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In today’s challenging environment, it feels so overwhelming to navigate through these major changes happening in the HR field. But there are some leaders with experience who genuinely wish to help their peers in the industry. One such example of this is the HR thought leaders themselves.

If you’re in the human resources field and facing difficulties, HR thought leaders will come to rescue you. Their years of experience allow them to share valuable insights on relevant topics that benefit TA professionals in many ways.

So we have prepared a list of top HR & people ops leaders whom you can follow on LinkedIn right away. They’re passionately sharing insights and ideas that are helping every HR professional significantly via their useful content. Follow them to know about the latest trends in HR, HR tech, recruitment, and various other topics.

Note: This list of top HR thought leaders is in no particular order. All of these leaders are experts in guiding and presenting great ideas to their industry peers equally.

The Top HR Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn:

Debra Corey – Chief Pay it Forward Officer, DebCo HR LTD

Debra is an author, speaker, and the Chief ‘Pay it Forward’ Officer of DebCo HR LTD.

She is an award-winning HR leader, a first-class speaker, and an author of 4 books who had been named of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers.

She provides information to her audience about a wide variety of topics namely employee engagement, culture, reward and recognition, and other relevant topics. Her thought-provoking insights on these topics will help you create a productive and engaged workforce.

Follow Debra Corey on LinkedIn

David Wilson – CEO, Fosway Group

David Wilson is the founder and CEO of Fosway Group and Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst.

He has written more than 150 research papers and articles along with being the main speaker at events and conferences across the globe.

His way of delivering useful information is what makes him an excellent HR keynote speaker. In 2020, he was awarded the Colin Corder award for providing his exceptional services to the industry.

You can follow him to learn his deep insights on HR Transformation, Talent Acquisition & Management, Employee Experience, AI in HR, and much more.

Follow David Wilson on LinkedIn

Claude Silver – CHRO/Chief People Officer, VaynerMedia

Claude is the first “Chief Heart Officer” at Vayner Media and a member of the Talent Champion Council.

She’s leading 1600 people at her company with the utmost compassion and her role is to make the agency filled with empathy.

The HR thought leader always emphasizes the importance of kindness, empathy, and true heart-leadership in every workplace. She is undoubtedly a strong believer in treating employees as humans, not numbers which make her stand apart from other HR professionals.

Claude also shares her deep insights that will help you make a healthy workplace culture sure.

Follow Claude Silver on LinkedIn

Dave Ulrich – Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Dave is a speaker, best-selling author, and thought partner on HR, talent, leadership, and organization.

He is ranked as the #1 management guru by Business Week and named among the top 10 creative people in business by Fast Company.

He is named the “father of modern HR” and “HR thought leader of the decade”. The reason Dave is given these titles is that he has helped shape the HR profession by focusing on HR outcomes, governance, competencies, and practices.

Dave has made enormous contributions to the HR world during the past 35 years of his career. To know his valuable knowledge and experiences on crucial topics relevant to HR and management, make sure you follow him on LinkedIn right away.

Follow Dave Ulrich on LinkedIn

Bruce Daisley – Former VP EMEA, Twitter

Bruce Daisley is a workplace culture enthusiast, #1 Bestselling Author, and former Twitter VP.

He grew Twitter’s business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He also runs a weekly newsletter on workplace culture which reaches a large number of people.

His business podcast – Eat Sleep Work Repeat is quite popular among HR professionals and is focused mainly on workplace culture.

In his podcasts, he interviews psychologists, neuroscientists, and workplace experts to understand how we can improve our jobs.

Follow Bruce Daisey on LinkedIn

Lars Schmidt – Founder, Amplify

Lars Schmidt is the founder of Amplify, a best-selling author, and a contributor at Fast Company. He advises at and CareerPoint.

His mission is to accelerate innovation in human resources with his HR executive search, editorial projects, open source initiatives, and others.

He also has consulted, for the last 20 years, various large businesses like SpaceX, Hootsuite, Duo Security, Plaid, and Dashlane through his company, Amplify.

His posts are filled with in-depth HR knowledge that will help you deal with various challenges you might be facing at your organization.

Follow Lars Schmidt on LinkedIn

Shelby Wolpa – Founder, Shelby Volpa Consulting

Shelby Wolpa is a people leadership advisor who provides consulting services to CEOs, People Leaders, and Venture Capital Firms.

