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Are you having trouble choosing the best Applicant Tracking System(ATS) in 2024 for your recruiting needs amidst an ocean of ATSs in the market? Worry not! We have done a thorough research and carefully curated a list of the top 15 best applicant tracking systems in 2024 that can make your recruiting strategies successful. Read on to find more!

Hiring new employees can be a sensitive task to do for most recruiters and HR professionals. Especially at the current time, when in-person interviews can be tough to go by. Remote hiring or not, any job you post can possibly attract thousands of applicants. So, how do you sift through them in a way that can save you tonnes of time and other resources? Of course, that’s when Applicant Tracking Systems come in! That’s why we have done some research, and we have come up with a list of the 15 best applicant tracking systems in 2024. Hopefully, this will help you in making a better choice.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) software is a tool that allows recruiters and HR professionals to automate and optimize the different aspects of their hiring processes. Using an ATS software, they can filter and manage all the job applications that they receive for their open job roles. So, ATS software can effectively process vast volumes of applications and makes it easy to choose the most suitable ones.

Recruiters can easily store the details of all candidates and track their application statuses all in a single place. An ATS software can also include additional features like assessment generation, interview scheduling, integration with job boards, and much more.

So, without much delay, let’s take a look at the best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2024-

15 best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2024


Recooty is the world’s easiest ATS that comes at an extremely affordable price. It can effectively optimize your entire hiring process extremely simply. You can easily post your jobs on many of Recooty’s partner job boards and also on various social media channels. You can also create a fully branded careers page, schedule interviews, build talent pools, and much more, all at the most affordable pricing you will get in the market. Additionally, Recooty is rated #1 Recruitment Software in 2022 & 2023 by Gartner. So, Recooty is the perfect ATS for small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is the perfect ATS for you if your company is into the recruiting or staffing business. Applicant Tracking is the specialty of Zoho Recruit and its functionalities help recruiters to easily manage and streamline tonnes of applications. Zoho Recruit provides recruiters solutions for in-house recruitment that can help them hire great talent for all kinds of job roles. So, with Zoho Recruit, recruiters can source the top talent from multiple platforms and automate different tasks involved like scheduling interviews and much more.

3. Workable

Workable is a robust and scalable ATS that provides great optimization and automation solutions to a lot of recruitment processes. It allows recruiters access to a large pool of job boards where they can post jobs and attract top talents. Also, with Workable, managing the recruitment process right from sourcing candidates to onboarding them, becomes extremely easy. So, Workable is used by small companies to large enterprises to hire better candidates effectively.

4. iCIMS Recruit


iCIMS recruit is one of the oldest players in the market of recruitment automation, with experience providing hiring solutions for more than a decade. So, iCIMS is built for large enterprises which have a global presence. iCIMS’s powerful recruiting software can handle a high hiring volume of up to 50,000. Also, iCIMS has a growing marketplace of over 300 integrations with third-party products. So, if you’re a big enterprise and looking for a recruiting solution to handle high-volume hiring, iCIMS Recruit is the perfect platform for you.

5. Pinpoint


Pinpoint is a modern applicant tracking system with a fresh approach that transforms your ATS for your hiring team into something that is extremely easy to deal with. Their system is very intelligent yet simple to use. Also, they extend unlimited support that can help recruiters attract the right talents efficiently. So, Pinpoint is a flexible ATS that also allows recruiters to customize the solution to their own hiring needs.

6. BambooHR


BambooHR is a cloud-based and easy-to-use HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. So, BambooHR’s system provides various tools and features that help recruiters to effectively manage and monitor every step of the employment process. BambooHR basically flourishes because of its reporting capabilities. So, not only Equal Employment Opportunity reports, but also benefit reports can be pulled out using BambooHR ATS. And this feature of BambooHR is also supported on mobiles.

7. Greenhouse


Greenhouse is an efficient Applicant Tracking Systems and recruiting software. It effectively enables and helps companies to build a winning hiring culture. It enables companies to stay ahead in the competition for talent. Greenhouse is fully fledged with tonnes of features. These features can also be extended with over 300 pre-built integrations. Recruiters are able to manage current, as well as prospective customers effectively at the same time. So, they can benefit from this to analyze the performance and efficiency of candidates and also compare them.

