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Best HR Influencers in India To Follow:

In this hyper-competitive business environment, taking care of the HR aspect of your company has become crucial. Sometimes it’s difficult to face various difficult challenges that come up now and then. To get solutions to these problems and to be informed about every aspect of HR, the best HR influencers in India will help you.

If you’re an HR practitioner in India then you will require the knowledge of experts who’ve experience in the Indian HR domain. Making decisions and handling HR-related situations becomes easy when there is someone to guide you.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the Top HR Influencers and Leaders in India for you. You can connect with them online so you get all the important insights, knowledge, and expertise related to human resources they share.

So, let’s get familiar with top Indian HR influencers you can completely rely upon!

Abhijit Bhaduri

Abhijit Bhaduri

Abhijit Bhaduri is working as the General Manager (L&D) at Microsoft in the USA.

He is a strategic advisor and executive coach who works with business leaders and organizations.

With his expertise in HR, Abhijeet helps them establish a culture that facilitates attracting talent which is crucial for fast-paced growth.

Forbes magazine has named him as “One of India’s most interesting globalists”. Also, he was voted as SHRM’s No. 1 HR Influencer on Social Media.

Abhijit is the author of two best-selling books – The Digital Tsunami; Don’t Hire the Best – how to hire for culture fit. To get his excellent insights on the human resources domain, follow him on social media.

Follow Abhijit Bhaduri (Top HR Influencer) on his Social Media Handles:

Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha is an HR strategist with vast experience in fields like Information Technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and more.

He was CHRO at two companies listed on New York Stock Exchange as well as two among the top fortune 500 companies.

In the past, Prabir served at Cipla as President & Global CPO and at Reliance as President & Group CHRO.

With his strong grip on subjects such as employer branding, talent & leadership, and organizational transformation, he shares useful insights on social media.

He also likes to assist, coach, and mentor job seekers and employees to help them in their professional journeys. Prabir is one of the Best HR Gurus in India who has unique yet effective ways to guide their fellow HR professionals. Follow Prabir Jha (Best Indian HR Influencer) on his Social Media Handles:

Harjeet Khanduja

Harjeet Khanduja

Harjeet Khanduja is a global author, speaker, investor, and one of the top Indian HR influencers.

He has experience in handling HR for big multinational companies in India, the US, Canada, and other regions.

He is currently working at Jio in the position of Sr. VP of Human Resources.

Harjeet has also worked in several industries like IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, and more. These experiences make him among India’s Top HR professionals for sure.

He received several awards including the HR Leadership Award, HR personality of the year, Top 100 HR Minds, Top 100 Global Thought Leaders, and many others. You will find him sharing his useful insights and thoughts on different HR-related topics, leadership, and more. Follow Harjeet Khanduja (Best Indian HR Guru) on his Social Media Handles:

Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar

Vineet is the former CEO of HCL Technologies and the Founder of Sampark Foundation.

He currently works as a Senior Advisor at McKinsey Leadership Institute and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He worked at HCL Technologies for 19+ years (1993-2013) and his last position was Vice Chairman & CEO.

Vineet is also the author of “Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down”, which is a highly praised management book.

Also, he is on the Advisory Panel of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index built by INSEAD and the Human Capital Institute and the Millions Learning Project led by Julia Gillard (ex-Prime Minister of Australia). Follow his social media handles to know his ideas, opinions, and knowledge on human resources he actively shares.

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Sahil Nayar

Sahil Nayar

Sahil Nayar is a well-known HR expert who excels in establishing a strong employer brand along with building leading and highly productive teams.

Along with leading the People Function for the Delivery Center at KPMG India, he is a regular columnist, a keynote speaker, and a visiting faculty at different MBA colleges in India.

He is also a certified NLP, MBTI, and Design Thinking Practitioner who works with the company’s leadership to drive new-generation practices. His interesting social media posts will help you become better at your job as an HR professional.