As an advisor and mentor, she partners with Series A to C companies during stages of high growth.

Her specialization is in helping companies create a robust people operations foundation, bring in top-notch people programs, and plan for the future.

She guides HR & TA professionals with her profound understanding of topics like startups, remote work, and people ops. Shelby is among the top hr thought leaders who are actively sharing their experiences in the HR world. Surely follow her on LinkedIn so you don’t miss the helpful posts she posts regularly.

Follow Shelby Wolpa on LinkedIn

Joey V. Price – CEO, Jumpstart: HR

Joey V. Price is the founder and CEO of Jumpstart: HR, an HR consultancy firm that offers services to startups and small businesses.

He has been named in the “Top 30 HR Professional Under 30” by SHRM’s HR Magazine during his tenure as the CEO of Jumpstart.

Joey runs a weekly podcast named “While We Were Working” with his co-host Sommer Ketron. The podcast chiefly focuses on helping HR Pros and People Leaders on various HR topics such as employee engagement, workplace culture, and modern workplace. Human Resources professionals can catch up on the trending topics as they both present their ideas on these latest HR trends.

He is also among the most valued members of the Forbes HR Council, Arena Analytics AI Ethics Advisory Board Member, and UKG Workforce Institute. His insights will help you significantly in your entrepreneurial journey, so following him on LinkedIn is a great idea.

Follow Joey Price on LinkedIn

Adam Karpiak – President, Karpiak Consulting

Adam is a resource person on critical subjects for businesses like candidate & employee experience and recruiting.

He is among the foremost thought leaders in HR who are redefining the way to hire the best people greatly.

His emphasis on the importance of treating the candidates in a more human way can be seen in his social media posts. Adam is helping job seekers discover their real value and assisting them in their job search journey.

Check him out on social media platforms to learn about how you can make a supportive environment where employees would like to stay

Follow Adam Karpiak on LinkedIn

Jessica Zwaan – Chief Operating Officer at Whereby

Jessica Zwaan is a trusted panelist, speaker, and among the top human resources leaders, presenting her thoughts at local and international events.

The Whereby COO sincerely believes that a great work culture gives companies a competitive edge in the market.

She speaks on improving employer brand, strategizing a modern people function, how to make a positive impact on work culture, and so on.

Find her on LinkedIn where she is showcasing her experiences in the future of work, leadership, people operations & much more.

Follow Jessica Zwaan on LinkedIn

Jacob Morgan – Author, Futurist, & Keynote Speaker

Jacob is a 4x Best-Selling Author, TED & Keynote Speaker, and a Futurist who founded the Future of Work podcast and BYOB Podcast.

The HR leader invites senior executives and leaders around the world and has in-depth discussions with them on the future of work.

He also runs The Future of Work newsletter and takes part in various thought leadership programs. You will always find him sharing and engaging with the best content on the top social media channels.

Follow Jacob Morgan on LinkedIn

David Hanrahan – Advisor, PeopleTech Partners

David is a senior HR leader who’s an expert in building high-potential teams and ingenious talent practices in growing companies.

He is an excellent strategic partner and a brilliant speaker, known for creating processes to drive high performance and responsibilities.

The HR thought leader holds expertise in topics like performance model design & adoption, HRIS implementation & talent analytics, Leadership & management development, etc.

Certainly, you should follow him on his social handles so you don’t miss the valuable HR-related posts he actively shares.

Follow David Hanrahan on LinkedIn

Jenny Dearborn – Member Board of Directors, beqom & Plum

Jenny Dearborn is an entrepreneurial leader, award-winning HR leader, author, and speaker.

She is recognized as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech for 5 years in a row.

For the past 2 decades, she has worked with top companies including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sun Microsystems, and SAP.

She is among the best HR experts who talk about a variety of topics such as HR tech, data analytics, HCM, and the Future of Work. Following her on LinkedIn will be great if you want to learn her in-depth knowledge on these topics.

Follow Jenny Dearborn on LinkedIn

Jackye Clayton – VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB at Textio

Jackye Clayton is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) at Textio.

She has years of experience in discovering potential candidates and hiring them successfully in creative ways.

Jackye is a firm believer and supporter of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She truly highlights the benefits and importance of creating inclusive workplaces which are free from biases. Her unique views on diversity, leadership, and diversity & inclusion are highly appreciable.

