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Game Developer Job Description Template

Here’s a sample job description template for the position of Game Developer:

Job Brief: 

We are looking for a Game Developer for our organization. The candidate is required to build the next generation games of the organization. In this role you will have to attend meeting to discuss the game concepts, features and storylines. You will also have to determine the needs and requirements of the game. You will write good scalable codes, fix bugs and troubleshoot issues. 

Developing units tests to test the functioning of the game will also come under your responsibilities. You must ensure and assure the quality standards. 

To become an ideal candidate you must have good artistic skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills.


  • Setup and attend meetings with the designing team to discuss the concepts of game.
  • Work for developing the complete storyline and concepts of the game.
  • Create proper scripts of the game.
  • Determine the needs and requirements of the game.
  • Write clean and efficient code to translate all the ideas into a good functional game.
  • Contrust the base engine of the game.
  • Develop prototypes to confirm the ideas and features of the game.
  • Contribute to the audio and animation features of the game.
  • Determine game milestones, schedules and check points.
  • Build unit tests, ways and procedures to ensure the quality standards.
  • Create and maintain proper documents of the technical and non-technical specifications.
  • Fix bugs if any and troubleshoot any issue that arises.
  • Create game specifications.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any other related course.
  • Proven experience as a Game Developer or any other relevant role.
  • Experience of complete game development life cycle.
  • Proficiency in programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc.
  • Top class experience and knowledge of API and libraries development.
  • Deep knowledge of all the latest gaming trends.
  • Good analytical, creative and artistic skills.
  • Excellent technical skills and teamwork spirit.
  • Capable of solving complex coding issues.

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Game Developer Job Description FAQs:

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Game Developer on an entry-level earn about ₹468K per year.

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  • Strong IT and programming skills: Software design and programming is a huge part of the Game Development industry. Apart from coding designing skills are equally important.
  • Problem-solving ability: Resolving technical issues is a major task for every Game Developer. To successfully develop a game it is important for you to have a good approach for solving issues. You must also have patience and the ability to think about the issues from different angles.
  • Creative skills: It is important for your game to be original and unique. For this, you need to come up with original and unique ideas. You must also have a good understanding of the preferences of the audience. To do all of this having creative skills is essential.
  • Communication skills: In the field of game development you will have to communicate your ideas and views effectively to other programmers. You will also have to discuss things with the designing department and sometimes even the stakeholders. Good verbal and written communication skills, therefore, becomes very important.

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