8. Freshteam

Freshteam is an Applicant Tracking System which has perfectly bridged the gap between good recruiters and great candidates. It is a multitasking recruitment tool. So, it helps a number of companies to achieve their hiring goals. Also, Freshteam effectively automates and takes care of all the recruitment tasks by managing job postings, sourcing candidates, and more. Freshteam has a very user-friendly UI which makes it very easy to navigate for its users.

9. Bullhorn


Bullhorn is an applicant tracking system that is designed to find the right fit for your job quickly. It optimizes and streamlines all the hiring workflows effectively by integrating with major vendor management systems. Also, it automatically updates and imported all the job records to your ATS software. Along with that, Bullhorn offers powerful reporting and visualization features that can help you measure results.

10. Recruitee

Recruitee is Europe’s leading recruiting software platform for companies of all sizes. The team of Recruitee focuses on helping their clients to build great teams so that they can build a great organization. Recruitee effectively streamlines and automates the hiring process. Recruiters can build great career sites to lure in the best of the best talents. 

11. JobVite


JobVite is not only an Applicant Tracking Systems software, but it’s also software that enables social recruiting, mobile-optimized career sites, onboarding, and any other desirable recruiting features. Recruiters can efficiently create customizable and branded career websites that feature their brand, applications, forms, and more. 

12. Teamtailor


Teamtailor is a recruitment and employer branding Applicant Tracking Systems which stands out for its career site building feature. Although most of the ATSs already do provide this feature too, in the case of Teamtailor, career site builder was one of its original features. Also, its interface is very user-friendly with mobile compatibility. Teamtailor also provides its users with integrated onboarding and top-notch branding tools.

13. Jazz HR


JazzHR is an ATS that helps SMEs keep their recruitment process organized and right on track. JazzHR allows recruiters to build workflows for each opening which helps in making the hiring process more organized and productive.

It has a very user-friendly interface that helps SME owners to understand the process of using it quickly, hence speeding up the hiring process. This software offers multiple integrations with various types of tools like CRM software, background check platforms, job boards, etc. JazzHR offers tiered pricing options that align with SMEs having different recruitment needs.

14. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite that is much more than just an applicant tracking system. Its scalability and ease of use make it an ideal recruiting solution for firms that are growing rapidly. It also provides powerful features like AI-powered tools, candidate sourcing, engagement and assessment, and much more.

15. Lever

Lever ATS

Lever’s shared Applicant Tracking Systems focuses on making hiring more efficient and more human. It is one of a kind system that is a combination of an ATS and customer relationship management software. With Lever, recruiters can also create career websites and profiles. Lever gives all of the recruitment data through its analytic tools and recruitment metrics, which makes it very easy for recruiters to draft their progress reports.

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Benefits of an Applicanant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System can provide a number of benefits to companies that can effectively streamline and manage their hiring processes. So, here are some of the major benefits of an Applicant tracking System (ATS)-
  • Improved Time-to-Hire: An ATS speeds up the hiring process by automating time-consuming tasks like candidate communication, interview scheduling, and resume screening. This shortens the time it takes to fill unfilled positions by facilitating a quicker and more effective hiring process.
  • Centralizeded Candidate Database: An application tracking system (ATS) offers a centralised database to hold candidate data, making it simpler for recruiters and hiring managers to track and manage applicant data in one location.
  • Improved Collaboration: An ATS enables smooth collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters, and other individuals involved in the hiring process. With other team members, recruiters can communicate better and evaluate candidates’ profiles with ease.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: An ATS offers automatic communications including interview scheduling, email notifications, and update. So, an ATS enhances the candidate experience and leaves candidates with a good impression of the company.
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency: An ATS automates a number of administrative chores, giving recruiters more time to concentrate on more strategic duties like sourcing, developing relationships with candidates, and enhancing the candidate experience.
  • Increased Quality of Hires: By screening resumes, monitoring recruiting metrics, and providing information on the effectiveness of various recruitment channels, an ATS helps in attracting top-quality applicants effectively, without much hassle.
Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits of the best Applicant Tracking Systems –
  • Saves time and money by automating your hiring process
  • Post jobs on multiple job boards easily
  • Promotes employer brand
  • Increases candidate engagement
  • Gives a greater reach and visibility

