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About Harjeeet Khanduja:

Harjeet is the Senior Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Jio. Harjeet wears many hats, boasting a diverse background as a TedX Speaker, Author, Poet, Influencer, and HR Leader. His remarkable achievements include multiple awards such as HR personality of the year, Top 100 HR Minds, Top 100 Global Thought Leaders, and Pride of the Nation. Notably, Harjeet has contributed significantly to HR technology with four published patents and actively engages with various NGOs.

In the the interview we discussed:

AI’s transformative impact is reshaping talent acquisition in significant ways! Join the conversation with Harjeet in the latest episode of The Recruiting Revolution. Discover how TA Leaders can strategically leverage AI to seize current opportunities and plan effectively for the future.

– Evolving Talent Acquisition Strategies ⭐

– Simplifying Hiring with Talent Management ⭐

– Cultivating Trust for a Great Workplace ⭐

– AI: Boon and Challenge for Recruiters ⭐

-AI Approach: M.O.B.I.L.E Strategy ⭐

-AI for Proxy Hiring Detection ⭐

-AI’s Efficiency with Big Data ⭐

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