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If you want to know how to post a job on CareerBuilder, you’re at the right place. This piece contains everything you need to know about CareerBuilder including what it is, how you can post a job there, and the cost to post jobs on CareerBuilder.

Read till the end to know all things about CareerBuilder which is among the best job posting sites out there.

What is CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder is one of the world’s most trusted and prime job sites of all time which was founded in 1995. CareerBuilder allows employers to discover the most suitable people from its network of millions of candidates with the help of its latest data-driven tech and personalized tools.

With its modern-day solutions, CareerBuilder is a perfect platform for recruiters to take care of the entire hiring process efficiently, without facing any barriers.

Top CareerBuilder highlights for employers:

  • Offers a huge database that has over 125 million candidate resumes from across the world.
  • On CareerBuilder, approximately 150 million candidate profiles are active.
  • As per sources, nearly 3 million jobs get published monthly.

CareerBuilder is equally a good job marketplace that lets them access great job opportunities. Also, it offers some useful tools & resources like the salary comparison tool and reference materials to help them in making sound career decisions.

CareerBuilder Job Posting Pricing:

The pricing plans of CareerBuilder offers options to post from 1-5 jobs per month and pay-per-job.

It helps you broaden your candidate reach. This template is SEO optimized. You can even customize it according to your needs and use it to post on online job boards.

Number Of Monthly Job Postings
Monthly Subscription PricePay Per Job
1 Job Posting Price$219$375
3 Job Postings Price$299$325(each)
5 Job Postings Price$599$325(each)
Posting and Pricing

CareerBuilder Coupon Codes:

20RMN20% Off Job Postings and Resume Database
10CF10% Off Job Postings and Resume Database
10RMN10% Off Job Postings and Resume Database
Coupon Codes

How to post a job on CareerBuilder?

Step – 1

First visit the CareerBuilder website and click For Employers at the bottom right corner of the page. Alternatively, click here to access the website.

Step – 2

Now click “Post Jobs” at the top left side of the page. It will take you to the page that has a section to add Job Title & Location, below which all the CareerBuilder’s pricing plans are listed:

Pay as you go

Now you need to select a pricing plan among these for posting a job on CareerBuilder.

Note: Selecting a plan is required to move forward in the process because the job posting platform doesn’t offer you free job postings.
However, before charging you, it lets you try job posting without any cost with its 5-day free trial.

Step – 3

The previous step will redirect you to the sign-up page where you need to fill out a form to complete the registration process. 
Enter all the details including the company, payment, and billing information, and then tick the checkbox to agree to its Master Services Agreement then click “Complete Order”.

Step – 4

Once that’s done, you will gain access to the fresh job listing form. Fill in all the essential details of your open position including skills, qualifications, and compensation.

Step – 5

Now submit the job to its CareerBuilder’s job board by clicking the “Post Job” button.

Now sit back and relax as you will soon receive applications from top job candidates who will probably be your future team members.

CareerBuilder Official Job Posting Video :

If you want to know the in-depth process, please visit the extensive CareerBuilder Job Posting Guide.


Use Recooty For Posting Jobs On Multiple Job Boards

Top CareerBuilder features for employers:

You can expect a bunch of features that will assist you in making your job posting experience effortless.

Some of the main features of CareerBuilder are listed below:

1. Advanced resume search:

With a rich database that has resumes of professionals from different industries, it is one great place to find qualified job seekers. Besides, it’s capable of checking candidates’ social profiles to gather further information about them.

The job advertising platform has 130+ sources to gather superior talent information. Also, Its semantic search feature and advanced filtering options assist in getting suitable candidate results almost instantly. Finally, its AI-based resume builder comes in handy to streamline candidate search operations.

2. Job posting/Advertising:

CareerBuilder offers a modern job board for employers to discover the right candidates via efficient job posting for building highly productive teams. To give you better candidate reach, it has integration with multiple job sites as well.

Furthermore, to suggest you the best fits for your company, it is equipped with a smart AI engine. Also, you will get notified by the CareerBuilder’s system as soon as a candidate applies for your company’s open position.

3. Competitor Research:

If you look at the current job market which is quite competitive, getting ahead of your competition becomes eminent. To learn about the competition for qualified candidates across a number of industries, CareerBuilder greatly helps. It lets you gain insights into present-day recruitment stats. The said insights could be:

  • Salary and benefits offered to potential talent.
  • Other employee wellbeing initiatives.

How much does it cost to post a job on CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder offers 4 different pricing plans among which you can pick the one which suits best your recruitment needs. Before charging you for any of its plans, CareerBuilder lets you experience its services with a 5-day free trial.

1. Pay as you go – One-time payment of $425 for:

  • 1 job slot for 12 months
  • 10 resume & social profile searches per day
  • 10 resume match notifications per day
  • Job boost emails for up to 35 candidates

2. Lite – $349 per month for:

  • 1 job slot per month
  • 10 resume & social profile searches per day
  • 10 resume match notifications per day
  • Job boost emails for up to 35 candidates

3. Standard – $449 per month for:

  • 3 job slots per month
  • 30 resume & social profile searches per day
  • 30 resume match notifications per day
  • Job boost emails for up to 100 candidates

4. Pro – $749 per month for:

  • 5 job slots per month
  • 50 resume & social profile searches per day
  • 40 resume match notifications per day
  • Job boost emails for up to 150 candidates

To know more about its pricing plans in detail visit CareerBuilder’s Pricing Page.

Key Information about CareerBuilder:

FounderRobert J. McGovern
Type Of Website- CareerBuilder is a Job Searching + Posting Platform
Available In- Multi-lingual
Launched- 1995
Owner-Apollo Global Management
CEO-Irina Novoselsky
Current Status- Active
Key Information about CareerBuilder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Absolutely, you can easily post a job on CareerBuilder and take advantage of its vast candidate pool.

Yes, with the help of its 5-day free trial, you can post a job for free on CareerBuilder. The free trial is available on Lite, Standard, and Pro plans which you need to subscribe to before you can take advantage of the same. 
The good thing is you won’t be charged during the trial period

The cost to post jobs on CareerBuilder will depend upon the plan you choose. You can pick any of the plans starting from $349 per month that we’ve mentioned.
However, if you want individual job postings, you can go for pay per job basis which will cost you $375 for your first job and$250 for each additional job. This option is fairly expensive if compared with the first option.

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