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In today’s ever-changing job market, finding the right talent for your business can be a daunting task. As we move further into 2024 the search for skilled employees continues to challenge hiring managers and business owners alike. But don’t let that discourage you! In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways on how to find employees in 2024 and share practical tips on How to recruit employees in 2024.

From social media recruiting to employee referral programs, we’ll cover innovative approaches that will help you attract top talent to your organization. So, if you’re looking for employees and want to stay ahead of the curve in the recruitment game, keep reading to learn how to find and hire the best talent for your team.

There are many things you can do to make sure you hire the best employees for your organization. Let’s discuss it in a brief manner.

Best Ways to find Employees for free:

1. Create a strong online presence for your company

Creating your company’s image on online channels is pretty essential. A good reputation will help you grab the attention of the best potential candidates and make them interested in joining your firm. Make sure you keep in mind the following points to do that:

Promote your company culture

When you advertise your company as a place where the employees experience a healthy working environment and great company culture. Then the possibility of receiving applications of good candidates increases which is, in turn, a really good thing.

Display images & videos to advertise

Now, how would you communicate to prospective employees that what you offer is best? It is simple, post videos and images regularly on social media and other channels of your company’s workspace, employees & events you organize. Try to do it consistently for better results.

Perks for employees

Endorse the benefits of working in your organization that your employees receive. For example, proper recognition for their contributions & various benefits for it like office perks, team outings, free passes for exclusive events & so on.

Benefits for employees

Health insurance, paid time off, stock options, student loan repayment, and many more benefits your employees receive. These are also great things that attract good candidates.

You can do this via free online mediums such as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, along with professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, etc. 

2. Social media is an effective medium to find employees

Spreading the word about job openings through social media is an underrated yet effective method to find employees online for free.

You can try the following platforms:

  • LinkedIn –77% of employers rely onLinkedIn. This platform is prime for professional networking and here the job openings can also be posted. Generally, professionals, as well as students, showcase their experience and skills on their LinkedIn profiles. Also, you can find and connect with people as per your needs by simply searching on this platform. Prepare a company’s profile on LinkedIn so that people can follow & receive important updates.
  • Facebook –There are job groups you can join and tell people that you are hiring currently. This way you might reach good candidates.
  • Twitter –Tweet, Tweet & Tweet about the open job roles in your organization with hashtags like #jobs #graphicdesigner #vacancy, etc. and notify your audience.
  • Instagram –It is mostly used to promote businesses, but you can announce on several groups, and post on your company’s page. On the stories, you can notify that you’re recruiting. It will also ensure that you can find employees for free.

Finding good employees is really effective if you include social media channels in your list of best sources of recruiting.

Almost everyone is using social media & you don’t know if your message gets seen by suitable candidates. Social media is free to use & harnessing its power is a great idea.

3. Write SEO-based clear job description

The job descriptions can make or break the chances of finding good candidates for your organization. Remember the following things to create an excellent job description:

A compelling yet clear title is a must

Write a good title that defines the work expected from an employee. Make sure you don’t use fancy words, just choose traditional titles. For example, while hiring a salesman use title – Sales Executive instead of using words like Sales Wizard, etc. Keep it small and unambiguous.

Make it more than just a job description

  • Include keywords to optimize it for search engines, so you can be fairly visible, wherever you post the job.
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the job. You need not explain those in detail. Keep it short and easy to understand.
  • Try selling the job position by mentioning the benefits that you offer. It will make candidates excited to work with you.

Use free job description templates

  • Make use of free job description templates since they already specify everything with respect to any job you offer. Do make the required changes here and there & you are ready to go.

4. Use free job boards for a wider reach

Candidates spend a lot of time on job boards/sites to find jobs relevant to their skills, knowledge, and experience. There are numerous job boards that provide free services for employers to post job vacancies like Indeed, Monster, Google for Jobs, Facebook Jobs, and others.

You can also consider industry-specific job sites/job boards to find suitable employees more quickly.

Create an attractive job posting and post it on these platforms and find the best employees for free. If you want then you can also use sponsored ads to feature if your hiring budget allows you. So, your jobs show at the top of the relevant search results.