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Yashwant Mahadik

Yashwant Mahadik

Yashwant is a knowledgeable global HR professional who has more than 3 decades of experience in diverse industries including Consumer, Tech, and Healthcare.

He is an expert in Human Resources, Strategy, Leadership, Workforce Design, and more.

Yashwant is posted as the President of the Global HR & Co-Lead Business Transformation Office at Lupin.

He is also an HR thought leader who has worked with top academicians in the USA for planning, preparing, and accomplishing global strategic initiatives in Human Resource Management. Yash makes social media posts on a variety of topics which will let you gain some great knowledge about the HR domain.

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Gautam Ghosh

Gautam Ghosh

Gautam is an HR consultant who advises his clients on Digital and Social HR.

He has worked in some of the most prominent companies like Dell, Deloitte, and Hewlett-Packard as an HR Generalist and L&D Executive.

Gautam currently operates at ETO motors in the position of Digital Marketing Consultant.

HRWorld has listed him in their list of Top 25 HR Blogs Worldwide. He is actively sharing useful posts related to human resources. His posts carry information that is indeed invaluable for anyone who is practicing in the HR domain.

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Aadil Bandukwala

Aadil Bandukwala - Top HR Influencer

Aadil is working as a marketing leader to drive results in the B2B SaaS industry.

He is the Sr. Director of Marketing at HackerRank who tries to scale the company’s B2B demand generation efforts.

Aadil has a proven record of building high-performance teams jointly with technology, product, customer success, and other partners.

SHRM India featured him in India’s Top Most Influential People in HR on social media back to back for five years (2014-2019). He is the author of a book named ‘Outbound Hiring: How Innovative Companies are Winning the Global War for Talent’.

Aadil also hosts a podcast named ‘The Great Indian Marketing Show’ which is among India’s best marketing podcasts. He likes to share his expertise in HR via his insightful social media posts.

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Sarang Brahme


Sarang is an expert in human resources, employer/talent branding, candidate & employee experience, and more.

He is currently working at ShareChat in the position of Head of Employer (Talent) Branding.

Sarang is among the best HR influencers in India you should be following.

He believes that better employee experience is an essential factor for enhancing engagement which leads to an authentic/attractive brand. Sarang is highly passionate about digital, people experience, and employer branding.

You can find him sharing his ideas and experience in form of small/brief posts related to HR and relevant subjects on social media platforms.

Follow Sarang Brahme (Best HR Influencer in India) on his Social Media Handles:

Shweta Pathak


Shweta specializes in strategic Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, and Talent Acquisition.

She is the former VP of Human Resources at Kotak Mahindra Bank.

SHRM has featured her on India’s Top 50 HR Influencers list. ETHRWorld also featured her on the Top 10 HR Influencers list.

With her keen expertise and a strong background in HR, she shares her thoughts on relevant topics and best HR practices on social media handles. She puts constant effort to make other HR professionals empowered by sharing her deep understanding of human resources.

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Harlina Sodhi

Harlina Sodhi - Top HR Influencer

Harlina Sodhi is among the top HR Influencer & HR experts on social media you must follow.

She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Believe in Yourself, which is helping companies build a high-performance culture.

When it comes to speaking at HR events to share her experience, Harlina is always available to educate her peers in the HR field.

She has significant experience in building company culture, developing leadership programs, setting up D&I practices, and more. She’s quite active on social media platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter. To know her insights and be informed about the human resources domain, you must follow her online.

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Sujith Kumar


Sujith Kumar is an HR professional with more than 23 years of experience in the field of HR. He is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Maatram Foundation.

Maatram Foundation helps 2000+ students belonging to the economically weaker section of society by providing them with a full scholarship for college education.

He is a times TEDx speaker who likes to provide professional speaking as well. He is among the top HR experts & HR influencers whose ideas will let you get a great deal of knowledge about the HR sector & profession.

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Thirukumaran R


Thirukumaran is a skilled HR professional who believes in trustworthy employee-organization relationships. At present, he is utilizing these skills at Nokia in the position of Talent Attraction Partner.