Limitations of Applicant Tracking Systems

We are all aware that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are the most famous online recruiting tool now that are designed to automate and streamline the recruitment process. However, the fact of the matter is, that no technology is perfect. Every piece of technology has its limitations and an ATS is no exception. So, here are some limitations of Applicant Tracking Systems that you should be aware of-
  • Increased risk of filtering out good candidates: One of the greatest limitations of an ATS is that you can never really tailor an ATS exactly according to your needs. While you can program it according to the keywords in your job opening, there’s still a high risk of filtering out good candidates because an ATS is always going to stick to the boundaries that you’ve set. So, this means that some great candidates can get eliminated from the running.
  • An ATS lacks the human touch: Another drawback of an ATS is that it basically minimizes the human element in the application evaluation process. There may be scenarios where the candidate runs into issues while using the ATS. Or, they might have some additional questions that are beyond the scope of the automated communication set by the ATS. This can be really frustrating from a candidate’s point of view as they’re not able to connect with a human being while applying for a job.
  • Steep learning curve associated with using an ATS: Believe it or not, there’s a good chance that your recruiters are used to the currently implemented workflow for their hiring process. So, when you decide to use an applicant tracking system, there’s the possibility that you can experience some pushback from your staff. So, getting your staff adjusted to using a new ATS will always be an adjustment and have a learning curve with it.

How To Simplify the Recruitment Process Using ATS

A crucial part of any business is to hire the right talent. However, the conventional hiring procedure may be tedious and time-consuming. Now, with the emergence of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), the lives of recruiters and HR professionals have become way easier.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is software that streamlines the recruiting process by automating many crucial tasks of hiring, from beginning to end. So, here are some ways to simplify the recruitment process using ATS:

  • Customize the ATS according to your needs: Every company’s hiring needs are different. So, it is very crucial to tailor your ATS according to your hiring needs. You can customize your ATS to your company’s particular needs. This can help optimize your recruitment process and help you hire faster and better candidates. You can create customized job postings, interview questions, and much more to automate the recruitment process and improve efficiency.
  • Streamline your hiring process: An ATS can automate the resume screening process by eliminating candidates who do not fit the criteria you set. These may include experience, education, skills, etc. So, this will streamline your screening process. So, this reduces the time and effort required for recruiters to manually review resumes.
  • Make use of keywords effectively: ATS systems are built to look for keywords in resumes and job descriptions. Using pertinent keywords in both your resumes and job postings can increase their visibility and draw in more suitable applicants.
  • Helps in automating communication with candidates: By automatically delivering emails and notifications to candidates at various phases of the hiring process, an applicant tracking system (ATS) can assist with automating candidate communication. So, this way you can make sure that candidates are informed and involved at all stages.
  • Analyze and measure your hiring metrics: ATS offers real-time reporting and analytics on a variety of hiring variables, including time to fill, cost per employee, and source of hire. Make data-driven judgments with this information to enhance your hiring process.

How To Choose the Best ATS

You need an efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for driving a perfect hiring process. An ATS with the right features can give the exact boost that your recruitment process needs. However, the fact of the matter is, there is no one-size-fits-all applicant tracking system (ATS) out there. With many ATS flooding the market, choosing the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be daunting. So, here are some tips that can help you how to choose the best Applicant Tracking System-
  • Define your recruitment needs: Given the multiple ATS options available for you to choose from, You need to make a list of your requirements before you even start looking for one. Take into account the size of your business, the number of positions available, the volume of resumes you receive, and the features you require.
  • Set your budget: Your priority should always be seeing a good return on investment from your ATS. So, consider the cost of an ATS while choosing one. Now, the cost here includes both the upfront and the ongoing costs. Ongoing costs usually include the costs of support and maintenance. The overall cost may also include other costs such as a platform fee or a data migration fee from your existing hiring workflow to the new ATS.
  • Focus on choosing a user-friendly ATS: An ATS is meant to make your recruitment process easier. So, you should always look for an ATS that is easy to use for all parties. The interface should be user-friendly and easy to learn and navigate through.
  • Ability to integrate with other tools: You need to consider the Applicant Tracking System’s ability to integrate with additional tools, such as your HR management system, job boards, social networking platforms, or background check systems. Integration with these additional tools will enable you to automate your hiring process while saving you time and effort.

