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All good things are coming this week 🎉 

Here are the list of features which we have recently launched, let’s check them out!

1. Widget Color Customization.

Now you can customize the color of Recooty’s job widget according to your website’s design styles.

How to change the color of the widget

Go to “Job Widget” under “Settings” and update the colors as per your design needs.

If you haven’t integrated the job widget yet, check this video guide on how to integrate the job widget on your website’s career page-

2. Talent Pool.

You can now add groups of contacts/applicants from your dashboard who may be suited to your various job positions.

Also, those applicants who couldn’t find a suitable job opening for themselves at the moment, can also apply from “Didn’t find any suitable job opening for you? Still, want to apply” section located at the bottom of your job openings list.

3. Branded Careers Page.

According to a study, 2/3rd of the job seekers visit your website when they are interested in working with you.

With Recooty, now you can easily create a fully branded careers page, which includes:

a. Your company’s logo.

b. A description of your company (e.g. your mission, values, and employee benefits)

c. A list of your current job openings, with links to the full job descriptions so that candidates can apply directly.

To set up your careers page, go to “Career’s Page” under “Settings” and update your company’s details.

Once done, click on the “View Career’s Page” button check all your published job openings there with your company’s vision, mission and value to create your brand value & to help you acquire great talents.

4. Adding Multiple Locations.

Now you can add multiple office locations.

To add multiple office locations, go to “Locations” under “Settings” and add your all office address.

When you’ll post jobs, you can simply choose any of the locations you have added from the list.

5. Interview Scheduling.

Recooty now helps interviewers master their interview schedules. Email the specified interview type, date, time & location directly to all the shortlisted candidates & take out the pain of interview coordination.

Step 1: Shortlist the potential candidate.

Step 2: Go to “Shortlisted Candidates” & click on “Schedule Interview”.

Step 3: Select fields like Date & Time, add Venue, Contact Info & aMessage(optional), & click on “Send Email to Candidate.”

Step 4: Click on “Interviews” & here you’ll find the list of all the upcoming interviews & completed interviews.

Hope you’ll like these features 🙂

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on the new features at [email protected].

Happy hiring!

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