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Qwak's revolutionary recruitment journey with Recooty ATS.

Qwak is a cutting-edge ML management platform designed specifically for ML models in production. Established in 2020, the company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with additional offices in San Francisco, New York, and Warsaw, Poland. 

Their platform empowers machine learning and data science professionals to monitor, analyze, and manage their ML models regardless of how they are developed, deployed, or hosted. With just one line of code, Qwak streamlines the onboarding process for ML platforms. Notably, Qwak recently secured $12 million in funding for its Series A1 round, highlighting the industry’s recognition of its MLOps platform.

Qwak’s platform provides stakeholders, including R&D leaders, data scientists, and DevOps engineers, with a comprehensive view of their models through its observability-equipped platform. It features a robust model registry, a feature store, and an array of tools that facilitate seamless deployment and monitoring in ML production.

Qwak’s commitment to innovation extends to its strategic partnership with Recooty, a leading ATS platform. This collaboration ensures a seamless recruitment process, enabling organizations to efficiently onboard top talent while leveraging Qwak’s advanced ML management capabilities.


The company works towards building the future of ML model management technologies. To sustain their motive and to move faster towards it by scaling their operations, they needed to search for the ideal candidates fast.

While they were scaling their services, the need for new team members for both technical and non-technical aspects of business increased. Hence it took a lot of work to handle the hiring process with the available tools. The major challenges for their team expansion were:

  • Spreading open roles to a vast job board network simultaneously.
  • Enabling collaboration and removing communication gaps between teammates.

To solve these challenges, Qwak started to look for a quick solution that could handle these problems.


Qwak found Recooty ATS via a simple search on Google and they decided to move their recruiting after a quick interaction with Recooty’s customer success team. Now the following features of the ATS solution helped Qwak scale and optimize its hiring process.

With the job posting feature, their recruiters tapped over 250+ job boards (including Indeed, Monster, and CareerJet) allowing them access to a vast talent pool. And for marketing their open job roles on social platforms, they used Recooty’s social sharing feature. 

The challenge of keeping everyone on the same page regarding candidate evaluation was solved with the comments section under the candidate dashboard. Here, multiple team members could write and read comments on candidate profiles. This streamlined their team communication and ensured that valuable insights and feedback were shared among the concerned team members.


Recooty helped Qwak encounter all the recruitment-related issues and encouraged the building of a passionate team with its modern applicant tracking system. 

With Recooty’s recruiting software, Qwak was able to hire talented tech individuals including Solutions Architects (ML Specialists), MLOps Solution Engineers, and DevOps Engineers who could constantly manage and upgrade the platform. Additionally, for non-tech roles, Qwak successfully hired driven people for operations, marketing, and other non-tech business sides. 

Now the entire team is contributing to establishing Qwak’s astounding global presence in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science. 


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