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If you’re here simply means you’re willing to find the best HR blogs you can rely on. If that’s true, you’re in the right place! We’ve curated the list of top HR blogs so you don’t have to spend time researching and start discovering the latest info right away! 

These blogs will let you stay updated about the latest HR trends, HR tools, and everything related to the human resources domain. These blogs are written by renowned HR professionals and practitioners who’re experts in their specific skills be it recruiting, talent acquisition, or any other relevant subject.

Here are the Best 30 HR Blogs to follow in 2024

1. HR Bartender

If you’re active in the HR community there’s little chance you’re not familiar with Sharlyn Lauby who runs the famous HR Bartender blog. This blog specifically focuses on workplace-related topics. The blog covers multiple subjects including employee engagement, leadership topics, and career advice effectively. 

The blog usually hosts long-form and listicle-type articles that carry practical content in a more casual type of tone to it.

Author: Sharlyn Lauby

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2. Laurie Ruettimann

In Laurie Ruettimann’s blog, you can find short, simple, and direct articles addressing a wide spectrum of topics to help you navigate well in your profession. She opts for a direct and honest approach to convey her ideas. that spark conversations in the HR community. 

Author: Laurie Ruettimann

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3. Recooty Blog

Yes, our blog is the right place to upgrade your knowledge on a wide spectrum of HR and recruiting topics. Transform how you approach hiring top individuals and how you handle any people-related situation simply by taking reference from our articles, jam-packed with useful information. 

Get familiar with top personalities in the HR profession, the latest trends, tools, best practices, and much more with our modern-day blog.

Author: Team Recooty’s Creative Content Team.

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4. UpstartHR

Following this blog makes perfect sense if you’re an HR professional or recruiter as it will be an impressive knowledge hub. 

This blog has an abundance of knowledge for everyone, no matter if they’re beginners or veterans in Human Resources. You will useful tips, industry best practices, book reviews, and much more.

Author: Ben Eubanks

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5. Workology

This blog holds special importance among these best HR blogs as it only concentrates on a single topic and that’s Recruiting. From sourcing and hiring to technology and strategies you can find everything related to recruiting in the Workology Blog. 

It’s the go-to place for all innovative workplace leaders to explore the latest trends, case studies, and more. You can also tune in to their interesting Workology Podcast directly from their website. 

Author: Jessica Miller-Merrell 

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6. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is a reputed publication sharing business new ideas, insights, and knowledge related to all business subjects including Human Resources from the world’s top management and business experts. 

As HBR covers a wide variety of HR topics that provide great value, subscribing to this publication is a good idea.

Author: Multiple Experts

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7. The Tim Sackett Project

Tim Sackett is a well-known name in the HR fraternity because of his expertise and, not to forget, his jolly nature. He is an adept practitioner in the Human Resources & Talent Attraction fields with over 20 years of experience. He writes in-depth scholarly articles beneficial for anyone working in the field of HR & talent acquisition on The Tim Sackett Project blog. 

Author: Tim Sackett

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8. TINYpulse

Taking care of employee engagement and company culture is important for any organization to be successful. TINYpulse has a lot to offer for both of these subjects that executives, HR professionals, and middle managers can take benefit from

This blog also offers a taste of entertainment and carries a fun element in its articles. They cover a variety of topics like retention, recognition, and creating a thriving workplace culture in addition to communicating ideas on unconventional HR topics. 

Author: TINYpulse’s team of contributors

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9. Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas is the person behind this amazing HR blog named “Evil HR Lady”. Her motive behind running this blog is simple – to demystify your Human Resources department” and answer critical queries of fellow HR pros. 

Have questions? Try emailing your burning questions and she might answer them in their upcoming post.

Author: Suzanne Lucas

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10. Culture Amp Blog

Culture Amp, a modern employee engagement platform, shares knowledge by experts on several topics including diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), performance management, employee engagement, and employee development for HR professionals and people leaders. 

To get actionable tips and strategies for your workplace you surely need to follow Culre Amp’s top HR blog.

Author: Culture Amp’s Content Team

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11. SnackNation Blog

SnackNation is a snack delivery service that runs a blog to help companies improve their company culture, enhance employee engagement, and explore new workplace ideas. 

You can sign up for their newsletter which will assist you in making a happier and healthier workplace and also in becoming the people leader whom everyone loves.

Author: SnackNation’s Content Team

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12. ThePeopleEquation

The People Equation is the blog that empowers hr professionals by providing them with knowledge about improving their interaction with people at work. 

Jennifer V. Miller is the person behind this blog who specializes in curating impactful leadership messages for organizational leaders, leadership experts, and media editors. 

Author: Jennifer V. Miller

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13. Bonusly Blog

Bonusly, an effective recognition and rewards platform share expert information related to almost every workplace topic in this blog. 

To get out-of-the-box perspectives on topics like employee engagement, workplace recognition, employee experience, and every other workplace-related topic you can follow this best HR blog. 

Author: Bonusly Content Team

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14. The Fond Blog

If you’re interested in knowing how you can motivate, recognize, reward, and engage your effectively then Fond has an extensive inventory of creative ideas for the same. 

The company is on a mission of assisting companies to handle rewards and recognition in a better way. And with the same vision they’re sharing useful content on employee happiness and engagement for HR pros and managers.

Author: Blogs are written by Fond’s creative writing team.

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15. Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan is an international HR thought leader and expert in management advisor, retention, innovation, productivity, and other related subjects. 

Through his blog, he shares his insights on the subjects he is most acquainted with. Trust us his articles will change your vision of how you see the field of human resources which will truly inspire you. 

