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Want to learn about the best tech job boards to find the top tech talent? You’re at the right place! In this article, we’ve included the top tech job posting sites including their pricing.

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Tech talent across the globe plays a crucial role in building software, developing and maintaining computer systems, managing networks, and a lot more. The talent pool in the IT industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. At the same time, it is speculated that computer occupations will grow at 14.2% between 2022 to 2032 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This shows a massive future competition for which you need to stay ready with the best tech job board in your inventory. To help you be ready, we’ve listed the top tech job boards where you can find the right talent with the right skill set, easily.

8 Best Tech Job Boards for Employers for Tech Jobs Postings

While many tech job boards exist, we’ve curated the top ones ensuring the highest chances of finding your next best hire:

Dice job board

Established in 1990, Dice is a popular job board with a specific focus on the tech industry. As candidates need to create an exhaustive profile before they can apply for jobs, the likelihood of finding qualified tech candidates increases substantially. Its tech-focused AI helps the platform match your job with the most active and relevant candidates based on the role’s unique requirements.

Apart from posting jobs, you can also find candidates from its vast database, powered with AI capabilities. Additionally, Dice provides employer branding solutions for employers to stand out before top tech professionals and attract them.

Dice Pricing for Job Posting:

Regardless of the plan you choose, your job(s) will remain live for up to 30 days and will be promoted on Dice’s preferred tech channels.

Dice’s job posting pricing comes in three tiers:

  • $495 for Single Job Post
  • $429 per job for Two Job Posts
  • $399 per job for Three Job Posts

If these plans are not suitable for your needs, you can always contact their sales team for a customized solution.

If you’re a startup, Wellfound is the best place to find tech talent, ready to work in a startup. Wellfound says it has a candidate pool of around 10 million job seekers and hosts over 150K jobs on its job board.

While on Wellfound you primarily will notice tech talent, but it’s not limited to that. You can also find candidates from marketing, sales, and other profiles. It also provides a free ATS or connects Wellfound with your own to let you track and manage applicants, making hiring a lot easier.

Wellfound also lets you send messages to as many candidates as you like for free. You can also create pitch messages that your teammates can use while reaching out to candidates. This will help you showcase your open roles in a better way and encourage candidates to apply.

Wellfound Pricing for Job Posting:

You can post a job for free, Wellfound also has paid plans for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the plans:

  • Access (Free): Offers free job posting, built-in ATS, integration with external ATS, and limited access to its candidate database.
  • Recruit Pro ($499): Everything in the Free plan with access to advanced search filters, pitch templates, resumes & social links, and instant scheduling.

Unlimited Access (Custom):

Gives access to unlimited interview-ready candidates, curated specially by Wellfound. Pricing is not disclosed for this plan, you need to contact their sales team for more info.


Established in 1990, Dice is a popular job board with a specific focus on the tech industry. As candidates need to create an exhaustive profile b

It’s the official job board of TechCrunch which is an online portal that covers everything happening in the tech landscape. One major USP of Crunchboard’s job postings is they never expire, you can reuse them whenever you need. Plus you can create a job post pretty easily.

Each Crunchboard’s job stays live for 30 days, after which, as said, will become reusable again. As techies generally visit TechCrunch to stay updated, so there’s a good chance they are aware of its job board and will use it for a job search. This increases your chance of getting in front of the right candidates.

Crunchboard Pricing for Job Posting:

Crunchboard offers 4 pricing plans as listed below:

  • Single Job: Gives single job for $349.
  • 5 Job Pack: Provides 5 jobs for $1295.
  • 5 Featured Jobs: Delivers 5 featured jobs for $1695
  • 10 Job Pack: Gives 10 jobs for $2495
we work remotely

As the name suggests, WeWorkRemotely features remote jobs in programming, designing, marketing, and more. This website has an estimated monthly organic traffic of 295K+, reflecting its substantial popularity among working professionals.

Jobs posted on WeWorkRemotely are also distributed on WeWorkRemotely’s Partner Websites including GoogleforJobs and SitePoint. If you’re looking to hire top remote tech talent, this job board is the best place to find them.

