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set of employees. Hiring people who add value significantly to their job and all together to the organization is extremely crucial for the growth and success of any organization. No company or businesses can survive without a set of valued employees.

Hiring is one of the few processes in every organization which needs to be closely supervised. Just hiring a person to do a job is not enough, there are many facts and characteristics which need to be considered and determined if that person is the best fit for that job or not.

However, finding the best fit isn’t easy at all as it involves finding a person with not only skills, knowledge and expertise relevant to the job, but also appropriate ethics to fit his role in team culture. A wrong hire eventually leads to a lot of unnecessary financial as well as time expenditure which is completely undesirable for any organization. Summing up, a wrong hire may turn out to be extremely toxic for the functioning of an organization. Toxic employees suck at all the productive tasks of any organization. Not only do they turn out to be an expensive investment, but also they have zero contribution to the expansion and growth of the business. It would be an absolute nightmare for any recruiter to expose his organization to employees who hold back their growth, hence it is very important to identify them. Here are 5 types of toxic employees whom every organization need to avoid for its own good-

The Pessimistic ones

Pessimism refers to see the worst aspect of things or firmly believe that the worst will happen always. An organization always craves for employees who are positively motivated and confident about their capabilities and skills. Pessimistic employees can be very dangerous for the growth of an organization. These type of employees always look at the negative aspects of everything, from the tasks given to them, to the behavioral aspects of their work atmosphere. To them, everyone around them seems stupid and the tasks in his or her job are boring. These employees need to be tackled carefully and cleverly, maybe by an intervention or by talking some sense into them.

The Procrastinators

Procrastination is a quality which is absolutely undesirable in any person. And when employees who possess procrastination as one of their main characteristics, they become a great hurdle in the organization’s journey to success. The procrastinators effectively have an ‘I-will-do-it-tomorrow’ approach for everything that their job includes and the most dangerous fact is that their tomorrow never seems to arrive. Their procrastination effectively spreads dullness in their whole team and slow down the productivity rate of the organization. Recruiters need to look out carefully and identify such people by paying the employees undeclared visits and giving unexpected reviews.

The Gossipers

Gossips are just unnecessary, completely irrelevant trash talks and conversations. Gossiping is quite common in any workplace but the people who start this chain of gossiping is the main culprit here. The gossiping employees often create mistrust between his colleagues and the management. They seem to adopt severe hypocritic policies just to feel like a part of a group. So when one employee’s back is turned, the gossipers try to bond with other people by speaking negatively about them. These people are the source of any rumor that goes around in the workplaces of an organization. Personal conversations with these kinds of people are one of the best ways to get them on the right path.

The Short-Tempered Ones

Patience is one of the most important qualities that every person must possess, especially when it comes to being a member of a team. Every person may have a huge difference of opinion on a particular topic, that’s what distinguishes them, its a universal fact. People who don’t understand this simply get offended when someone violates their opinions and opposes them. When these short-tempered people step in a working atmosphere as employees, their impatient behavior creates a lot of nuisance. Recruiters need to understand their psyche thoroughly in order to tackle these kinds of employees.

The ones with the Know-It-All approach

A person should always have a learning spirit and should be eager to grasp knowledge from every other person he meets. People who consider themselves to have a lot of knowledge or even say, complete knowledge often seem to have the least of the knowledge as they simply limit their learning reaches. Speaking of a toxic employee, at first the Know-it-all employees seem to be very hard working and totally focused in the growth of their organization. However eventually, this kind of employees become very arrogant in their approaches. They often demotivate their colleagues by forcing them to believe that their way is the only right way. They underestimate and their co-worker’s opinions and ideas. Giving such kind of employees a paid break is a great way to help them get their thoughts and methodologies straight so that they can work more efficiently.

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