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We’re delighted to announce that SoftwareSuggest has honored Recooty with its esteemed awards — High Performer for Winter 2024 & Customer Support for Enterprise 2024. This achievement reflects our infallible dedication to delivering the best hiring results to our customers through our modern ATS platform and dependable customer support.

Since SoftwareSuggest provides recognition to platforms based on high customer ratings and reviews, it confirms that companies are putting their trust in Team Recooty to hire the best talent every time. 

What Does These Recent Achievements Mean?

Receiving these badges means more than delivering good service, it means we were able to provide excellent experience to our customer leading to their complete satisfaction, setting a new standard in the industry!

1. High-Performing ATS Solution:

Over 10000+ users trust Recooty to hire amazing teammates not just because of the powerful hiring features but also because it is easy to adopt to manage hiring at once.

And the great part? No burden of tiresome training sessions to utilize Recooty to its fullest extent!

2. Top-Notch Customer Support:

At Recooty, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, ensuring our customers get the best value out of our hiring platform. 

And we take pride in translating this commitment into reality. It’s truly gratifying to see the significant impact our support team’s efforts have in enabling companies to find their next best hire effortlessly.

Don’t believe us? Reach out anytime – our team is always here for you! 

See what our customers say!

Learn how Recooty is enabling great teams to hire the right people through its intuitive platform: 

Best Software I Have Ever Used So Far”

I have to deal with a lot of recruitment, and Recooty is by far the best recruitment software I have ever used. I suggest you use Recooty once, and you will know the difference.

Danielle R.

“It is an exactly apt choice for the HR department of any company.”

Recooty has helped me immensely with the recruiting process for my newly established business. I was thrilled to discover Recooty and highly recommend it to any entrepreneur facing challenges in finding the right people for their jobs.

Oliver Thompson

How Recooty Delivers Top-Notch Hirings Consistently?

Our Team is committed to providing an unmatched hiring experience through our modern applicant tracking system (ATS) to our customers. We are on a mission to streamline hiring for small and medium enterprises by helping them manage the complete hiring process in a unified platform. 

This drives every member of our team to focus on making an excellent hiring platform that helps companies bring in passionate individuals. 

Through Recooty you can:

  • Post jobs to a wide network of 250+ job boards including Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Collect, manage, and evaluate applicants with your teammates from a single candidate dashboard. 
  • Build an employer brand with a custom careers page that showcases your amazing workplace and attracts talent who aligns with your mission.
  • Automate your daily tasks including job description creation, collecting the right interview questions, and writing emails through our free AI tools.

The list doesn’t end here, there’s a lot more that benefits your overall hiring efforts. Plus, you will get the entire package on a budget to take your hiring to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free demo!

Interested in learning how Recooty has earned SoftwareSuggest’s Badges? Experience simplified hiring yourself and find out! 

With our modern yet easy ATS solution and best-in-class customer support, we’re sure we can transform your hiring in one go!

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Our Sincere Thanks to You

So, in the end, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers for helping us achieve this success. Here’s to you, the recruiters & HRs who are building winning teams with Recooty. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! 

Let’s cheer on our collective journey, our victories, and what lies ahead!

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