How to Post a Job on Monster | Pricing & FAQs

How to post a job on monster, monster job posting

Monster Worldwide, Inc. is a famous global employment website and job search engine. Monster has helped people improve their lives by connecting them to better jobs and employers to the best talents. The company has spread its roots to almost 40 countries worldwide and provides one of the best job-seeking, career management, hiring, and talent management capabilities and technologies. Let’s check out how to post a job on Monster below!

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How to Post a job on Monster?

monster job posting, Monster Employee Homepage

To post a job on Monster, follow these 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign Up & Select A Suitable Plan

Visit the Monster Employer Homepage and click on the SIGN UP NOW button. Monster will lead you to a pricing page where you need to pick a plan which suits best for your needs.

PlansPricing Features
Monster+ Pay as You Go Single job post
Set your own budget at $12/day on average
Pay when candidates view/apply for your job
Standard Upgrade$399/month 4-Day Free Trial
Get up to 3 active job posts at one time
2000+ readymade job descriptions
Premium Upgrade$649/month 4-Day Free Trial
Get up to 5 active job posts at one time
2000+ readymade job descriptions 
Resume database access with 250 resume views

If you’re a small company and not hiring for multiple roles then the Monster+ plan would easily work. With this plan, you have the option to switch between jobs if you want to hire for more than a single role. But one thing you must note is that you’re allowed to keep one job active at a time.

Or in case you want to hire for multiple roles simultaneously then pick one of the other 2 plans. The Standard and Premium plans come with a 4-day free trial so you can try these plans before paying the price. 

Create an account on monster.

After selecting the plan, you need to add the required information which includes your payment & billing details. One thing you need to keep in mind is that once the free trial ends, the monthly fee will be charged to your card.

Finally, once you sign up, you will receive a one-time link to set up your password. 

Step 2: Set Your Password with Security Questions

Use the link you receive in your inbox to create a password. Make sure the password you use is strong since you will most likely be making a company account that will store a credit card as well.

Account security on monster

Monster also asks you to set your security questions as well. Pick any question you want if you’re the owner. Or if you’re an employee, we recommend discussing with your HR or anyone in charge and then setting your security questions so the account doesn’t get locked when you’re not present.

Step 3: Finish Setting Up Your Company Profile

To proceed with this step, click the gear icon at the top of your dashboard and then select “My Company Profile” so you can get to your company profile and add your information. 

Company Profile on monster

Once done, Monster will allow you to review your company’s profile. Read everything carefully so as to avoid any possible errors. You can be a little creative when adding your company description to let candidates catch a glimpse of your positive culture.

Step 4: Select The Job Ad Type & Make a Payment

Monster dashboard

Return to your dashboard after completing your profile. Click on “Post a Job” from the navigation bar at the top and review the pricing plan options in case you haven’t already opted for one during signup.

Once you select your preferred plan and make the payment, you will immediately see your dashboard change.

Step 5: Create an Attractive Job Post

Post a job on monster

Now it’s time to post a job on Monster and attract the right talent from this top job board.

Click on “Post A Job” at the top of the dashboard to access the job ad creation page. Here you need to fill in all the required details including:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Job/employment type
  • Salary/wage
  • Job description

A compelling job description is always paramount for attracting qualified talent. It will help not only in selling your position + company to candidates but also answering the questions they might have through the same. 

Job description on monster

When you’re creating a job post, Monster suggests a relevant job description that you can simply pick, make necessary changes, and use in your job post. You can also create one from scratch if you want.

Step 6: Post Your Job & Manage Candidates on Monster

Post or manage a job on monster

I. Posting Job on Monster:

Finally, as soon as you’re done with preparing the job ad and are satisfied with it, it’s time to post the job on Monster. You can also save this job in Monster’s library to use when you’re hiring for the same role in the future.

You can see all the details about the applications directly from the dashboard itself once candidates start applying for your open position. 

II. Managing Candidates on Monster:

Managing candidates is fairly easy through the dashboard. Just click on the “My Candidates” tab to see the complete list of your job applicants. You can see their resume and every other detail right there. 

You need not worry about viewing resumes as these views won’t deduct against the resume view quota you get in 

If you’ve subscribed to either of the standard or premium plans, your views in the “My Candidates” section won’t count against the number of resume views in searches that you get with these plans.

As soon as you find the right candidate, go to the “My Jobs” page again from the top navigation bar. Here you will see a job ad dashboard from where you can manage all of your job positions. You can also manage candidates and send rejection emails to those who don’t match your ideal candidate persona.

