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We are pleased to announce that Recooty ATS has been recognized with G2 High Performer Badge under the Applicant Tracking System Category for Summer 2023. 

We feel proud to receive this consecutive appreciation. It reflects our tireless commitment to delivering the desired results to recruiters with our modern ATS platform by making hiring hassle-free. 

The G2 awards its High Performer Badge to platforms that receive high ratings from users consistently, signifying satisfactory performance, features, and overall value of the product.

What is G2 (Previously G2 Crowd)?

G2 is a renowned peer-to-peer review site dedicated to business software and services. With over 80 million users annually, it’s among the largest and most trusted software marketplace.

For businesses looking to find the proper information and know what others think about any software, G2 is the perfect platform to visit. People around the world make sound software purchase decisions based on authentic customer reviews found here. 

Apart from reviews, you can get the full picture of products including their features, target audience, and much more. Currently, G2 has around 145,000 products listed on its website.

Our Promise? Exceeding Expectations, Always!

It’s our promise to put constant effort into continually improving our applicant tracking system (ATS) to deliver results, exceeding your expectations, so you can bring the best people to your team with minimum effort. 

And now with this fantastic achievement, we’re super excited to set new standards for the ATS industry by delivering unparalleled value and exceptional results.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for showing their unfailing trust and support in us which has led us to this position. 

From the beginning, Recooty ATS is making the hiring process easier, faster, and more effective, enabling recruiters to bridge the gap between them and their dream talent. 

But how we’re doing it? We have successfully achieved it through the integration of useful features in Recooty which assist multiple aspects of your hiring efforts. These include:

  • Job posting automation for publishing your jobs to 100+ prominent job boards like IndeedMonster, and ZipRecruiter.
  • Simple and fast applicant tracking & management with a centralized dashboard.
  • Free SEO-optimized job description templates to rank better in the job search results.
  • Easy-to-customize careers page & job widget for your employer branding efforts.
  • Candidate communication features so that you can keep them engaged
  • Intelligent talent pool functionality to easily save your qualified applicants for the future.

Recooty’s features make recruiters’ experience of hiring and pulling top talents in this highly-competitive market, on point!

Redefine Your Hiring With Recooty and Bring Top Candidates In!

Recooty is for companies who’re eager to build ambitious teams!

If you’re new, we welcome you to give Recooty a try and experience hiring like never before with a free 15-day trial. Our intuitive platform and passionate team are always ready to let you redefine the way you recruit, entirely.

Take the plunge and embrace the power of Recooty and succeed this Summer of 2023!

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