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This Software Developer Job Description Template gives you an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of this job. It can be used to streamline the selection process and receive a high concentration of applicants who are the best suitable for this position.

This template is SEO optimized. You can customize it according to your needs and use it to post on online job boards.

Software Developer Job Description Template

Now, let’s put it all together in a sample Software Developer Job Description:

Job Brief:

We are looking for a Software Developer for our organization. The Candidate mainly has to develop good functional software. You will have to collaborate with other developers and designers. Your other duties will be to modify and update the existing software, install new systems, and test the systems.

To be successful as a Software Developer you must be a team player and must have a good hold in coding.


  • Collaborate with other developers to develop the algorithms and flowcharts.
  • Write neat and efficient codes according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Analyze and plan the installation of new systems.
  • Work on integration of software components and third-party programs.
  • Test, debug, and fix the errors in the software, also adapt it to new hardware.
  • Upgrade and modify the existing software.
  • Create and maintain proper reports and technical documents.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or another related course.
  • Proven experience as a Software Developer or any other relevant role.
  • Acquaintance with Agile development methodology.
  • Expertise in coding languages like Java, C++, and frameworks like AngularJS.
  • Working experience with ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) and databases.
  • Excellent communication skills, Problem-solving skills.
  • A keen eye for details and ability to deal with real-time issues.

Software Developer Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on average a Software Developer on an entry-level earn about ₹640K per year.

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  • Healthcare: Software development plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. Developers develop cloud systems, clinical applications, patient portals, and other health Applications for the healthcare industry. Candidates in this role work for a number of employers that include insurance companies, consulting companies, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. The only aim is to organize the health data and systems involved in providing healthcare support to the patients.
  • Retail and e-commerce: in today’s scenario, the retail and e-commerce industries are hiring a huge number of software engineers and developers. Retailers look for candidates who have specific development and platform skills. But the hiring companies want to hire those who not just understand the technology but also the customers. Mobile developers, UI professionals, and those familiar with the Dev ops environment are usually high in demand.
  • Research and development: This department includes research and development groups of huge companies, product labs, and emerging business units. They are in need of good developers and engineers.
  • Business/IT services: businesses, IT Service providers and those involved in system integration have always occupied the biggest part of the development talent. Business services and IT services firms still consume about 85 to 95% of IT professionals. They pick the young IT professionals, Culture and work on their growth over the years.
Good attitude and problem-solving skills:

The candidate has to deal with complex problems with graph theories, etc. This calls for a good background in mathematics or at least an understanding of all these concepts. You have to deal with new problems every day. In programming small faults to lead to big problems, thus, excellent problem-solving skills play a vital role.

Good programming skills:

This is a mandatory skill needed in this profile. Building software from the scratch and also working on the existing ones is your responsibility. You can expertise in one programming language but ideally, you must be comfortable and familiar with all the languages trending in the market. You have to keep evolving yourself in line with the technological advancement in the industry.

Good organizational and time management skills:

These are the second most important skills in the field of programming. The company cannot afford any delay in the delivery of products from the stipulated time. You might also have to manage multiple work or projects at one time. To do all of this efficiently organizational skills and time management skills are a must.

Attention to details:

Software developers are considered to be the problem-solvers for the company. So you have to identify the problem and come up with an effective solution. But the very first step of identifying the problem can become very difficult at times. Sometimes the problem can be the tiniest one. Thus, to be able to identify such tiny problems you need to have good attention to detail.

Be well aware of the trends in the market:

It is very important for every company to understand where they stand in the market. You have to also know which trend will be thriving in the near future. These two things contribute to doing good business and producing products that help you stand out in the market. These things also contribute remarkably to the growth of the organization.

Good teamwork spirit:

In this role, you have to work with many other developers of the organization. You need to discuss the strategies and then build software that contributes to the company’s growth. Effective communication because of this is considered a priority in this role. You will be able to deliver the best to the organization only if you work in a team.

Curiosity to learn:

As we know there is massive technological advancement in the software development industry all the time. Self-development and innovation is therefore an important ingredient. Curiosity to learn contributes to self-improvement and helps you in standing out among the multiple developers out there. Also, because you have to deal with your problems every day you need to Be well updated about all the technological advancements.

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