When you’re done hiring your dream candidate, make sure you close your job on Monster. Additionally, if you want to continue Monster’s services don’t delete your jobs so you can use them immediately as soon as you need them.

5 Tips to Successfully Post A Job On Monster:

  • Write a striking job post: Try reviewing the similar job description templates for your open positions to see how you can make a job posting that grabs the attention of the candidates.
  • Add candidates’ items of interest: In your job posting, describe how a typical day would look like for the candidates of a particular role. Typically job postings that have compensation information (including salary, benefits, etc.) attract candidates’ attention.
  • Always include keywords in your job postings: If you include keywords it will help your job postings rank higher in Google, Bing, and other search engines. While doing keyword research (recommended by search engines), identify which terms are searched by job seekers to find a particular job position.

    If you add a more specific keyword, the chances are high that you will be able to attract more qualified applicants.

    For example, consider adding a key phrase such as “Marketing Manager in Austin”. When searching for a specific position in a specific location, this is the type of query a job seeker will make.
  • Make an engaging job ad: To make your job post avoid using a simple list of responsibilities and job requirements. Write your job postings in such a way it makes potential candidates want to join your company. You can try including your awesome work culture, unique benefits, growth prospects, and so on. 
  • Leverage Monster’s Performance Boost feature: You can use this feature to broadcast your job position to hundreds of job boards along with, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is available for those who’re using the Standard or Premium plan.

Monster Jobs Post Pricing:

Monster jobs posting price ranges widely, for instance, you can buy a slot for the single job post or multiple job post plans as per your needs. Also, they provide you with the facility of swiping out jobs, or upgrade or scale does or even cancel at any time. Here are the complete pricing schemes of

Plans30-Day Pricing60-Day Pricing
1 Job post$375.00$399
2 Job post$365.00$385
3 Job post$355.00$375
4 Job post$335.00$350
5-9 Job post$305.00$320
10-24 Job post$250.00$265
25-49 Job post$190.00$200
50-99 Job post$155.00$165
100-249 Job post$130.00$135
Monster Pricing

Types of Monster Job Ads

Here are the following job ads that Monster Jobs Board offers:

  • Standard Job Ad: It lets you reach candidates on Monster Job Network along with 1000+ newspaper sites, via email distribution, and on mobile. It also offers up to 20 resume recommendations from Monster’s resume database.
  • Skilled & Hourly Job Ad: This ad is restricted to a pack of 300+ job titles such as driver, cashier, bookkeeper, etc. You can get readymade free job description templates from Monster which you can modify as per your needs. You are able to post this job ad for 14 days.
  • Veteran Job Ad: To post jobs on (a Monster company that serves Veterans, transitioning military members as well as their spouses), you can go for this job ad type. Monster claims that they attract 7 million unique visitors monthly to
  • Premium Job Ads: This is the default job posting option on Monster’s employer homepage. It broadcasts your jobs to candidates on over 900 job boards including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Diversity and Veteran Job Ad: If you’re looking for diverse, disabled, and military job candidates, choose this job type. This ad will be broadcasted to Monster Diversity

Key Information

Type of site-   Job Search Engine

Founded-   January 1994; 25 years ago

Headquarters-   Weston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Founders-   Jeff Taylor


More Resources on Job Posting:

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Monster FAQs)

Can I post on Monster for free?

yes, When you sign up for its free trial, you can post a job on Monster for free and leverage this job board to hire top talent.

Will Monster post job automatically to other websites?

No, they don’t. Although, there are several other job sites that often aggregate job postings from great job sites like Monster and publish them

How long does it take to post a job on Monster?

The simple job posting form of Monster usually should take only a few minutes to fill out completely. Employers just need to include their job’s title, location, description, and the email address where they want the applications to be sent.

What features does Monster pricing plans include?

Here are the following features that Monster provides:

1. Automatic distribution on the job board of Monster.
2. Distribution to hundreds of news sites and job sites.
3. Access to the 20 most recommended resumes from Monster’s resume database. 
5. Sends email blasts to active candidates.
6. Access to candidate management tools.
7. Response reports.

How do I search for resumes in Monster?

-Firstly, you’ll need to log in to your Monster account and click on -“Find Candidates” from the menu bar. 
-As the next page appears, click the “Use Classic Resume Search” in the top right. 
-Next, enter your job title keyword like “sales executive” and select your search period. 
-Enter the ZIP code and continue with entering your search criteria in the form.
-Choose “Company Category”.
-Finally, click “Search” to get results. 

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