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Blue Arrow Latem’s Transformative Recruitment Journey with Recooty ATS

Blue Arrow (BA) Search Group is a leading HR consulting firm, specializing in Executive Search and selection services for C-level personnel and Key Profiles, based in Florida USA since 1993. Presently, the company is being co-led by Juan Carlos Cepeda, Managing Director of Blue Arrow Latam, and Julio P. Cepeda, Associate Director at Blue Arrow Latam. Both individuals bring a wealth of experience to the recruiting industry, with years of professional expertise

Started from providing services in the LatAm region in 1993, the company has expanded its area of operations in the USA (regionally) Latin America, and Europe. Blue Arrow Latam embraces high-quality research to understand its client’s business objectives to align with and then deliver exceptional selection services, employing the latest technology.


Being an international HR consulting firm, they need to find qualified people for important positions, and getting qualified applications in an ample amount was their major challenge. Lately, they have been getting only applications in small numbers.

They also faced problems in advertising job postings on multiple job portals. It was pretty problematic to manage job ads simultaneously on all platforms at once, which also was an expensive process in terms of time and cost altogether.

As Julio P. Cepeda puts it — “The biggest challenge is receiving enough job applications from candidates interested in the published job offer who meet the requirements of the sought-after profile.”


Blue Arrow Latam now trusts Recooty’s Recruitment Software to reach a large number of seasoned professionals on over 250+ job boards including Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

Apart from that, they are also leveraging Recooty’s candidate management to handle and evaluate candidates from a central dashboard; company career page to list their jobs; collaborative hiring to manage hiring with other team members; and finally, impeccable customer support whenever required.


Recooty ATS has benefitted Blue Arrow in multiple ways. However, the prime benefit was getting qualified applicants in ample numbers which increased their successful hiring percentage significantly. They are now hiring experienced professionals for Latin America, the USA, and European regions using the job posting feature with maximum price efficiency leveraging Recooty ATS.

Recently, amidst Blue Arrow’s regional expansion in Spain, the company found Recooty’s customer support team to be readily available and highly supportive. Their guidance and advice helped Blue Arrow significantly improve their job postings’ performance.

Furthermore, Recooty’s ATS features including the careers page, collaborative hiring, and reporting tools helped them handle their candidate management and manage the hiring process in a more streamlined manner.

Julio shared his experience using Recooty. He mentioned that — “By using Recooty, I achieved better results in the most critical recruitment process: getting more significant numbers of interested candidates to participate in my international job offers (Latin America, USA, and European Community).”

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A Billing Manager has many responsibilities, such as planning the billing, accounts receivable, and collections operations of a department.

A Billing Manager has many responsibilities, such as planning the billing, accounts receivable, and collections operations of a department.

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