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We are amidst the biggest global pandemic of this decade. Corona Virus or COVID 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all around the world. Not just economies, but various businesses too are going through unprecedented times. Every industry has been hit in multiple ways, and recruitment is no exception. Most importantly, this pandemic is bringing about major changes in the way we work. Since people are locked down in their homes, there is a new normal for the way we work and that is, Remotely. The new Remote workstyle extends to hiring new employees too and it is here to stay. So Remote Hiring is not just a trend anymore, but a need.

Remote- Hire the best talent in the comfort of your home with Recooty

With the COVID 19 crisis, everything is changing and this change will probably last for a long time. The outbreak has taken a huge toll on the economy and businesses. In response to this pandemic, many professionals all around the globe are remotely working. The hiring needs of companies have undergone a huge change too. While hiring plans of some companies may have gone out of the window, conversely demands in certain industries are higher than ever.

However, remote hiring is not as easy as it seems to be. Recruiters and hiring managers are facing many challenges. Even if they’re working from home, they have drastic changes that they need to adapt to. Having said that, remote hiring is the new normal in the world of recruitment. While most organizations have figured themselves out about their remote team working strategies, their remote hiring is still not perfected. 

Times are tough, and adaptation is the only key. The question is, with your team working remotely, how do you keep your recruiting process up and going? Well, worry not Recooty has got your back in these times of crisis. Recooty is an all-in-one recruitment software that has you covered in all the aspects of remote hiring. Recooty is one of the best remote hiring tools you can have as your aid.

Work goes remote. And so does the hiring.

The COVID 19 outbreak has shaken up the whole world. Since the infection spreading in multiple countries, a long lockdown is imposed. So, international travels are banned, schools and universities are closed and large gatherings of people has been stopped. Within the span of a few months, millions of employees are working from home. Working remotely has become a globally accepted norm since then. And this remote working is here to stay.

According to Financial Express, over 70% are most likely to continue with the work from home policy over the next 6 months.

Not only does the work goes remote, but so does the hiring process. With most of the hiring professionals and HR managers working from home, remote hiring using virtual tools is the new, almost permanent recruiting trend. Moreover, great talents are most likely to prefer remote jobs post this pandemic.

  • According to a recent LinkedIn survey, over 3 in 5 Australians think that remote work will become a norm even post the pandemic.
  • A recent survey conducted by getAbstract shows that, around 43% of the full-time workers in the U.S. would like to work remotely more often post COVID-19.
  • Another recent Gallup research shows that three in five U.S. workers who have been working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic would prefer to continue to work remotely as much as possible even after the public health restrictions are lifted.

So, remote hiring is here to stay for a long time. To hire the best remote team, recruiters need to adopt the best remote hiring practices. Not just practices, but recruiters also need to be equipped with the best remote hiring tools.

Recooty accompanies you at all stages of your remote hiring process

In these challenging times, when the whole recruitment scenario is changing drastically, Recooty is fully committed to supporting you. If you are looking for a little simplicity during these difficult times, then Recooty is the perfect tool for you. Recooty is the World’s easiest Recruiting Software with very affordable pricing. Here is everything you can do with Recooty to make your remote hiring a success.

  • Attract Remote Employees A good Recruitment Software is an essential HR technology, especially during this time. To hire a diverse remote team, a recruiter needs to make sure his job post has an expansive reach. With Recooty you can effectively post jobs and attract great remote employees. Recooty’s integration with some of the most topmost job boards and a rich social network give you an expansive reach and great exposure. You can create customized job descriptions or choose from the readymade job description templates and post them on the relevant channels. All within a single submission.
  • Hire remote workers Recooty’s easiest system is what makes it the best choice for recruiters during this crisis. You can easily create your own careers page with Recooty and post jobs effectively. With a rich network of job boards, your remote job post will get huge exposure. After posting a job, you can easily review the applications within a single dashboard and schedule interviews remotely. All of this in one single place.
  • Retain remote team Hiring the perfect remote team is a daunting task. It is very important that the remote team is the perfect fit for the organization. Otherwise, retention can be a big issue. With the easy hiring and onboarding process of Recooty, you can easily retain your remote team. You can also build a talent pool under Recooty and source relevant candidates remotely.


Things to keep in mind while you are hiring remotely

Apart from maintaining business continuity, hiring remote teams has another great perk. That is, bringing in talents in your organization which was not possible earlier due to distance constraints. You need to have a carefully curated remote hiring guide to hiring the best remote team. So, here’s a list of things that you want to keep in mind while hiring remotely.

  • Create a Perfect Job Posting with a Searchable Job Title- The job post is the most important thing in the hiring process. Creating a perfect job posting becomes more crucial in remote hiring because candidates need to have a good first impression.
  • Convey Remote employee’s objective clearly- Remote workers are most likely to be more productive when they have clear objectives set. To get workers more productive, sometimes you need to clarify the objectives repeatedly.
  • Try to elongate your hiring process- It takes time to know someone. The factor of distance and virtual communication is involved in remote hiring, which makes knowing your candidate a little tough. So, you might want to put in more time in your hiring process.
  • Prioritize Collaborative Hiring- This is a great way of involving your team in the hiring process, remote or not. Your teammates will have an opportunity to assess and knowing the potential remote hire. This way, you can ensure that the remote employee is the perfect fit for your company.
  • Focus on virtual interview tactics- The fundamental difference between remote hiring and in-office hiring is the interviewing process. You need to focus on improving your video interviewing skills as it’s the most feasible solution. You need to make sure your virtual interview is smooth and intuitive. This way you’ll get to know the candidate better.

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