WeWorkRemotely Pricing for Job Posting 

The base price for an individual job posting is $299/month which stays live for 30 days. This remote job board offers 3 upgrade packages to help you increase job visibility:

  • Good: $59 for displaying your company logo, sharing in WWR’s Slack channel, 2x social media posts, and distribution of your job to its partner network.
  • Better: $99 for everything in free with 3X social media posts, and highlight your ad.
  • Best: $149 for everything in the above plans with 4X social media posts, pinned ads for 7 days, and featured daily digest placement.

Techfetch is a US-based global job board that helps companies find the best tech talent. It hosts a community of over 2 million tech professionals including US citizens, green card holders, and H1B holders. Techfetch uses an online system that matches jobs with the candidate in its database to quickly present the best matches.

All of this makes it among the best places to find tech talent who possess the skills you desire.

TechFetch Pricing for Job Posting 

It has 2 plans for employers to support their talent search:

  • Platinum: $1,799 for 500 job postings and 10,000 resume views with a validity of 12 months per user.
  • Diamond: $2,499 for 600 job postings and 12,000 resume views with a validity of 12 months per user. 

You also get lots of productivity with each plan. Visit Techfetch’s pricing page for a more detailed look at the features both plans offer.

builtin employers

Another excellent tech job board in the list is Built-in. This job site has over 5 million unique monthly visitors and professionals with an average experience of 8.5 years.

It offers various useful features for effective talent attraction such as employer profiles, unlimited job postings, and a lot more. You also get a company profile to showcase your vision and employer brand.

Built In Pricing for Job Posting 

Built In offers 3 tier pricing plans namely Essential, Plus, and Premium. The pricing for these plans is not available upfront. You need to contact their sales team to know the actual pricing.

indeed, how to post on indeed

This job board needs no introduction, but still here’s a quick overview.

Indeed is among the most prominent, all-round job boards with over 300 unique monthly visitors worldwide. This amount of traffic means there is more than enough best tech talent you can attract & hire. For a better idea – According to Indeed, software engineer jobs got over 573,547+ clicks since April 2023 in the US itself.

Indeed offers unlimited free job postings with useful features such as screening questions, candidate matching, centralized candidate management, and a lot more. Plus, it also connects seamlessly with any modern-day ATS to make your hiring even more streamlined.

Indeed Pricing for Job Posting

Starting from $5 to $499 in daily budget, Indeed charges employers on a pay-per-click basis. As the organic postings lose their visibility over time, you can sponsor your job to improve visibility.


To hire tech talent specializing in UX or user experience, the UX Jobs Board is among the best places to find them. You can find UX designers, Information Architects, UX Researchers, and other professionals pretty easily.

This top tech job board lets you browse its talent database even before registering for your account. When you post a job through a premium account, it gets published on all major social channels and UXJobsBoard’s partner job sites.

UXJobsBoard Pricing for Job Posting:

You can opt for a premium employer account UXJobsBoard which costs $125/per month.

Can an ATS help in finding top tech talent?

Definitely, an ATS is a pretty handy tool as you can expand your talent search by a huge margin. A modern ATS like Recooty helps you post jobs to 250+ job boards like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and more. 

And that’s not it! With an ATS, you can track & evaluate applicants with your teammates, boost your employer branding with a careers page, and automate mundane recruiting tasks using AI tools. The benefits list just goes on and on!

Want to see how ATS can assist you in your hunt for top tech talent? 

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Frequently asked questions

Specialized tech job boards focus on tech roles, making it easier to find candidates with the specific skills you need. They offer features like coding tests and portfolio showcases that help in identifying high-quality tech talent.

To attract top tech talent:

– Write clear, appealing job descriptions.

– Offer competitive salaries and benefits.

– Highlight your company’s innovation and growth opportunities.

– Participate in community discussions and share valuable content.

Most tech job boards charge for job postings. Costs vary by platform and listing type. For example, Dice, Wellfound, Crunchboard, WeWorkRemotely, Techfetch, Built In, Indeed, and UXjobsboard each have different pricing models. Review each platform’s pricing to fit your budget.

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