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Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over 2.7 billion users. A user spends almost 7 hours a month on Facebook navigating through the social media platform. Facebook’s group functionalities attract interests and talents from all sorts of niches from around the globe. That’s why Facebook has become the hottest spot for attracting and converting talented individuals over the last few years. Although, Facebook has become one of the largest marketplaces for candidate sourcing, not every recruiter tap into it. So, we have drafted this perfect guide to recruiting on Facebook.

Earlier, job portals were the only candidate sourcing platform for employers. However, with the evolution of social media, this trend has completely changed. Social media recruiting is no more just a trend, but an integral part of recruiter’s candidate sourcing strategies. Facebook is a social media platform that has a large number of users. Therefore is the best social media channel to source active and passive candidates. Not just for sourcing, recruiters can use Facebook for candidate engagement and recruitment marketing. They can also use highly targeted ads based on various factors like education, locality, job title, etc. Out of the 2.7 billion users, 1.95 billion can be reached by ads. Let’s understand a bit more about what is Facebook Recruiting and why and how you should do it.

What is Facebook Recruiting?

Simply put, Facebook Recruiting is a process of sourcing and hiring new, talented candidates using Facebook. It is considered to be an integral part of social media recruiting. When said Facebook recruiting, you might think that it’s simple. You just need to post job ads and that’s it. However, it is much more than just posting job ads. Everyone posts job ads on Facebook. You need to stand out from everyone else to attract the top talents on Facebook. That’s why, you need to have a strategic, well-formulated sourcing plan in place. Facebook has some awesome features that make it a perfect platform for tapping into the top talent industry. Now that we know what it is, let’s take a look at why you should use Facebook recruiting for your employment needs.

Why You Should Recruit On Facebook?

When you think of social recruitment, LinkedIn might be the first social media platform that crosses your mind. However, here are 5 very important reasons why you should include Facebook in your social recruiting strategy.

Wider Reach

The fact that Facebook has an active user base of 2.7 billion users can’t be stressed enough when it comes to gaining a wider reach. The number of Facebook users not only outnumber other social media platforms, but they are also more active than other users. In fact, Facebook has an increasing number of users by 5 new profiles per second. So, naturally, Facebook gives recruiters a wider reach. Not only the active ones, but Facebook also helps you attract and recruit passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job. Facebook is the perfect platform to find your ideal employee right where they are spending most of their time.

Huge And Diverse Talent Pool

We have already stressed enough on the fact that Facebook has a huge user base. This also consequently means that your job post gets huge visibility and consequently you will have a huge talent pool. Having said that, when you use Facebook as a recruitment channel, you take your hiring efforts to a global level. Because Facebook is a widely used social media channel worldwide, your talent pool doesn’t only get huge, but also diverse. Facebook lets you customize your job posts based on various categories like career type, location, etc. This lets you target the kind of people you want.

Enhances Your Employer Brand

Recruiting on Facebook will not only help you get great employees, but it will also effectively help you enhance your employer brand. It increases the visibility of your brand. Making efforts to recruit on Facebook shows your potential candidates that your company is flexible and is willing to be more socially active. So, this builds trust within them and promotes a stronger brand to your targeted job seekers.

Increases Employee Referrals

In today’s world, it isn’t important what you know, but who you know. In light of this fact, we all are aware of the importance of employee referrals in the modern recruitment paradigm. Recruiting through Facebook effectively ensures that you have a steady stream of useful employee referrals coming in. Your potential employees can easily engage in referrals activity through Facebook.

Reduces Hiring Cost and Time

Recruiting on Facebook is not only the cost but also time-effective. Not only does Facebook provides you with an infinite network of candidates, but it is also very light on your wallet. It costs way less to leverage Facebook ads for recruiting than posting your job openings on various job boards. Also, by now it is well established that Facebook has a large number of users who are constantly online, seeking information. So, Facebook recruiting is a lot faster than the traditional recruitment cycle. Facebook recruiting lets you be in-charge.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Recruit On Facebook

1. Spot Potential Candidates

Facebook recruiting offers you a great opportunity to source proactively. The powerful built-in search engine known as Graph Search makes targeting your ideal candidates extremely easy. The Graph Search feature of Facebook utilizes the information of Facebook users available in the public domain and matches them with the criteria you set for your job opening. This way, you can easily find your potential candidates just by simply searching them.

2. Access Facebook By Creating A Career Page

Knowing the importance of having a social presence, every company probably has a Facebook page. But when it comes to hiring on Facebook, it is better to have career page on Facebook too. Having a separate corporate and career pages on Facebook is important because the audience and content that needs to be delivered on them are entirely different. You can also add your job postings directly on your career page first and then navigate the interested candidates to your career page for further details.

3. Create A Compelling Job Ad

Once you are done with setting up a great career page along with sharing a little about it on your corporate page, next you need to create a compelling job post. Sure Facebook will give you a wider reach, but that doesn’t mean your job posts can be simple or lousy. The most important thing while writing a job post is the tone of your writing. It should reflect your business’s persona as well as the requirements for the position you need to fill. You need to make sure that your job ads are attractive with great visuals and copywriting, and full of call-to-actions come in. It’s a great idea to keep your job posts short, simple, and filled with some of the benefits that come with the job.

4. Highlight Your Company Culture

Recruiting on Facebook is not only about hiring, but also about making networking and socializing. Once you create a career page, it becomes essential to engage with your potential employees through it. The best way to do so is by showing off your company’s culture. This is an awesome way to keep your candidates engaged and build trust within them. You can post candid photos or videos of office teams, various office events, or competitions taking place. Displaying great company culture makes you potential candidates be a part of it.

5. Promote Your Facebook Job Posts

This is probably the most important step of Facebook Recruiting. You’ve decided on outsourcing Facebook for hiring, created a careers page, drafted a job post, next you need to do is promote it. Along with choosing your audience, Facebook also gives you the provision to boost your job posts to reach a wider audience. You can promote your Facebook job posts through various free and paid channels. One of the free channels for promotion is through Referrals. Employee referral programs while recruiting on Facebook can be done with just one click and has a huge reach. You can also leverage the utility of various Facebook groups like hiring groups, interest groups, and student or alumni groups. for promoting your job ad for free.

Of course if you want to have an even greater exposure, you can always go for paid ads that Facebook provides. Investing a few bucks on Facebook ad campaigns can pay You can reach hundreds, or even thousands of targeted candidates via Facebook ads.

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