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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) JD Template

Job brief:

We are looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant to provide care to our patients, assist our doctors and nurses. A CNA is required to handle the daily activities of patients and respond to doctors.

You will be required to provide physical support to patients, monitor them, assist them with daily activities, interact, and report to doctors & nurses. The candidate must have a certificate from their state-certified nursing assistant program. Apart from providing assistance, a CNA will also be working as a link between the medical team and their patients. You will have to regularly communicate, report to doctors and patients about treatments.

As you will have to maintain continuous communication with doctors, nurses, you must have good nursing & communication skills. You should be able to handle patients properly and attend to them with warmth.


  • Assisting elderly patients and patients recovering from injuries with daily activities, such as serving meals, dressing, bathing.
  • Ensuring personal hygiene of patients and providing them great care.
  • Recording their vitals, weight, and other signs related to their health.
  • Providing physical assistance to bedridden or incapacitated patients such as lifting, turning, and repositioning.
  • Assisting the medical team while following hospital policies, regulations, and standards.
  • Providing assistance to doctors or nurses by setting up medical equipment, allocating medical and surgical tools.
  • Observing patients and providing them comfort by fulfilling their requests.
  • Ensuring patients’ proper diet by assisting them in following their prescribed diet and medications.
  • Examining injuries, bruises, providing proper dressing, and regular examination.
  • Serving, protecting the hospital and patient’s privacy by following hospital policies, regulations, professional standards.
  • Assisting patients by providing brief knowledge about their condition, treatment plans, and procedure.
  • Continuously updating knowledge about hospital policies, regulations, and standards.
  • Recording and reporting changes in the patient’s physical or mental health.


A nursing degree from a CNA program

  • Certificate from a state-certified nursing assistant program
  • High school diploma or graduation degree
  • Adequate experience in the same profession or role
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Capable of withstanding heavy lifting, continuous standing and walking for long hours
  • Available to work at irregular hours whenever required
  • Basic knowledge of CPR and nursing skills
  • Familiar with medical terms and language
  • Sufficient knowledge of using computers and medical equipment
  • Basic logical, reasoning and decision-making skills
  • Ability to multi-task, follow orders and respond quickly

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Frequently asked questions

An average Certified Nursing Assistant makes about $32k/year in the US. An experienced candidate might expect as much as $37k/year at the highest.

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First and foremost the Nursing Assistant must rejoice interacting with people on a daily basis in order to find fulfillment & satisfaction in this career. Other attributes include –

  • Flexibility
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Time management
  • Compassion
  • Reliability
  • Physical Strength
  • Empathy

Although both Certified Nursing Assistants & Medical Assistants work with patients and provide patient care, it is important not to confuse these two healthcare careers. Both careers involve assisting doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers with treatments, procedures, and tests.

Medical Assistants focus primarily on patient assessment, evaluation & assisting doctors with patient care and treatment. Whereas Nursing Assistants are generally more involved in direct patient care. Nursing assistants have specific job-related duties they are supposed to perform that are dictated by the state of employment.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs), require a license and qualifying a state-mandated exam. Whereas CNA’s on the other hand only need to obtain a certification in order to practice. LPNs often take classes in order to obtain additional information about healthcare & study the human body. Additionally, there are certain tasks and procedures that LPNs are required to perform that CNAs professionally can not.

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