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PHP Developer Job Description Template

Job Brief:

We are looking for a Php developer who is passionate about technology and is seeking grand career opportunities. A PHP Developer is someone who writes the server-side web application logic. He is responsible to write PHP code in an extensible and well-timed way that would enhance the product’s base code & make it more meaningful. They are a part of the creative team responsible for the whole process of software development, right from specification to testing & launching.


  • Write a scalable, clean, and well-designed code.
  • Integrate the front-end components with the back-end components.
  • Give precise and concise specifications.
  • Pay special attention to the details.
  • Consider all feedback and make amendments accordingly.
  • Check the validity of the applications.
  • Keep on improving and optimizing the code for maintenance.
  • Maintain good interaction with the co-developers.
  • Keep your managers well-informed about your progress.
  • Keep updating your code in line with the trend.
  • Follow good industry practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science
  • Strong logical and analytical skills
  • Excellent knowledge of PHP web frameworks like Bootstrap, Laravel, etc.
  • Experience in PHP development
  • Great knowledge of trending tools in the industry
  • Basic knowledge of front-end technologies and database
  • Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Well updated with changes in PHP technology

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PHP Developer Job Description FAQs:

The range falls somewhere between $56k/year and $100k/year. Yet, a PHP Developer might expect $81(on an average) in the United States as their salary.

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PHP development is an open-source general-purpose scripting language that is most suited for web development which can be embedded into HTML.PHP development is some sort of client-side JavaScript and the code executes on the server itself. This generates HTML which is then sent to the client. The client would receive the results of that script running underneath, but would never find out what the underlying code was.PHP development enables you to even configure a web server to process all your HTML files. This way consumers of the code never get to figure out what’s underneath.PHP development has the following advantages –

– Easy to use

– Easy database connection

– Cross-Platform

– High Speed

– Open-source

PHP is extremely simple a language to learn and use, yet offering many advanced features for a professional programmer.

PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do pretty much everything that other CGI programs can do. Collecting form data, generating dynamic page content, or sending/receiving cookies. But PHP can do much more than just that! Such as command-line scripting, writing desktop applications.

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