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Computer Security Specialist Job Description Template

Job brief:

We are looking for a Computer Security Specialist for our organization. The candidate is supposed to safeguard the data of our company. You will be responsible for assessing the IT security risks. You will have to analyze security system and upgrade the security software if needed. Ensure the implementation of all the necessary security protocols and safety measures. Responding to the security and malware threats is you most important duty.

You are expected to have good knowledge about the security frameworks and risk management techniques. Experience in cyber security field would be a plus point. You must act as a security expert and provide training to the staff For the same.

In the conclusion, your ultimate goal will be to make sure IT technology infrastructure of the organization is properly secured.


  • Assess the IT security risks by analyzing the company‘s IT status, network, and security system.
  • Design security networks, protocols, safety measures and ensure their implementation.
  • Make proper data recovery plans.
  • Install and configure antivirus programs and other security software.
  • Upgrade the hardware from time to avoid any vulnerability points.
  • Work on the security of the network through firewalls, etc.
  • Keep testing the security of the network and upgrade the security software if required.
  • Communicate with the IT department in case of any issues in the network activity.
  • A firm penetration test on the upgraded systems.
  • Take action against the security threats.
  • Formulate strong security policies and guidelines.
  • Conduct training for the staff on security protocols.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science Or other related courses.
  • Proven experience as a computer security specialist or in other relevant roles.
  • Basic back-end programming skills in languages like C++ and PHP are preferable.
  • Good knowledge of cybersecurity and proven working experience in cybersecurity would be a plus point.
  • Acquaintance with risk management techniques and security frameworks.
  • Understanding of intrusion detection/prevention systems and firewalls.
  • Knowledge of cryptography protocols and PKI.
  • Good analytical mindset with excellent problem-solving skills.

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Frequently asked questions

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Computer Security Specialist on an entry-level earn about ₹1,183K per year.

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  • Ethical hacking skills: The skills help the candidate to think like a hacker in terms of their company network. It enables you to find the holes an unethical hacker would use for their benefit. This would also contribute to determining the security flaws not only with the technology but also on the user’s end.
  • Network security skills: We know that network infrastructure is highly complex and requires lots of maintenance and focus. To be successful in this job, having a good understanding of routing, switching, and security protocols is very helpful. This results in letting the candidate see the footprints of an ethical hacker. A number of cyberattacks like man-in-the-middle attacks and distributed denial-of-service attacks could be prevented with this skill.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention: Having an intrusion prevention system for security is a key defense against cyberattacks. There are expensive systems that have early warning alerts that do a lot with very little input for the security of the system. An example of such a system is the open-source software is not. To be successful in this job you are expected to be familiar with both the commercially available software and open-source software.
  • Knowledge of penetration testing: It is somewhere similar to ethical hacking but here the main focus is on finding and exploiting the weak points in the applications. Penetration testing involves the use of hacker-designed tools to run non-exploit against the basis of software in order to find the weakness. This testing method allows the candidate to experience the effects of real cyberattacks. This experience in turn helps the candidate to gain the ability to deal with stress.

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