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In any organization, the most important elements are the people working there, people who create the environment and have focussed visions for themselves as well as the company. In such a scenario, choosing the right person for a particular job becomes most essential. A person who can complete the work on time and also add as a valuable asset to the company, every business, every company needs such people. Hence the role of the people who hire such passionate individuals becomes extremely crucial in any organization, that is the HR professionals.

The HR department looks into each and every aspect of hiring closely and carefully and hence play a super major role in the hiring of a company. Recruitment is one the most important function for the HR department of any organization.

However in today’s world of business, with the increasing quality and expectations of the talent pool, there are a plenty of issues the HR department of an organization and the HR industry as a whole face. Unlike earlier days, in today’s recruitment, the recruiters also need to sell themselves in the same way the candidates do to the recruiters in order to attract the top talents to an organization. The continuously evolving technology only further adds to the problems if the HR department of a company doesn’t keep itself updated. Although, the rise of various recruitment software and online tools have indeed changed the HR Landscape and how hiring is done but hiring can still be a headache for many HRs. Since every recruiting software has different systems, different capacities hence they are suited for the HR departments of various companies individually.

Knowing all of the troubles that the HR industry has to go through, the major question that arises is that does an ideal recruiting software exists which is suited for every segment of the HR industry and makes their lives a little easier? Well, the answer is absolutely yes. Recooty is the best recruitment software that has a system so innovative and efficient that every HR professional would be extremely happy and become more efficiently productive.
Here are few of the major reasons why hiring with Recooty can be so easy and innovative for the HR industry-

Simplicity yet smart hiring

Recooty claims to be World’s easiest Applicant Tracking System and indeed this is true. Recooty’s ATS is the most simple and efficient ATS, any HR professional can ever come across. Doesn’t matter if hiring is to be done for a small company or a large enterprise, every HR department would instantly fall in love with the simplicity of Recooty. Recooty’s integration with your website will make the applications appear in a dashboard, in Avery user-friendly manner. HR recruiter can easily go through all the applications and also schedule meetings with the candidates. Recooty’s Integration with Google job board makes it more special and can increase the number of applications and exposure to the talent pool up to ten times. Hiring smartly by saving time and efforts is the best thing a company can do.

Get rid of the paperwork

Human Resource professionals know that when hiring needs increase, paperwork can be a big headache. So, why not get rid of the paperwork? Why not make this process quick and effective? Why not drop the idea of opting candidates manually by going through messy filing cabinets? Getting Recooty can effectively make all this cumbersome work just a matter of few minutes. Recooty effectively does all the hectic tasks of managing, handling and streamlining the online resumes and job applications automatically according to the criteria mentioned of the job opening. Sure there’re a plenty of other tools which does the same but what makes Recooty unique is its accuracy. Recooty was designed to be an inseparable and awesome companion for the HR industry which can make their life a lot easier and help them focus on other aspects of a business.

Schedule and manage interviews

Scheduling and managing the interviews is the most hectic task that the HR staff has to do. For example, just imagine there are 5 job openings and for each job, approximately 50 applications and resumes come in. Firstly filtering and streamlining all of these is itself a cumbersome task. And finally, when that is done, the final stage of hiring arrives, the interview. A proper blueprint of the interview needs to be chalked out, interviews for different departments need to be scheduled and most importantly all the shortlisted candidates need to be mailed the relevant information about the interview. Way too much for the HR staff isn’t it? Recooty does all of that automatically, again becoming the savior for the HRs. It not only automatically streamlines the applications and resumes but it also schedules interviews and sends notifications to the shortlisted candidates automatically for the HR professionals so that they can focus on other important aspects of an interview.

Customer service is always a priority

The team at Recooty completely understands the value of the understanding of their clients. The feedback, as well as any problems faced by the clients, has always been a priority. Unlike some of the other recruiting software, Recooty responds immediately and impulsively to all the doubts and dilemmas of its clients, untangling the confusions and helping recruiters get through them easily. As an HR professional its very important to have complete knowledge of the technique used in all tasks and Recooty makes sure to provide them with all of the essential knowledge within just a matter of clicks.

Extremely amazing yet affordable

Undoubtedly there are many other recruiting software that provides the similar services mentioned above. But unfortunately, their prices are too high for startups and small companies who have a limited financial supply. A proper and accurate recruitment is more important for a startup and small company than it is for a well-established company hence they deserve services that are as good as the big companies have and Recooty has made sure they get it. Recooty’s pricing scheme is what makes it so desirable and apt for the HR industry. It provides almost every service that an ideal recruiting software can at a very pocket-friendly pricing, starting at the basic free version to $99 per month ultra package.

Recooty is everything that the HR industry can think of when it comes to purchasing a Recruiting Software for making their recruitment process easier, better and efficient. With Recooty, getting the best fit for an organization is a lot easier and pocket-friendly than it ever was before.

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