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About James Ellis:

James is a keynote speaker, podcaster, and one of Amazon’s best-selling authors who is the Principle of the Employer Brand Nerd. With over a decade of cross-industry experience, he possesses a wealth of knowledge that empowers him to share impactful insights that truly make a positive impact. 🌟

With a diverse career spanning over a decade, he has crafted brand identities for Fortune companies and startups alike. He’s the force behind 200+ episodes of The Talent Cast Podcast and has overseen 150+ editions of the Employer Brand Headlines newsletter. Beyond that, he crafted the Recruiting Content Framework, shaped the Employer Brand Manifesto, and designed the pioneering Employer Brand Architecture. 🎙️

His contributions extend beyond, as he imparts his expertise to fellow professionals, guiding them on harnessing the potential of employer branding to drive impactful enhancements across various dimensions of their recruitment strategies. 🧑‍💼

Tune in for captivating insights on mastering the art of revitalizing your company’s employer brand. 🎧

In the the interview we discussed:

No matter if a company is big or small, a strong employer brand is what brings and retains the best performers at their workplace. Explore the depths of Employer Branding and learn everything you need to know for building a solid employer brand from the “Employer Brand Nerd” – James Ellis himself.

⭐ Role of candidate experience in shaping company culture.

⭐ Unveil the recruiter’s impact on your employer brand’s transformation.

⭐ Better employer brand = a large number of applications: A myth? Expert thoughts.

⭐ Impact of a lengthy hiring process on company image.

⭐ Nifty techniques for kicking off your employer brand.

Unfold Employer Branding completely in this second episode of the Recruiting Revolution Podcast! 👂🎧

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