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The recruitment process plays a very crucial role in any enterprise’s journey of success which also makes it a process which demands a lot of time, efforts, and various other resources. Not getting the perfect needed employee can really be a nightmare and makes the whole recruitment process questionable!
This is exactly why we came up with the idea of Recooty in the first place! We understand what a tedious task hiring can be and therefore, here at Recooty, our primary concern is to make the life of recruiters & entrepreneurs a lot easier which can increase their efficiency & help them build great teams. Let’s see what recruiters can do with Recooty!

Here’s a list of everything that Recooty can do for you to make your recruiting experience worth remembering as well as admiring-

1. Get on board with World’s easiest Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System is the most essential HR technology that every company uses nowadays for hiring. According to a study, almost 75% of the established firms use an ATS before the resume of a candidate actually comes in the hand of the recruiter. However, most ATS are really very complicated to use with a long and tangled installation process.
Recooty was designed with the most easiest ATS to help recruiters get past this problem. Recooty claims to be the World’s easiest ATS and it really is because of the ease with which it can be installed, accessed and the efficient results recruiters have.

2. Get huge exposure with integration with Google Job Boards

Google has answers to almost every problem and it has left no stone unturned and no aspect of the world untouched. That’s probably why Google is the first platform to be looked up to when a job seeker hunts for a job too. Google for Jobs is the search engine powered by Google. It simply partners with various job sites and portals and generates lists of relevant open positions on the Google job board for the job seekers.
Recooty is integrated with Google Job Board which give recruiters access to a huge pool of potential and skilled candidates and get the best fit for any of the jobs. In a nutshell, using Recooty can give recruiters a huge exposure through the largest and best search engine in the world and find just the right candidate needed.

3. Integrate Recooty directly with your Company’s Website

Most large organizations and a growing number of small and mid-sized companies are rapidly turning to use an Applicant Tracking System to handle voluminous resumes and applications and protecting their business by following proper hiring procedures.
Recooty is not only an amazing ATS but it also has the awesome feature of website integration. Recooty’s job board gets directly integrated to your existing WordPress or customized career page. This can provide a recruiter with various advantages like simplifying compliance, improving security and manage to hire more efficiently and smartly.

4. Post Job Openings Directly on Their Website

After integrating Recooty on your website you can directly post various job openings on your own website’s career page. It can effectively help you personalize your career site and extend the look and feel of your brand. All the jobs falling under various categories can be viewed by the job seeker at a single place and also can be handled by the recruiter easily too.

5. Make Candidate Tracking & Management Easier

When it comes to the complexity of the recruitment process, the most hectic task for the recruiters is filtering out tons of resumes and application in the hunt of the right candidate. The main motive behind the designing of Recooty was to provide the recruiters with an extremely simple tool which automates the various processes like screening, emailing and following up with the candidates. Recooty’s proactive dashboard helps recruiters to keep themselves updated and track the candidates.

6. Plan and Schedule Interviews Effectively

Interview scheduling is one of the last and hectic tasks of the hiring and needs to be done carefully by the to know their candidates well.
Recooty’s incredible ATS does that for you efficiently. Not only does it filters the resumes and applications according to the required criteria of the recruiter but it also schedules and plans the best possible interview scheme for the filtered and chosen candidates to make sure that the best of the talents is chosen.

7. Hire Smartly and Accurately at a very Affordable Pricing

Most of the Applicant Tracking Systems are not only too complex to use but are also very expensive. Recooty is an amazing pocket-friendly recruiting tool with very affordable pricing schemes. In fact, the basic version of Recooty is absolutely free and still has some of the amazing features which any other ATS may not have provided for free.

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