How To Create An Authentic Employer Brand Amidst COVID 19

The current ongoing pandemic has turned our world upside down. In this COVID 19 storm, economies, companies, and people, all are struggling for a life raft. Companies all around the globe are grappling with the ‘new normal’ of work. Almost every business function has been disrupted. Companies are facing a bunch of unprecedented challenges in hiring and retaining employees too. The crux of the matter is that during this time full of uncertainties, every company’s employer brand is at stake.  That’s why in this article, we will go through some tips on how to create an authentic employer brand during this challenging time.

Why is it important to create an authentic Employer Branding now?

In the past few months, the global economy has crumbled down drastically. The number of vacancies in companies is falling, and mass layoffs are happening. According to a research by VCU Business School, the unemployment rate has increased drastically and 24 million jobs have been lost due to this crisis. So the question that arises here is, does it make sense at all to invest or even think of employer branding during this chaotic time?

The simple answer to this question is, a big YES!

Sure the times are tough now with hiring freeze and layoffs, but it isn’t going to stay this way forever. According to reports and predictions, we might start to come out of the wreck caused by this pandemic by the first quarter of 2021. So, the market will get better and your hiring demands will bloom. While hiring, your candidates will undoubtedly want to know how you protected your employees during this pandemic. That’s exactly why you need to create and sustain an authentic employer brand. 

Employer Brand is a critical aspect of a company’s recruiting and talent acquisition process. But today, when remaining physically connected with people and brands is difficult, the employer brand is of prime importance. The key findings from a survey by The Manifest show just how important the employer brand is during COVID 19. Whether a company is hiring or reducing its workforce, it needs to create a strong employee value proposition. This will eventually build a strong employee brand. So, a holistic approach towards building a brand for your company is very crucial, especially now. So, here is a bunch of most-effective tips by experts and practitioners that will help you build a great employer brand for your hiring plans and HR operations. 

Maintain a Transparent Communication and Engage your Employees

This pandemic has had a major impact on the economic as well as the emotional lives of your employees. That’s why this is the prime time to build relationships. Also, it has severely tested the strategies of workplace communication. Your current employees need to be well-informed and engaged in your employer branding strategies. For that, effective communication with employees during COVID 19 crisis is extremely important. It can have a major impact on how is your company perceived by your current as well as future hires. Keep your formal and informal communication transparent, clear, and empathetic. Be considerate, proactive, and consistent in your communication.  A good communication strategy will engage your employees effectively and in turn, help you create a great employee brand.

Focus on your Employee Value Proposition

During these unprecedented times, every interaction you have with your employees can shape how they view your company. But consider this crisis as an opportunity to reiterate your identity. Use this time to strengthen your company’s core values and culture. Align with your Employee Value Proposition. This pandemic has presented the opportunity to enhance your tone and actions. Convey your company’s values and missions to more and more people. Communicate and help your people during this time of crisis. If you focus on strengthening your EVP, your employees will start recognizing the points which separate you from others. This will help you build a better employer brand and attract top talent.

Leverage Social Media and Technology

This global pandemic has restricted face-to-face contact. Countries around the globe are under lockdown with the implementation of social distancing norms. Work has gone virtual. Socializing has become virtual on a full-time basis. That’s why you need to shape your employer branding efforts around social media and other virtual platforms. Communicate your brand online. It is not only safer but it will also have a lot more wider reach. Invest more in online commercials. Acknowledge the fact that this lockdown has disrupted everyone’s life. At the same time make sure that everyone is still connected. Encourage your employees to share your employer branding content on their social media handles. Along with leveraging social media, you need to stay updated and make the complete use of technological resources. Automate your hiring and various elements of your work using tools. It will not only make your recruitment efficient but will also enhance the remote work experience of your employees.

Emphasize on Crisis-Friendly Content

COVID 19 has hit businesses hard and on various levels. Some industries like IT are blooming while some industries like tourism and hospitality are suffering more. This is changing the way you communicate with your current as well as future employees. So, you need to focus on building crisis-friendly content and branding. Identify the touchpoints and create content that hits job seekers. Tailor your EVP and employee engagement strategies according to the current climate. Share positive and inspiring content. At the same time, share practical and informative tips on how to survive this crucial time. Introduce new types of content like home videos, challenges, work form home stories, etc. This will make the employee experience memorable and enhance the employer brand.

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