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Job posting guidelines on Recooty

When posting on Recooty please make sure that your job has clear and complete titles and descriptions include the actual name of your company and is posted in the city where the job will be located.

Things to keep in mind while posting a job using Recooty.

Company requirements

  • Your Account Name should be your complete company name as it will be advertised on job boards. Avoid abbreviations, d/b/a, or “Inc.” unless it’s how you typically refer to the company.
  • You must have a working and established company website which matches the company name on your account.
  • Your email address should match the company website domain (e.g. your email is [email protected] and the website is If you used another address (such as Gmail) it must be listed on the contact page of your website.
  • You should be an identifiable employer with public contact details or other verifiable information. We may request additional documentation if we cannot verify your company with the details provided. Website account name, email address, and company website details can all be updated from your Recooty’s account settings.


  • The title of the job. Do not include other types of information such as employment type, job location, dates, salaries, company names, job descriptions, copies, or headlines.
  • Use common job titles. You’ll get the best results by using standard (and descriptive) job titles like “Customer Support Representative” instead of “Support Ninja”. You’ll note that when you create a job in Recooty, the most popular job titles are auto-suggested as you type.
  • Keep things neat by avoiding extremely long titles, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, extra punctuation! and other *characters*
  • Don’t include extra information like the job location, salary, or other recruiting language (e.g. “hiring now!”, “high commission”) in the title as this can be considered “spammy”
  • The title should only be for a single position. Each separate position should be its own job in Recooty. If you’re hiring for multiple openings, you still should write the title as if it was a single position (e.g. “Nurses” or “Salespeople” should be “Nurse” and “Salesperson”)


  • Include enough detail so that candidates understand the duties and requirements of the position at your company. Consider including information about your benefits or company details to make the position more appealing. You should have at least 700 characters overall.
  • Make your description easy to read by using formatting options like headings, bold text, and bulleted lists for requirements. Limit the use of links and images since they aren’t supported by most job boards.
  • Don’t provide other ways for the candidate to apply, like an email address, phone number, or website link. Recooty will always include an Apply button automatically.
  • Avoid language that could be viewed as discriminatory. This includes any age limits or similar language like “college students welcome”, specific pronouns (e.g. avoid using “he” or “she”), and nationality (when referring to language abilities use “native-level” instead of “native.”)
  • The description should be for a single job opening. Each separate position should be its own job in Recooty. If you’re hiring for multiple openings, you still should write as if it was a single position (e.g. “Nurses” or “Salespeople” should be “Nurse” and “Salesperson”)
  • Format your text inside of Recooty, as opposed to writing a formatted description in a text editor and pasting it in. Pasting formatted text may lead to formatting issues on certain job boards.


  • Include a complete City, State, Country as the location of the job to be included on all free job boards. You’ll spot that locations are auto-suggested as you type. If the job post is for remote work, tick the ‘remote work’ box, and include the head office as the job’s location.
  • Don’t publish the same job in multiple locations, unless there are separate openings in different offices. Each job opening should only be published once or it may be flagged as a problem by job boards.

Other requirements

  • Jobs may not be accepted by all job boards if you’re already posting there directly or from another source. In this case, contact us to provide written confirmation for Recooty to be your primary posting source and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Staffing companies in the US and Canada are limited to “Sponsored” postings only on Indeed.
  • Some jobs are not eligible for job board syndication, or may not be available for free boards. The majority of job boards do not accept posts that advertise commission-only, short-term (by the hour) work, multi-level-marketing programs, solicitation by middlemen, or solicitations for purposes other than direct job-specific employment (such as career fairs.) Such adverts, whether they represent a legitimate career opportunity or not (Recooty does not guess or judge that) are simply out of scope for job search sites.
  • Jobs may not be accepted by all job boards if they are reposted/refreshed frequently.

Recooty & partner job boards reserve the right to change, modify, or remove the job posted on our platforms.

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