Essential ATS Features

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are full of features that can come in handy throughout the hiring process. From sourcing good candidates to managing the applications, and interview scheduling, an ATS can help manage your entire recruitment process. So, to ensure you have chosen the state-of-art recruiting software here are the essential features you should be looking for-

  • Job Posting: An ATS enables you to post job openings online on various job boards and social media platforms. Posting jobs through an ATS will help you maximize your reach and hence making it easier to get the perfect candidate.
  • Resume Parsing: An ATS can collect pertinent data from resumes and add it to a candidate database through resume parsing. This reduces the need for human data entry and increases the accuracy of the data.
  • Customized Career Pages: One of the first places recruiters must showcase your brand to potential employees is on your career page. So, you need to make sure that your ATS provides you with the functionality of customizing your career page according to your hiring needs. Also, it must function equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • Simplified Application Process: Candidates who are applying for a job shouldn’t have to struggle with the process of submitting their application. They should be able to reach out to you easily, without any hassle. So, you need to make sure that your ATS bridges the gap between you and your potential employee.
  • Reporting and Analytics: To ensure that your hiring process is successful, you need to measure your efforts through hiring analytics and metrics. So, your ATS should have the ability to generate useful metrics like time-to-hire, source of hire, and cost-per-hire.
  • Interview Scheduling: Yet another essential feature of an ATS is its ability and ease to schedule interviews. An Applicant Tracking System should be able to relieve you of the pain of sending out email reminders to all the shortlisted candidates as well as interviewers.

Explore the premier review platforms for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

1. Capterra


Capterra stands as a treasure trove, offering entirely authentic customer feedback across more than 800 software categories, encompassing recruiting software and candidate relationship management systems.

Boasting in excess of 1.5 million verified reviews, Capterra emerges as a trustworthy resource designed to assist you in making informed choices regarding digital solutions that can enhance your recruitment operations.

For those unaware, Recooty’s ATS software boasts a 4.9/5 rating on Capterra.

2. G2

G2 stands as the most expansive and reliable software marketplace available. Annually, it assists over 90 million users, including personnel from every Fortune 500 company, in making more informed software choices through genuine reviews from their peers.

Take a moment to explore Recooty on G2, where you can dive deeper into user reviews and ratings to better understand how it stands out in the market.

3. Select Software Reviews

Select Software Reviews

Select Software Reviews serves as your ultimate guide to discovering the finest HR and recruiting software, aiming to assist organizations in identifying and purchasing the appropriate HR and recruiting tools via our detailed reviews and comprehensive buyer guides. This platform ensures that every business, regardless of size or industry, can make informed decisions to optimize their human resources and recruitment processes.

Pause for a moment to delve into Recooty’s profile on Select Software Reviews, allowing you to explore user reviews and ratings more extensively. This will provide you with a deeper comprehension of how Recooty distinguishes itself within the market landscape.

4. GoodFirms


GoodFirms embarked on a mission of great ambition – the goal to aid you in selecting the ideal business partner for your upcoming project. With a commitment to excellence, GoodFirms strive to provide comprehensive insights and valuable information, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions that align perfectly with your project objectives and aspirations.

Checkout Recooty’s profile on Goodfirms

5. Crozdesk


Whether you’re in search of project management, CRM, marketing, or accounting software, Crozdesk has your needs comprehensively addressed. Leveraging our product selection guidance, expert reviews, vendor awards, user recommendations, analyst-grade reports, and other invaluable resources, millions of businesses worldwide intelligently enhance their productivity through strategic software utilization.

Explore Recooty’s presence on Crozdesk to gain valuable insights and information.

Frequently asked questions

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works by streamlining and automating the hiring process. It helps in candidate sourcing, captures and stores candidate data, screens and filters out resumes, and communicates with candidates automatically.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works by streamlining and automating the hiring process. It helps in candidate sourcing, captures and stores candidate data, screens and filters out resumes, and communicates with candidates automatically.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are important as they can improve hiring efficiency, boost candidate experience, support collaborative hiring, and ensure compliance with hiring regulations.

Application Tracking Systems (ATS) can enhance the hiring process by automating resume screening and eliminating unqualified applicants. This enables better candidate matching based on job requirements, offering data-driven insights to make informed hiring decisions, promoting stakeholder collaboration, and ensuring compliance with hiring laws.

Recooty is a well-known applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides a number of features like job advertising, resume processing, candidate monitoring, and communication tools that can help organizations hire faster and better. Recooty also offers a number of partner job boards where you can post your jobs just within a matter of a few clicks, all at very affordable pricing.

Recooty is an excellent ATS for small businesses with lots of amazing features including job posting to various job boards and social media channels, creating branded career pages, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, and a lot more, all at very affordable pricing.

The pricing of an ATS depends on various factors like the vendor, the features included, and the size of the company. Some ATSs, offer a monthly or yearly subscription, whereas some charge per user or per job posting.

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