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This Social Media Manager Job Description template helps you to streamline the hiring process. It channelizes your thought process and picks the most suited candidate for your open position.

This template is optimized and you can customize it according to your needs. You can post it on online job boards.

Social Media Manager Job Description Template

Now, let’s put it all together in a sample Social Media Manager Job Description:

Job Brief :

We are looking for a skilled Social Media Manager for our company who can be a part of our talented Digital Marketing team.

The Candidate is responsible for creating video, images, and textual content for marketing purposes. You can do this by ensuring that the content adheres to the company’s originality and quality standards. Setting the schedule for posting content at the right time and in a correct manner to get the highest reach also comes under your responsibilities.

You will represent the organization in advertising campaigns and ensure the engagement of potential customers or clients.

Your other duties will involve overseeing the customer services of the organization across all the platforms. To do so you have to be updated with the latest trend on social media and digital technologies.

Responsibilities :

  • Explore the current market trend and audience preferences.
  • Set social media marketing goals and create strategies for social media posts.
  • Take care of ROI and prepare proper reports for it.
  • Develop eye-catching content, compile, edit and publish the content on a regular basis.
  • Observe the SEO as well as web traffic for optimizing the content.
  • Collaborate with the other teams in the organization such as the marketing team, sales team, client service, etc for maintaining the brand consistency.
  • Interact with social media followers and promptly attend their queries.
  • Consider all the client’s and follower’s reviews on social media.
  • Manage the social media account design including the layout of the blogs and the other textual contents posted, account timeline, and profile picture.
  • Make sure that the social media handles the organization to convey the right messages and ideas. They should thereby adhere to the organization’s rules, regulations, and objectives.
  • Suggest and initiate the application of new features for creating brand awareness.
  • Be well-versed with the current market trends, technologies, designing tools, etc.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing and other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a Social Media Manager.
  • Experience in developing social media content and strategies.
  • Good Knowledge of content management system.
  • Full understanding of SEO and social media.
  • Outstanding copywriting abilities.
  • General understanding of web designs.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong time management skills, problem-solving skills, and decision-making capabilities.
  • A keen eye for details with respect to content and strategy.

Social Media Manager Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on average a Social Media Manager on an entry-level earns about ₹552K per year.

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Social Media Manager is one of the most sought after professionals in the job market.

 – Retail & Ecommerce,

– Real Estate,

– Entertainment,

– Restaurant,

– Education,

– Marketing,

– Healthcare,

– Transportation,

– Advertisement and Product Companies

are some industries that look out for Social Media Manager.

Some skills that are important for a Social Media Manager are:

  • Capability to manage multiple channels. To be able to flourish the business on multiple social media channels it is important for the social media manager to be multi-tasking. The candidate should be able to juggle multiple social media channels. To do, so he/she should also be well-versed with all the trending tools that can make tar work more productive.
  • Committed to collaboration: For a candidate to be a good Social Media Manager it is very important is the willingness to collaborate. That means being in touch with the whole team, being up-to-date with everything happening within the company.
  • Good Writer. For engaging the correct audience, apart from posting appealing pictures, it is also very important to write effective captions for the post. The written content should be of the least possible length yet conveying the complete thought behind the post.
  • Strong online presence: To pick out the best social media talent their social media profile plays a vital role in exhibiting their talent.
  • Analytical mind: For the social media profile to be effective, not only the profile should be contemporary but should also be improved constantly. Having an analytical mindset helps in always being on the lookout for new strategies for the company to flourish on social media.
  • Good Brand understanding. To have a social media presence that is clear, to the point, and capable of engaging the correct audience, the candidate must have a clear understanding of the brand.

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