1-2 remote days per week
  • Field Remote: Positions that need UK/Region-based employees for handling client-side meetings.

How much does it cost to post a job on Remote Jobs?

It’s completely free to post a job on RemoteJobs and take advantage of this one of the best job posting sites in the UK.

Is there any way to post a job on these websites simultaneously?

Absolutely, with an Applicant Tracking System like Recooty, you can post a job on these job search sites at once and reach your dream candidate. A modern ATS not only helps you create job postings with AI but also lets you collect applications from multiple platforms, and assess candidates with your team to make your hiring simple, fast, and cost-efficient. 

If you want to see how it works, get a free 14-day trial and hire the best candidates with the ultimate hiring features of Recooty.

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