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About Brigitte Skeene:

Brigitte Skeen, the Co-founder of Talent IQ and Engagés, organizations committed to amplifying human talent. Brigitte has over twenty-five years of experience in talent acquisition. Her career spans both domestic and international roles in major companies and leading human capital consulting firms.

In the the interview we discussed:

Join us as we explore in depth of modern recruitment and how revitalize onboarding and selection process plays an important role in employee retention and overall experience.


💡 Recruitment Today: No longer a transactional approach?”

💡 Talent IQ: An extension of the recruitment teams

💡 Cultural Insight: Do organizations truly grasp their own culture?”

💡 Talent acquisition and employee experience: One seamless journey

💡 First 6 Months Vulnerability: What makes this period critical for new hires?”

💡 Onboarding Essentials

💡 How Structured interview is 2x effective than unstructured

💡 Future Recruitment Trends: predictive analytics in sourcing and skilled based hiring

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