Author: Dr. John Sullivan

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16. HR Brew

HR Brew puts forward all the latest happening in the HR domain in an engaging way. This blog only features topics that are unique and completely sidelines all the boring stuff. 

This blog lets you stay informed on everything from HR tech, recruitment, and automation to DEI, culture, and wellness.

Author: HR Brew’s reporter and editorial teams.

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17. Talent Culture

Led by a talent management veteran Meghan M. Biro this is a unique community of thinkers and problem solvers.

By including topics like company culture, career strategy, talent management, and HR tech in their catalog this blog tries to deliver crucial information necessary for every HR.

Author: Meghan M Biro & Other HR Experts.

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18. CareerPlug Blog

This is an interesting blog that helps people from a non-HR background such as small business owners, and franchise operators in their hiring journey. 

But this blog is not just limited to that only. CareerPlug’s blogs, research reports, and case studies can also prove valuable for people just starting out in human resources, recruiting, or talent acquisition.

Author: CareerPlug’s Team of Writers

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19. TLNT

TLNT is the central place for HR and talent acquisition pros for their daily news (about HR and talent management) appetite. From recruiting and talent acquisition to employee management and company culture, this blog has everything covered.

In addition, you can find info about invaluable conferences, webinars, and training sessions on their website as well.

Author: Articles are written by industry experts.

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20. HRZone

HRZone is particularly a blog that delivers the best advice and guidance related to the ever-evolving field of human resources. 

For HR professionals and business leaders, this blog is the go-to place where they can find articles, whitepapers, and reports on subjects including technology, talent management, leadership, and well-being.

Author: Various HR leaders, consultants, and commenters in the industry.

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21. HR Trend Institute

Yet another amazing blog that won’t fail to provide you with the latest updates and expert insights you anticipate from today’s HR blog. 

Tom Haak is the founder of HR Trends Institute and is also a prominent keynote speaker with years of working in the field. We think because of all these reasons you should be following this best HR blog in 2023.

Author: Tom Haak & Team.

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22. HPPY

Constantly learning about what’s happening in the industry, trends, helpful tips, and much more. It’s an HR & employee engagement community that takes care of its members by providing insights through different types of available resources. In addition, it hosts a job board as well.

Author: Multiple contributors with expertise in HR (industry experts or experienced professionals, including individuals who’re passionate about HR)

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23. HRExaminer

This top HR blog provides coverage of people, systems, and products of recruiting and talent acquisition. They regularly conduct research studies and publish them. You can explore their advisory and consulting services. In addition, they organize workshops as well, if you are interested you can explore them as well.

Author: John Sumser (principal analyst and editor-in-chief at HRExaminer) and various other HR experts.

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24. The Undercover Recruiter

To read educational articles on talent acquisition, employer branding, workplace well-being, HR tech, and many such relevant topics, Undercover Recruiter is the top HR blog in this list. 

Undercover Recruiter also has a podcast named “The Employer Branding Podcast” which will definitely allow you to get fresh perspectives on how you approach employer branding.

Author: Jörgen Sundberg (founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans) and HR experts, leaders, and guests.

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25. Glassdoor for Employers

If you’re in HR, TA, or recruiting profession you might be already familiar with Glassdoor. If not, it’s a place where existing as well as former employees share reviews for their employer. It also has a job board which now works in sync with Indeed.

But there’s more to it, they also run a blog that gives excellent insights primarily on recruiting and retention. You can also expect some useful tips to help improve your company’s Glassdoor profile which will ultimately benefit your employer branding efforts.

Author: Glassdoor’s Team of Writers

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26. People Managing People

Expert discussions are always necessary for all professionals which don’t leave HR professionals behind and this is what People Managing People offers. 

They have built a platform where they publish expert-led discussions in different formats like articles, videos, and podcasts. If you’re interested in knowing about the latest HR platforms and also in joining a fantastic hr community, you can visit their website.

Author: People Managing People Team

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27. HR Dive

HRDive is among the leading publications in the human resources space that provides in-depth analysis of the latest events in the HR industry. 

This HR publication mostly covers US news about the labor market and the world of work. However, this blog also has a lot of stories to offer for HRM, Talent, Learning, and more such topics.

Author: HR Dive’s Team of Reporters and Editorial Team

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28. WorkplacePsychology

Workplace Psychology is a blog that illustrates how psychology influences what happens at their workplace and how they can deal with it using the same phenomenon. This blog is run by  Dr. Steve Nguyen who is an organizational development leader with a Ph.D. in Leadership and Talent Consultant. 

Dr. Nguyen has dissected this blog into three parts namely – industrial-organizational psychology, occupational health psychology, and organizational behavior. 

Author: Dr. Steve Nguyen

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29. Christopher in HR

Apart from the usual HR topics Christopher Demers (owner of this blog) shares stories related to self-improvement habits (as a whole) which stretches to the workplace. 

Author: Christopher Demers

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30. Builtin

Builtin is an out-of-the-ordinary job board that runs a blog for knowledge sharing about a wide range of HR topics. This blog especially emphasizes the technological advancements arriving in Human Resources in some of the blog posts. 

Built-in produces high-quality articles that are well-researched and filled with actionable information for almost every aspect of HR. You can get impressive value from this blog.

Author: Builtin’s Team of Writers

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HR Bartender, Laurie Ruettimann, Recooty Blog, UpstartHR, and Workology are the best HR blogs to get the latest updates, expert insights, and every other aspect of human resources. You can also check out our full blog featuring the 30 best HR blogs you shouldn’t miss in 2023.

To get the latest update on HR tech without skipping a beat, you can check out HR Brew, Talent Culture, and The Undercover Recruiter

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