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Capterra’s best-recruiting software award in 2019

Recooty is the best recruiting software say Capterra for ambitious businesses to build their great teams. Recooty helps 4000+ businesses worldwide to attract, engage & hire the top talents without any hassle.

Who is Capterra?

A company owned by Gartner, Capterra is a widely used software review website, with over 925,000 ratings and reviews. They currently influence over 5 million potential buyers per month and cover 700+ software categories by providing detailed information on the features and benefits of different software programs, as well as verified customer reviews. Each year, Capterra hands out two awards in each software sector for “Best Value” and “Best Ease of Use”.

We are honored to have won both of these awards for 2019 from out of the 320 recruiting software also known as applicant tracking system options available. Click here to check out our customers’ reviews.

How Recooty works?

What does this mean for Recooty?

This is another milestone achieved in our journey as a team here at Recooty. Surely our goal from day one has been to provide affordable, easy-to-use software for enterprises across the globe.

Receiving recognition for our efforts is highly rewarding for us so far. We look forward to showing you the exciting new updates that are coming later this year.

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