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IT Technician Job Description Template

Now, let’s put it all together in a sample IT Technician Job Description:

Job brief:

We are looking for an IT Technician for our organization. The candidate is supposed to have good knowledge of diverse computer systems to set up a workstation. Your task will be to install and configure the hardware as well as software components. Ensuring the proper functioning of all the hardware and software components is also your responsibility. You must be capable of resolving the issues that arise in any hardware or software component.

The ability to establish a good local network and work on the security, privacy of the network as well as the system is important.

Having top-class troubleshooting skills is a plus point.

Your ultimate goal will be to keep the system upgraded to optimize its performance. This will contribute to the growth of the organization.


  • Install and configure appropriate hardware and software components.
  • Establish proper workstations with the computer system and all the necessary devices.
  • Keep checking the computer hardware functioning.
  • Resolve the hardware and software issues that keep arising in between.
  • Establish a Proper local network such that it enhances the performance.
  • Take care of the privacy and security of computer systems as well as the network.
  • Work on the up-gradation of the complete system two facilitates compatibility of the software all the computer systems. 
  • Keep upgrading the antivirus software for security to ensure security from the user’s end.
  • Support and guidance to the users to help them operate new software and computer equipment efficiently.
  • Evaluate and perform various tests on the new hardware and software.
  • Determine the shortage of any equipment and place orders.
  • Maintain proper records of all repairs and replacements of the hardware or software.
  • Perform regular backup operations.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science or other related fields.
  • Proven experience as an IT Technician or in other relevant roles. 
  • Excellent problem-solving ability and diagnostic skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Understanding of computer systems, networks, and other technical equipment used.
  • In-depth knowledge of network security, the privacy of computer systems, and their data.
  • Time management skills and organizational skills.

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IT Technician Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average an IT Technician on an entry-level earn about Rs. 500,000 in India and $88,000 in the US per year.

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