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It’s completely free for everyone to post a job on Google for Jobs. You just need to structure the underlying HTML of your job postings so that they can be indexed by Google for Jobs. Or, another simpler option is that you can post your jobs on 3rd party job posting platforms that Google for Jobs has already indexed. Let’s check out in detail how to post a job on Google for Jobs.

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How to Post a job on Google : A complete guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Google for Jobs and how you can easily post a job on Google search engine. In this blog, we’ll share the step-by-step guide to help you make your job listings appear on Google.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is an advanced job search tool developed to make job listing & searching a simpler and more fun experience. This platform makes employers list their jobs on the Google search engine and lets job seekers find & apply for them.

Google for Jobs shows results like this when you search for jobs on Google.

How does Google For Jobs work?

Google’s AI algorithms extract information from employers’ career pages, organizes them, match them and eradicate any duplicates. Then Google lists those job openings on its search engine.

Google effectively brings together job postings from across the whole web. It collects job listings from small websites and large job sites with millions of listings. That’s why job seekers can easily find their next job in the Google search engine.

You can’t directly post jobs on Google. There are two ways to get your job openings visible on Google Job Search Engine for free.

The easier way is to use a third-party job posting platform or the other way is to integrate with Google directly. Both are described below as follows:

You can go for the direct way or opt for alternative ways to post jobs on Google. The first one is to post jobs via 3rd party job sites or opt for an applicant tracking system or hiring software.

The chances are you might have already posted jobs via 3rd party job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or ZipRecruiter. If yes, then you don’t need to put in any extra effort as these sites are already linked with Google’s job board, meaning your jobs will reflect in google jobs if you post via these sites. Anyone who’s using Google search will see your listing when they type in the specific job opening (e.g., XYZ job in ABC location).

Alternatively, you can go for a more convenient way i.e. Applicant Tracking System. An applicant tracking system not only lets you post to multiple job boards at once but also helps you streamline your hiring process and make it faster and more efficient.

There are lots of ATSs available in the market but the top ones are — Recooty, Workable, Freshteam, Zoho Recruit, Smart Recruiters and BreezyHR. To know more about other ATS platforms, read our Best Applicant Tracking System List.

Recooty customers’ jobs are automatically indexed on the Google search engine and appear on Google for Jobs. Try Recooty ATS for free today.

How to Post a Job on Google directly?

Step 1: Make indexable web pages

Integrating your website with Google for Jobs is simple, however, you need to make it ready before you do that. For that, the main requirement is to have a separate web page for job opportunities on your website. 

In case you use a website builder like Wix or Squarespace, you can find many tutorials online which will guide you on how to add a new page to your website.

On the other hand, if you use any other website host, then contacting the developer is the best option to help you build one.

Step 2: List your job postings

Once your careers page is ready, it’s time to add your open job positions to it. Take reference from the similar job postings that are available on some 3rd party platforms to see what info they have listed.

Your job postings must include:

  • Job title
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Preferred qualifications and experience
  • Salary range


Step 3: Add structured data

To make things work, you need to add structured data to your website. Either follow Google’s technical guidelines or get this process done by outsourcing it to a skilled developer. After this is done, Google will be able to see your job posting and label the required information. Here’s the simple process to add structured data to your site:

  • Ensure that your web pages are indexable. In simple words, they should allow Google to perform frequent crawls.
  • Check if you have multiple copies of the same job posting on your website. If you have them then consolidate the URLs.
  • Add properties required and recommended by Google.
  • Make sure everything aligns with Google’s technical guidelines and content posting policies.
  • Now perform a Google search and preview how your structured data looks.

Step 4: Track progress/Try to stay updated

To stay updated you can use Google Sitemaps to notify the platform about any changes you make to the job posting, encourage individuals to apply, and remove job posts as per requirements.

Furthermore, there’s also another way to stay updated about the performance of your job posting is performing and how many clicks it is generating in the Google Search Console.

Integration Guide: The full integration guide is available here.

Leverage Job Posting Sites that Integrate with Google for Jobs:

There are many top job boards, recruiting sites, and platforms that have direct access to the Google for Jobs job board through integration. This integration lets them publish posted jobs on their platforms to Google’s job board. Below are some of the best platforms you can use to post jobs on Google for Jobs instantly:

  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Glassdoor (via Indeed)
  • Facebook
  • Snagajob
  • Madgex
  • myCNAjobs
  • Jora
  • Jibe
  • WayUp
  • Madgex

Useful Tips for Successfully Listing Jobs on Google for Jobs

As there will be a lot of job postings competing with your listing to appear at the top of the search results. That’s why it is recommended to leverage top-notch SEO techniques in your job posts.

The following points will let you improve your rank in Google searches:

  • Write content that includes the specific keywords that job seekers are expected to search for.
  • Pick relevant phrases for the job title and job description.
  • Include engaging images or videos to provide an interactive experience.
  • Utilize H2 & H3 headings and bulleted lists to make your posting visually appealing.

Important Tip: We have also prepared useful guidelines that will let you rank better on job search results on almost every job board out there – Job posting guidelines on Recooty.

Google for Jobs Launch Date & Key Information:

Google first launched its AI-powered jobs search engine on 20th June 2017. It launched and expanded this new job search tool with an agenda to capitalize on the $200 billion US recruitment market.

Since its launch, Google has made it very clear that it doesn’t intend to compete with other major job sites in the market. Instead, they intend to partner with them to enhance their job-seeking experience.

Google’s job search engine is continuing to expand over 120 countries and 8 languages.

Key Features

With Google for jobs, job hunters can have a more efficient and practical approach to their job hunting experience. They simply can Google “Jobs near me” or whatever specific field they’re looking for jobs in. A list of job openings from various employers as well as job websites appears on the screen.

Google for Jobs works with major job sites like CareerBuilder and Monster. It allows job seekers to see jobs from these sites along with various other sites as soon as they’re posted. It gives a massive reach to employers from all around the globe and connects them with the most relevant and targeted candidates.

Google Job Listing Pricing:

Posting jobs on Google is free for everyone. Employers need to get their jobs indexed on Google by following any one of the above-mentioned two methods.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, businesses and recruiters who are able to go through the integration process of Google for Jobs. They can post a job for free on the Google search engine. 
Google for Jobs uses machine learning and AI technologies. It has integrated with major job boards to make it possible for job seekers to see jobs result in the Google search engine. It can increase the visibility of a job to a great extent.
Posting jobs on Google for Jobs is completely free. Anyone can list their jobs on Google by following any of the above mentioned 2 methods.
If you have set up everything correctly, then it doesn’t take much longer. You just have to wait for Google to index your site, and your job is visible. It can take up to a few days. 
Posting a job on google is quite simple. You can use one of the three methods mentioned in this article which are:

1. Post directly to Google
2. Job posting via 3rd party job boards
3. Use an Applicant Tracking System

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