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Financial Analyst Job Description Template

Job Brief :

We are looking for a financial analyst for our company to serve us with accurate analyses of the data, for company’s growth.

You will have to analyze large amounts of financial data and thereby produce the financial as well as accounting reports. You are also supposed to give your opinions backed up by your data research.

To do justice with this job you should be able to serve the company in a way that results in profitability and growth.

Responsibilities :

  • Gather and organize the essential data, also discover new sources for gathering data.
  • Analyze the financial data available in the organization.
  • Develop financial as well as accounting reports in accordance with the research.
  • Asses credit depreciation and capital expenditure.
  • Determine financial trends and recommend improvements accordingly.
  • Identify financial risk and suggest ways to prevent loss.
  • Collaborate with the other members of the team as and when required.
  • Give suggestions to the Senior financial analysts backed up with your analysis of the information.
  • Do business study, comparing the performances of past and future.
  • Record the financial status of the organization based on the analysis of the result and forecast.
  • Compose financial forecast and analyze inventories.
  • Achieve extensive job knowledge to stay updated with the innovation in the field.
  • Commute improvements in the procedure and development of policies that result in better functioning of the organization.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or other related courses.
  • Proven experience in financial fields.
  • Excellent communication skills, presentation skills and reporting skills.
  • Good understanding of the financial system.
  • Deep knowledge of financial diagnostics and forecasting as well as information analysis.
  • Well-versed with MS Word, Excell, PowerPoint and outlook.
  • Good Leadership qualities.

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Frequently asked questions

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on average a Financial Analyst on an entry-level earns about ₹408,940 per year.

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Financial Analyst is one of the most sought after professional in the job market. Almost all the industries now need analytical professionals who can regulate the flow of finances. .

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Business
  • Government

are some industries that look out for Financial Analyst.

Some Key skills required to excel in Financial Analyst job are :

  • Analytical skill : To know the right way of playing with data and turn data into insight you must have a good analytical mind.
  • Communication skill : To be able to advise the clients for analytical tools your communication should be clear and simple.
  • Market awareness : When you come across any financial news you should know exactly how it will affect the company’s growth.
  • Teamwork spirit : For the effective growth of the organization teamwork is very important. A strong team player supports the colleagues and collaborate with all the departments to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Customer Service : Being a part of the financial industry it is important to deal with every individual effectively and value each customer. It is the whole sole duty of an analyst to answer customer queries and maintain good relations with the clients.
  • Eagerness to learn : All the roles of financial services hold the importance of learning. Your duties involve providing information to the or giving advice. So, you should have interest in learning all the time.

Some common duties of a Financial Analyst are :

  • Data gathering
  • Information organization
  • Analysis of reports
  • Reports generation
  • Prepare presentations
  • Produce forecast
  • Establish recommendations
  • Equity research analyst
  • Treasury analyst
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Financial planning and analysis analyst
  • Corporate development analyst
  • Private equity analyst

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