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About Tess Hilson-Greene

Tess Hilson-Greene, from the United Kingdom, serving as the CEO and Founder of AI Capabilities Ltd. With over a decade of experience in the HR industry, Tess brings a wealth of expertise ranging from aviation and banking to pharmaceuticals. A renowned speaker, author, podcaster, and recognized as a LinkedIn Top HR and L&D voice, Tessa’s insights promise to enlighten and inspire.

In the the interview we discussed:

AI is becoming increasingly more and more prevalent in Talent Acquisition and other areas——it’s not going away. To know more, tune in to the fourth episode of The Recruiting Revolution Podcast🎙,where our guest Tess brings invaluable expertise in leveraging AI not only for talent acquisition but across various organizational functions. Tune in now!

⭐ From Testing to Implementation: I Unleash AI Capabilities for Organizational Success

⭐ Harmonizing Human Touch with AI Precision: I Elevate Quality in Processes

⭐ Harnessing AI for Inclusive Communities: I Build, Nurture, and Monitor Diversity

⭐ Navigating the AI Frontier: I Embrace, Don’t Fear

⭐ Synergizing Strengths: I Maximize Efficiency through Human-AI Collaboration in the Workplace

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