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Introduction to the 16 Top HR Professionals

After spending 250+ hours on research for the world’s top HR professionals, we have come up with a list of 16 Top HR professionals whom you must follow. Their unchallenged knowledge and expertise in the HR field, which they share every day will help you excel in the Human Resource industry.

Being an HR professional itself is a challenging but pretty interesting job. Today they are undoubtedly making immense contributions toward the growth of organizations in all domains.

According to SHRM’s report, 86% of recruiters plus 62% of the employers believe that the labor market is candidate-driven. Just like this, the HR industry is simultaneously facing a whole set of problems including, a higher number of passive candidates, difficulty in finding top candidates, etc.

Global HR leaders are the ones who will educate you on how to deal with the adversities in the HR & TA industries.

Additionally, these top HR professionals share crucial insights on various topics related to the HR industry. Along with that, they cast the light on upcoming trends and speculate what will happen in the industry.

They also share useful tips that’ll help you make your company a place employees love to work at. These HR leaders will show you how you can increase employee satisfaction, increase the productivity of the workforce, and teach you about HR best practices.

That’s why we recommend you to follow them so that you too can lead your company towards success.

We recommend you to follow them so that you too can lead your company towards success.

The 16 Top HR Professionals You Must Follow:

1. Suchitra R – Talent Acquisition Manager, Razorpay

Suchitra is working on the position of Talent Acquisition Manager and bringing exceptional talent to Razorpay. She is a highly experienced hiring professional who has shown her skills in this field numerous times.

Before Razorpay, she worked with Freshworks which is an enormous software company. Suchitra worked as lead in talent acquisition and corporate functions there.

She’s skilled in Leadership Hiring, Employer Branding, Sales/GTM Recruitment Executive Search & others. All in all, make sure you follow her on her social media platforms to get her precious tips on hiring and other HR-related stuff. She is one of the Top HR professionals Managers in the world.

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2. Amy Schultz – Head of Talent Acquisition, Canva

Being the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva, a graphic designing platform, Amy leads Canva’s global recruitment team based in Sydney.

She has previously worked for start-ups and later-stage MNCs across different fields namely Recruitment, Pharma, Tech, and Services. By working there Amy was able to gain an enormous amount of experience in the Talent Acquisition field.

Also, Amy specializes in Recruitment, People Management, Recruitment Technology, Project Management, plus Mergers and Acquisitions.

Daily, she has a lot of knowledge that she shares online, so be sure you follow her. With all of this in her background, indeed she is among the best hr leaders in the world.

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3. Andrei Campean – Sr. Tech recruiter, Intercom

Andrei Campean joined as Senior Tech Recruiter at Intercom. A platform used by Amazon, Shopify, and IBM, designed for customer communication covering the whole customer journey.

Before Intercom, he worked with the world’s major companies namely Nokia, Verizon Connect & Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Andrei has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Bucharest.

If you are looking for an HR practitioner who shares knowledge, tips, and experience in HR & HRM, then he’s among the best ones. Andrei, with no doubt, is among the top HR professionals.

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4. Trina Thornton – Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner, DocuSign

Trina is Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at DocuSign, a cloud-based platform that lets companies manage electronic agreements.

She has more than 20+ years of experience in marketing, in-house GTM, sales, solution, and agency recruiting for the world’s high-tech, rapidly flourishing companies.

She has more than 20+ years of experience in marketing, in-house GTM, sales, solution, and agency recruiting for the world’s high-tech, rapidly flourishing companies.

When it comes to candidate sourcing, attraction, and engagement she is among the most trusted HR professional you can find in the HR industry. On top of it, she has conducted full life cycle recruiting in NA, LATM, APAC, EMEA, and Canada.

Also, she was ranked in the Top 1% of LinkedIn Recruiting professionals globally. Regularly, she guides Human Resource Practitioners on hiring, leading hiring teams, making data-driven hiring decisions, and so on.

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5. Connor Fehmel – Sr. Technical Recruiter, Mixpanel

Connor is the Senior Technical Recruiter at Mixpanel, where he is building. Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that gives and lets you analyze data on user interaction with your product.

He has an impressive background in the talent acquisition domain. He has done his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

In addition, he mostly talks about hiring, jobs, remote jobs, software engineering job jobs, and tech startups.

His presence can be seen on LinkedIn where he regularly shares a variety of posts on different topics mostly on HR. Do connect with this excellent and famous hr leader.

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6. Luke Shepherd – Team Leader in Recruiting, HubSpot

Luke Shepherd is the Team Leader in Recruiting (G+A RevOps, Marketing) at HubSpot. He started as a Recruiter and made his way up to his current position in HubSpot and worked in ANZ & APAC regions.

Along with hiring the topmost candidates for HubSpot with a focus on gender diversity, he also gave Resilient training to employees across the APAC region.

Luke has completed his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Technology Sydney. You will find him sharing his ideas on recruitment and HubSpot life on LinkedIn.

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7. Prathap Maruthi – Talent Acquisition Specialist, Paypal

Prathap has 9+ years of experience in the fields of Recruitment and Training. He is a global hiring specialist who’s working on the position of Talent Acquisition Specialist – Global Talent Acquisition at Paypal.

His experience in working with enterprises and start-ups enables him to find hidden talent quite effortlessly.

Among other things, he also has experience in the HR aspects like International Recruitment, Tech & Business Hiring, and Hiring Strategy to name a few.

He posts different types of techniques, tips, and practices that’ll let you make your hiring process smoother than ever. These qualifications and experience make him one of the best top HR professionals.

