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Hiring in today’s time is very much different from the one it used to be a few decades ago. The hiring process is in a constant state of change. The days for the resumes just being ‘a piece of paper’ and sending them out through post are now over for job seekers. Resumes are now a collection of all kinds of data including the achievements and participation of a candidate in various seminars and events for a candidate. And these resumes can be accessed by recruiters on various platforms online.

Resumes used to be the main aspect on which a candidate’s job used to depend, but in modern hiring, in many cases, resumes are just a formality and a point of discussion in an interview. Job descriptions have taken a huge leap from classified advertisements to online career sites. Recruiters no longer need to collect and analyze every job application individually and make their decisions.

1. Digitization of the Recruitment Process.

The whole hiring process has moved effectively to a digital direction which undoubtedly provides richer insights into candidates efficiently. Technology and the internet have truly revolutionized hiring. With the evolution of technology and people, the whole scenario of recruitment and hiring process has evolved simultaneously. Beyond just the rise of the internet, there are a number of emerging online tools and apps like which have made the whole recruitment process easier than ever. Various automation tools have helped recruiters expertise their hiring process and tools like e-mail verification have helped to eradicate dead emails from the candidate database. Scheduling tools help recruiters save their time on the manual back and forth recruiting. These digital tools are designed to supplement, rather than replacing the actual recruiting process.

2. Welcome to the Future

The evolving of technology is a never-ending process and so is not its implementation. The future of recruiting will always be controlled by humans but it will be increasingly supplemented by technology and online tools which will benefit both recruiters as well as job seekers effectively.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in almost every sector and industry and so recruitment is no different from the others. AI seems to be overtaking almost every aspect of recruiting too. Since technology has the power to automate major responsibilities that are time-consuming and too tedious for recruiters, AI has a great potential to reduce the workload of recruiters as well as employees by making the mundane task of hiring a lot more easier.

Machine learning can effectively parse through each and every data of the candidates including past experiences, performance data. It would enhance the recruiter’s understanding of the candidate’s experience, career paths, traits and much more and help to hire the right person.

With all these advanced technologies backing up, the tools like ATS, interview scheduling tools, job boards and every other online tool contributing in optimizing the hiring of any firm, would be able to do more.

How will all this affect your hiring process?

Undoubtedly, with all these technologies, hiring would become a lot easier for you and here are a few ways how to-

Candidate Screening will Become More Efficient

AI is just getting started to embark on its role in HR and recruitment. Use of machine learning is in its initial stage and is just being introduced to be used for the purpose of candidate identification and resume or application screening to ensure increased efficiency. Though most companies use simple Applicant Tracking Systems for the screening process of resumes, machine learning can take this process to a new level by identifying successful traits among candidates and identifying the most promising employees

Reduced Importance of Resumes

With the eventual involvement of AI and machine learning in the recruitment process, resumes will most probably just remain a formality for the candidates. Though it won’t be completely eradicated it’s importance would be reduced definitely. Candidates no longer would need to put in so much efforts to build a perfect resume to ensure to get a job.

Smarter and Faster Hiring

AI will be able to effectively scan, identify and select the top resumes in a set of applicants. Scheduling will be automated and faster. Natural language processing will help to have a more responsive and positive candidate experience. Hiring would be a lot easier and faster and would help recruiters hire efficiently.

Automated Interviews

With the development of facial recognition software, the guessing of the emotions of the candidates would become a lot easier for recruiters while interviewing them. Some companies have already started with this by including an initial screening process of the candidate through a recorded video. This has a great potential to become a future norm!

Find Best Fits Easily

The power and potential of AI will be beyond just categorization and matching of people and the skills required by the recruiters. The task of pairing job seekers and job openings is currently already done by ATS. The algorithms used in any ATS will only continue to improve and then used to highlight many more details of the candidates than just matching the skills mentioned. The future hiring will have a greater proportion of right people working for right companies at a right post.

The Increased Role of Social Media

AI will not only be screening the data of the candidates that they provide themselves, but it would also have the power to look for their fault, activities, achievements in every other social media platform. The candidates would need to watch out for this by ensuring that their activities involve some professionalism. Hiring will become a lot more informative.

Minimize Unconscious Bias

Every company demands diversity and recruiters can effectively achieve this by implementing the practices of bling recruitment into AI and by setting diverse hiring goals. AI would be completely and undoubtedly capable to meet all your diversity needs, be it diversity in gender, qualification, ethics, etc, and help you have a great team.

Frequently asked questions

Salaries depend on location and years of experience involved. But on an average a Bank Teller on an entry-level earn about ₹295K / yr per year.

Posting this job description on various job boards such as Adzuna, ZipRecruiter and CareerJet can help get you better reach of the candidates. Using an ATS like Recooty can help save you a great deal of manual work! This allows you to post jobs to more than 20+ job sites on a single click.

Top qualities needed to become successful Bank Teller are :

  • Good Customer Service : Mostly a Bank Teller is the first point of contact between a customer and the bank. The responsibility relies on you to convince the customers to grow relations with your bank.
  • Accounting knowledge : You are supposed to manage customer transactions and maintain cash drawer. Good accounting knowledge is therefore important.
  • Mathematical mind : To handle cash drawers and big amount of cash every day, having mathematical mind is a must or every aspiring candidate.
  • Technical knowledge : To operate all banking equipments efficiently, good technical knowledge is another key feature.
  • Cash Handling skills : You are supposed to maintain cash drawers with utmost accuracy. So, ability to handle big amount of cash is important.
  • Organization skills : As you continue sly have to collect bank documents, record bank statements, etc. It is must for you to be organized.
  • Excellent computer skills : With the immense growth in technology, banking sector as well has automatized its major sections. To access customer data, their transaction details, etc which are the major duties of a Bank Teller computer skills play a vital role.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills : You have to communicate with the customer and answer their financial questions. This can be down effectively only when your communication skills are in point.
  • Problem solving ability : You act as the first point of contact between the bank and the customers. You will often have to deal with angry customers, facing a situation of distress. Staying calm and coming up with solutions for their problems is what makes you a successful Bank Teller.
  • Keen eye for details : To get back to each and every customer with accurate information of their banking transactions, attention to details is essential.

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