5. Going for employee referrals is a good idea

The people who are already working in your company might know someone who can be the best fit for the role you are offering. Your existing employees might know someone from their personal or professional network and suggest their names to you.

You can arrange some sort of referral competition. When a colleague at your company helps to make good recruitment you can give them rewards like gifts, holidays, etc.

6. Attend job fairs & organize career days

Look if there are any job fairs taking place in your city or online, and attend them. Job seekers attend these events to find great job opportunities.

You can organize your own career day at your company. Again, it is important to note that recruitment is beneficial for both the recruiter and the candidate. It might not be completely free but whatever you spend on it, consider it as an investment.

So, obviously, candidates would love to explore how your company works, what its working culture is & many other questions they might have. Discuss with your colleagues of different departments about how many people are needed in their departments and plan it accordingly.

7. Partner with educational institutes to find good employees

Colleges and universities partner with companies and invite them to select students and graduates and hire. Visit campus career day held by these institutions and speak with the relevant candidates. Here you can find the best among them and bring them for work at your company.

Students & fresh graduates know about the value of a good working opportunity, and they are always willing to give their best. Indeed, educational institutions are good for finding great employees for free.

8. Look for an Applicant Tracking System

Hiring Software or Applicant Tracking System is a tool that manages and automates the recruitment process. This tool will come in handy while you are going to find good employees. ATS allows you to post jobs on numerous job sites like Indeed, Monster, Google Job Board, Facebook Jobs, etc., at the same time.

The job posting is usually free on ATS solutions. Some companies offer a free plan but the features it offers are quite limited so, you cannot expect too much from it.

But, If you want to make the full utility then you have to pay some money to buy its beneficial features. To conduct good recruiting it is a pretty good deal altogether.

9. Hire quickly with internal hiring

Existing employees might be looking for a job change. Instead of letting them go outside for finding a job, provide them an opportunity for a job change or a promotion.

The existing employees are well aware of your company’s work culture, and you already have an idea about its performance and qualities. That’s why it confirms the smooth job transition as well.

Before you start seeking prospective employees anywhere else, we recommend you consider deserving and capable employees inside your organization.

This will help you reduce the employee turnover of your company and keep the employees in the longer run. And do you know the cost this process involves? The answer is – it is free of any cost!

10. Not to mention, maintain a talent pool

You do not know that the need to make an immediate hire may arise anytime. Be prepared for times like these because you might not have enough time to search from scratch.

The talent pool is a database where you can store powerful resumes of talented candidates you were not able to select in the past. You have to maintain one to ensure that when there is a need to hire, you already have quality candidates accessible.

Organize resumes according to candidates’ industries or fields in the talent pool. For example, if you need to hire an accountant for your firm, you can find it under the section, let’s say – accounting resumes.

11. Give a chance to new job seekers

Have you ever given a thought about fresh job seekers? If yes, then you know they are highly capable of doing any work assigned to them. If you simply show trust in them, they are more likely to give their best for your company.

Consider offering jobs to the newcomers in the job market, as they are always interested to learn new things. Give a chance to these fresh talented ones.

12. Review resumes on a regular basis

When it comes to reviewing resumes that you receive, please try to give emphasis on it. The chances are great that you can find the desired candidate for the job offer your company is making. If the resume is not relevant as of now, it is certain that you can store it inside the talent database for future needs.

Notice these things while reviewing resume:

  • Read the cover letter and see how they are describing themselves as it gives a glimpse of the candidate’s personality and soft skills.
  • See their skills and qualifications to see if they match the required job role.
  • Check for grammar and spelling in their cover letter or resume.
  • Always try to review previous employment (if any).
  • Evaluate these things and see if the candidate qualifies for the next stage of the interview.

Conduct this process regularly because you don’t want to miss a chance to find a quality candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Post jobs on online job sites like, Indeed, Craigslist, etc.
Use social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
Join existing job groups on these platforms
Post jobs on your company’s website.

Advertise in newspapers, generally, this service is free.
Visit local universities and colleges for searching for great talent.
Post traditional Wanted Signs on job bulletin boards in popular public spaces and outside your office buildings.
Use local job sites to find good employees.

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