Follow Jackye Clayton on LinkedIn

Jeanne C Meister – Founder, Future Workplace Academy

Jeanne C Meister is a workplace visionary and activist who has extensive background and experience in corporate learning.

She has been awarded the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award by the ATD and Colin Corder Award by Learning & Performance Institute.

You can find her articles in leading business publications including Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and SHRM.

Through her social media posts, you can indeed learn about the latest work trends and the future of work.

Follow Jeanne C Meister on LinkedIn

Jennifer Kim – Founder, Startup Recruiting Bootcamp

Jennifer is a startup advisor who teaches startups the right way of hiring great talent via her company, Startup Recruiting Bootcamp.

She chiefly helps startups to easily approach People Ops as a crucial business function.

Making meaningful work possible for more people through education and entrepreneurship is her primary mission. Furthermore, in her free time, she finds and mentors high-potential talents.

Jennifer’s awesome way of telling info on social media about tech, startups, recruiting, and more will surely make you follow her.

Follow Jennifer Kim on LinkedIn

Katie Burke – Chief People Officer, VP Culture & Experience, Hubspot

Katie Burke is one of the most influential and impactful HR leaders who are making a positive change in the Human Resources world.

She is presently working in HubSpot and she has worked in top HR positions for almost a decade there as well.

Her passion is in combining culture, innovation, leadership, and inclusiveness to create workplaces and employee experiences that people admire. She also starts interesting discussions around the future of work, leadership, DEI, and much more on her social media handles.

You will find her contributing her experience & knowledge on Inc., about being an HR leader, and topics like job burnout, performance management, etc.

Follow Katie Burke on LinkedIn

Mark Stelzner – Founder/Managing Principal at IA

Mark is the founder of IA HR, a management consulting firm, a member of Forbes HR Council, and co-founder of The Advisor Collective.

In his career, Mark has spent most time building meaningful relationships with the elements of curiosity, humor, and attention to detail.

Most renowned media outlets namely the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN & NPR have featured him. Mark is also one of the most recognized HR thought leaders who has been a practicing HR professional for the past 25 years.

For his audience on social media, he generally shares dynamic tips on subjects like employee well-being, HR best practices, etc.

Follow Mark Stelzner on LinkedIn

Mark Stelzner – Founder/Managing Principal at IA

Mark is the founder of IA HR, a management consulting firm, a member of Forbes HR Council, and co-founder of The Advisor Collective.

In his career, Mark has spent most time building meaningful relationships with the elements of curiosity, humor, and attention to detail.

Most renowned media outlets namely the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN & NPR have featured him. Mark is also one of the most recognized HR thought leaders who has been a practicing HR professional for the past 25 years.

For his audience on social media, he generally shares dynamic tips on subjects like employee well-being, HR best practices, etc.

Follow Mark Stelzner on LinkedIn

Louise Triance – Managing Director, UK Recruiter Ltd.

Louise Triance is one of the best HR thought leaders who are bringing the HR and recruitment community together.

Her specialties lean towards topics including psychometric analysis, recruitment research, consulting, and more.

For the past 2 decades, she has been hosting several events for recruiters along with blogging for many years. She hosted lots of recruitment events and technology showcases as well.

Do you want to learn about recruiting tech, recruiting, and networking? Then she is certainly the right person you can completely rely on who can guide you on these topics.

Follow Louise Triance on LinkedIn

Steve Browne – Chief People Officer, LaRosa’s, Inc.

Steve is a committed HR practitioner helping company executives to completely integrate HR across the workplace.

He is among the most acknowledged HR leaders who have years of experience in the field and shares the same with others as well.

Steve usually speaks about HR strategies, workplace culture, and also the HR community on his social media handles. He is quite active on LinkedIn and engages with industry peers quite often so surely check his profile.

Follow Steve Browne on LinkedIn

Summing up the List of Top HR Thought Leaders to Follow

To conclude, these were the leading HR voices who are sharing useful info on almost every relevant topic. All in all, you will learn about crucial topics related to human resources as HR thought leaders try to cover all topics together.

They will let you know about the latest industry trends, building a sustainable work environment and so much more. You should follow on LinkedIn right away so you can plan your actions and be ready for the future.

Please recommend us if you have some great names to add to this list of top HR thought leaders. Check out our list of the 30 best HR tech influencers to follow in 2022 also.

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