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About Sam Magadan:

Sam is a career coach, speaker, and the founder of Kandidaat, the #1 Career Coaching firm in New Mexico. Her decade-plus year of experience enables her to deliver insights that can make an actual difference for the HR community.

In the the interview we discussed:

People & Culture is a critical aspect for any company looking to succeed because of their nuances and depth. Know the secrets of navigating organizational culture from Sam Magadan, the Head of People at Double Dutch Drink.

⭐ What’s the secret to a favorable organizational culture?

⭐ Is remote/hybrid work changing companies’ perspectives on culture?

⭐ How does candidate experience shape company culture?

⭐ What are her views on lesser work hours on Friday?

⭐ How do culture, employee experience, and recruiting impacting in organizations?

Learn the secrets of organizational culture in this first episode of the Recruiting Revolution Podcast! 👂🎧

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