He is passionate about connecting and discussing new workforce as well as workplace trends with HR leaders, business executives, and policymakers.

Thirukumaran R is an official SHRM influencer and was a #TeamEricsson Influencer from 2016 to 2021 as well.

His expertise in human resources earn lots of noteworthy achievements. He was featured in the list of Top 20 HR Influencers of 2020 by Economic Times HR World and in’s “Top 100 Global HR Influencer” leaderboard as well. Also, Glassdoor recognized him as a Top Contributor and Influencer in “Employer Branding Summit 2015”.

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Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is a specialist in HR Strategy and Transformation with his employee experience-driven approach. Currently, he is working in the role of Management Consultant at Accenture

He has a strong grip on HR Technology and helps his clients’ needs such as implementing HCM, ATS, and other HR software products.

The HR influencer is skilled in Organizational Development, Merger and Integration, HR Consulting, and more. He always makes other HR professionals more informed about everything related to Human Resources and relevant subjects.

Follow Amit Sharma (Top HR Expert in India) on his Social Media Handles:

Kavi Arasu


Kavi is one of the top HR Influencers in India who has experience in areas of leadership transitions and development, M&A integration, and more.

He is the Principal at Flyntrok Consulting and Director of Learning & Change at Founding Fuel Publication. He manages both at the same time effortlessly.

Kavi has worked in the corporate environment of MNCs and Indian organizations for more than 2 decades.

He is active on LinkedIn where he shares his deep insights on several topics including human resources, company culture, HR tech, and more.

Kavi is featured on SHRM’s Top Social Media HR Influencers in India in 2021-22. Kavi Arasu regularly speaks at different forums & exchanges notes as well. He is among the best HR professionals you can count on for anything related to human resources.

Follow Kavi Arasu (India’s Top HR Expert) on his Social Media Handles:

Shikha Gupta


Shikha Gupta is an HR Leader with 2 decades of rich and diverse experience in the areas of Talent Acquisition, HR Generalist, Learning & Development, Organizational Development, and more.

In prominent companies like Wipro and Tally Solutions Private Ltd., she has worked in senior HR positions, where she has been involved in their growth and success while leading different HR functions across geographies.

Engagedly has named her in the “Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2022” list.

Additionally, she also has a YouTube Channel where you can catch a glimpse of her perspectives about diverse topics at different Industry and Academic forums.

Follow Shikha Gupta (Top HR Influencer in India) on her Social Media Handles:

Abhishek De


Abhishek De is a skillful HR professional with an impressive specialization in HR Business Partnering, talent management & OD interventions, campus hiring strategy and execution, and more.

Engagedly has included him among their “Top 100 HR Influencers of 2022” list. He was also awarded the “APAC HR professional of the year in Dec 2022” title by HRO Online.

He was responsible for managing recruitment and talent acquisition in well-known companies like Microsoft, Uber, and LinkedIn.

His 13+ years of experience in the HR domain helps him share valuable insights on crucial HR topics. He likes to engage and empower people in the HR space via his social handles. Make sure you connect with him there!

Follow Abhishek D. (Top HR Influencer in India) on his Social Media Handles:

Conclusion for the Best HR Influencers in India to Follow

In conclusion, these best Indian HR influencers are the best people from whom you can learn about the human resources landscape in India. They have worked for years in the field and that’s why they have a thorough understanding of the HR domain.

These HR Gurus can help you on any subjects, topics, and situations relevant to their expertise. Following them is a must because they’re the greatest HR professionals in India who can provide you with the best knowledge about this field of Human Resources.

Important Note:

Our methodology involves the following criteria to select HR influencers/leaders for this list:

  • Significant work experience in the field of Human Resources.
  • The frequency of creating and sharing posts on their social profiles.
  • How regularly do they engage with the people in the HR community?
  • More than 1000 followers on social media handle.

If you know a great HR Professional or Influencer or you yourself want to get featured on this ‘Top HR Influencers in India’ list, contact us today!

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