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Every handyman has a tool belt that consists of the basic tools they would require to get a job done. Similarly, recruiting software tools are the tool belt of today’s recruiters and HR professionals. The HR tech is evolving as we are advancing towards a digitized world. So, recruiters need to keep up and adapt. We have curated a perfect and categorized list of the best recruitment tools for recruiters in 2024.

Did you know that the cost of hiring a new employee is about $4,000 and takes about 42 days? So, if you want to recruit the best and brightest, you have to have a resourceful and updated toolkit at hand. Recruiters need to easily identify the ideal candidate. Also, they need to adapt to the current murky recruiting process and create a mutually beneficial relationship with the target.

So, whether you are a headhunter or a hiring manager looking for the best recruitment tools in one place, you’ll love this guide! These tools are what you need to recruit the top job candidates of your choice. So, without much ado, let’s dive deeper into the blog.

What Are Recruitment Tools?

By definition, recruitment tools are simply software tools or applications that help HR professionals streamline and automate their hiring processes, at different stages.

So, in a nutshell, these tools are the best assistants for HR professionals and make their lives easy.

Types Of Recruitment Tools – Best Recruitment tools

It helps you broaden your candidate reach. This template is SEO optimized. You can even customize it according to your needs and use it to post on online job boards.

1. Job Aggregators

Typically defining, job aggregators gather and compile job postings from different sources and job boards online & consolidate them into a single searchable interface. So, job aggregators are simply search engines for job ads. Here are some top job aggregators.

Monster is a job aggregator that has thousands of job listings. It attracts millions of job seekers every month. Monster offers a variety of packages and features. So, recruiters can choose the pricing plan according to their needs and post jobs.

Every professional is aware of LinkedIn. So, LinkedIn doesn’t need any introduction. It is a well-known professional social networking platform that allows professionals to build a network relevant to their respective fields.

Indeed, is one of the largest and oldest job aggregators to ever exist. It is much more than just a job aggregator. Because, it also enlists company profiles, salary insights about roles, and reviews of employees about a company.

Ziprecruiter has over 25 million job seekers a month visiting the site for jobs. So, it is a popular choice for employers and job seekers. ZipRecruiter posts the job listings to multiple job boards as compared to just one.

It helps you broaden your candidate reach. This template is SEO optimized. You can even customize it according to your needs and use it to post on online job boards.

2. Stand-alone Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant Tracking System is a software application that basically organizes and automates the entire hiring process. It can manage and filter a large group of applicants. According to a report by Capterra, 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals make use of an applicant tracking system.

So, an ATS can make the lives of HR personnel easier. Please read How an Applicant Tracking System Can Make Your Life Easier to get a more detailed idea about why you need an ATS. Here are some top stand-alone Applicant Tracking Systems.

Recooty is the world’s easiest Recruitment Software. It is much more than just an Applicant Tracking Software. It’s an all-in-one recruiting software that optimizes the entire recruiting process. Right from the initial stage of application tracking and streamlining to the very end of the hiring process, interview scheduling, and onboarding of candidates.

Lever’s Talent Acquisition focuses on making hiring more efficient and more human. Its focus market involves tech startups, as well as mid-sized businesses and enterprises. It is one of a kind system that is a combination of an ATS and customer relationship management software.

iCIMS is one of the early players in the market for cloud-based recruitment solutions. It enables its users to build careers sites, and schedule and conduct video interviews. It is an applicant tracking system, CRM, and much more. iCIMS is easy to use and separated into three modules: recruit, connect, and onboard.

Greenhouse provides an ultimate and complete HR administration system. Recruiters can easily manage current, as well as prospective customers effectively at the same time. This recruitment solution mainly caters to mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

3. Testing and assessment tools

These tools are used to create meaningful assessments to help recruiters analyze their capabilities, personality, and compatibility. So, the best tools for testing and assessments are-

Criteria Corp is a pre-assessment tool that provides professionally developed pre-employment tests, including aptitude, personality, and skills tests. It can successfully integrate with the current ATS and HRIS software that recruiters are using and provide a variety of assessments.

HackerRank is the world’s technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring developers. It provides recruiters with coding and technical assessments. So, these help recruiters assess the skills of developers, software engineers, and other IT professionals.

Pymetrics is an AI-driven platform that can evaluate candidates for any role within a company, and ultimately, any role in the Pymetrics ecosystem. So, Pymetrics can be used by recruiters to assess candidates for a variety of roles.

4. Human Capital Management Software

An HCM is a software that provides core administrative support with personnel administration, benefits administration, payroll, and others. So, it is software that involves a set of practices related to people resource management. Now, here are some of the best HCMs are-

Workday is a cloud-based human resource management company. It is used as a platform for a wide range of business processes including payroll, finance, sales, customer service, and HR/talent management. Also, Workday can be integrated into your existing business software products. So, you don’t need any additional hardware or software.

Oracle Cloud HCM is a cloud-based platform. It offers a wide range of solutions ranging from talent retention, acquisition, and development. So, it effectively helps recruiters and hiring managers to attract and retain top talents.

SAP SuccessFactors uses software as a service model to provide HR solutions for an organization. It offers a comprehensive HCM suite along with the assurance of global expertise. Also, it allows recruitment transactions and helps you in the management of various aspects of HR.

5. Video interviewing tools

Video interviewing tool is software that enables recruiters to conduct video interviews while keeping various factors like facial expressions, choice of words, voice tonality, and others into account. Here are some top video interviewing tools-

HireVue is a platform that enables recruiters to create pre-hire assessments and interview analyses. Its features include video interviewing, assessments, and conversational AI.

VidCruiter provides recruiters with an industry-leading video recruiting platform. So, it enables you to identify, filter, and acquire talent faster while saving you time and money. Also, VidCruiter offers other recruitment solutions such as automated reference checking, digital structured interviews, and more.

To Wrap It Up…

The most effective recruitment tools are those that allow recruiters to streamline the recruitment process and make it easier to find the right candidate for their vacancy. This often happens through the implementation of the best recruitment tools that help streamline the data entry process and find retained talent. It is a must for any recruitment process and can definitely increase the efficiency of your recruiting process by allowing the recruiter to save time and money.

Different recruitment software tools may be more appropriate for different industries. But, irrespective of the industry, they are important.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the best tools recruiters are leveraging to automate their hiring process and make it more streamlined:

Job Aggregators:Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others.
Applicant Tracking Systems:Recooty, Lever, iCIMS, and Greenhouse are some of the top ATS options in the market.
Assessment Tools: Criteria Crop, HackerRank, Pymetrics, etc.
Human Capital Management (HCM) Software: Workday, Oracle Cloud HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, and more.
Video Interviewing Tools: HireVue and VidCruiter are among the top video interviewing applications that are available.

The most common tool used in hiring is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS system helps recruiters manage and streamline the hiring process, making it convenient to track and manage candidate applications. Recruiters can manage job postings, resumes, and candidate communication all in one place with the help of ATS software. This makes the hiring process more efficient and effective, letting recruiters focus on finding the best fit for the job.

Online job boards & websites, internal talent, social media, referrals from employees, and placement drives in colleges/universities are some of the best recruiting sources utilized by recruiters to find talented individuals.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since the effectiveness of recruitment methods relies on a number of factors. However, using a mix of recruitment methods can increase the chances of success.

Some effective recruitment methods include employee referrals, social media recruiting, and job boards. The key is to try different methods and track their success rates to find the most effective one for your company.

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