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8. Alan Doherty – Recruiting Manager, Slack

Alan is one of the best HR professionals, working currently at Slack as Recruiting Manager. He started working at Slack 6 years back.

Before that he worked as Sr. EMEA Talen Acquisition Partner at LinkedIn, EMEA Technical Recruiter at Facebook, etc. The list of his experience in the HR field is quite long.

Through various online mediums, he regularly shares his expertise in the HR field which makes him the best HR guide for you to follow. We assure you his tips and guidance will help you navigate through the daily challenges of the HR professionals.

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9. Helenja Wolfaardt – Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager, Wave HQ

Helenja is an HR & recruiting professional in the tech space who currently works as a Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager at Wave HQ. Wave HQ offers software and financial services to small companies.

At Wave, she’s building dynamic teams with individuals who got inspired by their mission of empowering small businesses.

Helenja got her degree of BA in Sociology from the University of Guelph. Also, she got Diploma in Human Resource Management from George Brown College.

For getting info on what’s happening in the HR world, you can count on her. She is, in fact, one of the most famous HR Managers across the globe.

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10. Alex Flatbush – Talent Acquisition Manager, Asana

Alex is Talent Acquisition Manager at Asana, a web & mobile project management platform for businesses of any size.

His background as an HR professional is quite rich because he has worked with some of the biggest corporates like Lime, Uber, and Google. Alex did work in various positions including Head of Technical Recruiting, Talent Partner, Sr. Sourcing Lead, and others.

All in all, he is well qualified to be a leader in the HR field. Quite a talented HR that you need to follow right away.

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11. Francis Chng – Head of Talent Acquisition, Zoom

Francis is working on the position of Head of Talent Acquisition at Zoom Video Communications. Zoom is one of the largest and most used video communication platforms.

He’s an excellent recruiting professional who has worked in the HR industry for over 15 years. Francis is an expert in finding strong talent for companies so they can jump-start and build their presence in the APAC region.

Throughout his career, he has made hiring decisions for close to 500 executive-level positions. Besides that, he specializes in Talent Acquisition, Executive Talent Sourcing, Employment, Staffing, Recruitment Training, Talent Relationship Management, etc.

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12. Erin Edmondson – Talent Acquisition Lead, Mailchimp

She presently works for Mailchimp as Talent Acquisition Lead, started working there in the year 2017. Mailchimp offers marketing automation and email marketing services to different companies of any kind & size.

Erin lives in Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia. Kennesaw State University is where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

Additionally, she acquired her certificate from LinkedIn’s Unconscious Bias Course.

She’s a talented recruiter who always successfully finds great talent for her company as per their needs. On top of that, her expertise in building meaningful relationships between the company and employees is what makes her a great HR leader.

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13. Kelly (McDonald) Minella – Head of Recruiting, Calendly

Kelly is the Head of Recruiting at Calendly and is an expert in recruiting, work-life balance, and workplace health. Calendly is a cloud-based scheduling platform used by millions of users globally.

From the Florida State University, she has completed her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Communication; Mass Media Studies.

She has worked in both the agency and corporate firms on the position of various positions including Recruiting Manager, HR Specialist & others. Before stepping inside the top HR professionals she was working in media for 2 years.

You can find her on her social media accounts. She is quite active on these platforms plus she shares crucial knowledge about the HR industry. Her deep knowledge and a strong background in Human Resources & Recruiting make her one of the top HR professionals worldwide.

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14. Violette Léger – Human Resource Officer, Waalaxy

She works in the position of Human Resource Officer at Waalaxy. Violette is amongst highly talented top HR leaders whose experience in recruiting, employer branding, and other TA activities make her stand out.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in HR from CESI Higher School of Work-Study and two more educational qualifications.

She creates an optimal recruiting process and attractive job ads. In addition, Violette is proficient in sourcing amazing talent for technical and non-technical positions. In her career, she helped companies to build an exceptional workforce in the companies where she worked. Surely, you can learn a lot from her about almost all of the human resources activities.

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15. Annalise Diehl – Head of GTM Recruiting, Notion

Annalise is a hiring professional who works as Head of GTM Recruiting at Notion. The University of California is where she completed her BA graduation in communication.

She has worked in various roles in pretty interesting companies like Asana, Zendesk, and Google before joining notion. During her career of 17 years in Human Resources, she has been able to acquire great experience and expertise in it.

She actively engages with the HR posts and shares some unique tips to help you build your dream office team. Follow her on LinkedIn to start learning from her about everything HR.

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16. Gabrielle Sirner-Cohen – Chief People Officer, FullStory

Gabrielle is the Chief People Officer at FullStory, a platform that provides customer experience analytics to its users. She leads a team of enthusiastic professionals who want to create a perfect online experience for its users.

For 2 years she also had worked for Google.

She was working there as People Operations Communications Manager, Employment Branding Manager, and Chief of Staff & Diversity Communications Lead.

Gabrielle’s passion for creating great work environments, hiring, growing, and keeping talented employees allows her to produce magical results. Certainly, she’s among the top HR professionals, famous for making data-driven people decisions, building lasting relationships, and getting things done.

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EndNote for The 16 Top HR Professionals

To conclude, these were the top HR Professionals you should check out. We suggest you follow them because they will make you super ready for every challenge coming in the HR industry. Because of their immense know-how in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, they are qualified to advise you on these.

They’ve got your back on topics like sourcing, planning recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. They are experts in employer branding, improving the work culture, engaging employees, and many other such activities.

We hope this list will help you get familiar with these top global HR Leaders and connect with them. We believe these global HR practitioners will help you bring the best version of you as an HR practitioner.

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