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About Melissa Grabiner:

Our guest Melissa Grabiner is from Chicago USA, who is a Senior Talent Acquisition Leader at Christine Matthews Consulting.
With over three decades of experience in the HR industry, Melissa’s passion is to support job seekers and being their cheerleader in their journey. Also she stands out as a LinkedIn ‘Top Recruiting’ and ‘Top Job Search Strategies Voice.’ Her achievements extend to multiple awards in HR and Talent Acquisition.

In the the interview we discussed:

💡 Passion for advocating job seekers

💡 Transitioning from Job Fairs to Online Networking

💡 Companies Winning the Work War with Flexible Arrangements

💡 Levraging data analytics in hiring

💡 Building a culture of continuous learning

💡 Prioritizing Candidate Experience in Talent Acquisition Strategy

💡 The role of technology

💡 Gazing into the Crystal Ball of the Future

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