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About QuEra Computing:

A Boston-based innovator in quantum computing – QuEra Computing is the builder of quantum computers based on neutral atoms which they are now commercializing. Mikhail Lukin, along with Vladan Vuletić, Markus Greiner, Dirk Englund, Nathan Gemelke, and John Pena, co-founded Quera in 2018. The company was established after innovative studies were conducted at Harvard University and MIT. 

QuEra has developed the most substantial 256 qubits quantum computer – Aquila that is currently open for general use and can be accessed via Amazon Braket cloud. They use their distinctive homegrown quantum architecture and laser techniques in their 256-qubit machine to set out and direct the tiny qubits. This gives their machine an edge over regular supercomputers in terms of computing power and unconventional perspectives to look at the problems.

Additionally, the company is working on preparing scalable machines to solve commonly insoluble real-world problems for applications relevant to businesses. Their technology has great potential in AI, finance, medicine, and other fields for bringing all-round transformation.

Till its commencement in 2019, QuEra has made a revenue of $11 million while they were in stealth mode. In 2021 Quera came out of stealth with $17 million in funding from Rakuten (Japanese e-commerce giant), Day One Ventures, and Frontiers Capita along with the angel investors – Serguei Beloussov and Paul Maritz.


Their challenge was simple – To reach highly specialized individuals like Quantum Application Scientists, Control Systems Software Engineers, and more. Also, one more thing they faced was handling candidate evaluations with multiple team members at once. 

Without these issues being solved, it would have caused difficulty in assembling a team that could work on such complex technology to make it achieve error-resistant results, driven with precision.


With these problems in their front, they needed a solution to let them solve these problems side-by-side. QuEra’s team found Recooty ATS in 2019 to manage both candidate reach, evaluations and, taking care of other crucial elements of the hiring process including candidate engagement.

They relied on the job posting feature to tap highly qualified professionals on over 250+ job boards including the world’s most renowned job boards like Indeed, CareerJet, and This helped in targeting specific talent on these job boards and attracting people matching their ideal candidate persona. 

In addition to this, their team collaborated well with the recruiting platform’s candidate dashboard equipped with a simple discussion panel to make sound hiring decisions.


With Recooty’s modern ATS solution, QuEra found highly specialized talent to support their projects. In 2019 they opted for Recooty and since then they have filled various difficult positions without any friction.

The primary benefit for QuEra was Recooty’s easy-to-navigate interface which made their hiring process streamlined, minimizing their time-to-hire significantly. With Recooty they are reaching passionate individuals who can help turn their dream of bringing the potential of quantum computing into reality. 

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